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Color Trends by Souraya from Binti Home PART 2


{Images by Mikkel Rahr Mortensen, Hella Jongerius and Histor}

Today another guest post by Souraya Hassan from Binti Home

Green: eco – moss – olive - grass

Green is the color of eco, healthy, biologic and the trend color of this year. Green gives a fresh and friendly look on your interior. In combination with different woods you’ll get the nature into your house. Using green makes a room optic looks bigger. I like to pick different nuances of green to create an interior full of happiness, healthiness and harmony. The moodboard above is a mix between vintage, handcrafting and art. The moodboard below is rustic, ecologic and modern.


{Images by Sjoerd Eickmans and Maison Francaise}

Color3 Mood1 Color2 Mood3


{Images by Home art magazine, Q-bo project, Rene Gonkel

Naturel: basic – champagne – sand – pebble– crème - grey

Choose for naturals in your interior for a harmonious and peaceful interior. Good pallets are naturals like champagne, off-whites, sand and grey. I think it’s very nice in this pallet to put a lot of different materials in the same color. Choose wool, felt, fabrics and wood. This makes your interior warm, harmonious en atmospheric. The moodboard above is modern, bright with a touch of art. The moodboard below is modern in combination with blue/grey elements. 


{Images by Ernie Enkelaar, Rene Gonkel}

Yellow: Ocher –Mustard – Sun – Gold - Champagne


{Images by Hotze Eisma and  Anita Kaushal , Bloom-magazine}

One of the trend colors is yellow, ocher. Choose yellow for different accessories in your interior, for example cushions, pouf, plaid, vases. But also it’s very nice to give a cabinet or cupboard a yellow color. It’s very sophisticated to combine this with black, a little green and greys. The moodboard above is modern, ecologic with ton-sur-ton colors. The moodboard below is funny with vintage and graphic elements. 


{Image by Fotomaire}

Thank you Very Much by Souraya Hassan from Binti Home for writing this post for us. 


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Color Trends by Souraya from Binti Home PART 1


* Guest today: Souraya Hassan from Binti Home

Especially for Bloesem, I write this guest blog about using colors in your interior. I work as an interior designer & stylist and i’m the owner of Binti Home. Binti Home is a studio for interior design and styling projects. It’s my passion to create an interior, which shows the identity of the residents (bewoners) and gives a feeling like home. I hope you enjoy! Souraya Hassan.

Creating an interior is based on different things. In my opinion every interior is unique. You create a good atmosphere in your house by putting in the right combination of materials, colors an furniture. What’s also very important is to create a setting with new furniture in combination with vintage elements. A belonging with a story and memories gives your interior a personal touch and gives your house a feeling like home.

You can update your interior by following the trends for colors and furniture. Every year different trend forecasters give their view on the color trends for the next year. Especially for Bloesem I’ve made eight mood boards with the colour trends for 2011.

Orange: terracotta, tangerine, grapefruit, cognac, bronze

{images by Tom Leighton and Morten Holtum}

I love the way orange gives your interior a warm and creative look. You can choose orange in different ways for your interior. Think about classic chairs, wooden tables, lightning of copper and cushions of cognac leather. Orange in combination with natural materials like stone and wood gives your interior an eclectic touch. The mood board above is a mix between vintage, industrial and nature. The mood board below is more classic, cultural and bright. 


{Images by Bihter Turkfiliz and Lisa Keome}

 Three more Color Trend palettes tomorrow!!

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Guest today: Anna from the Yellow Umbrella about Geometric Necklaces

{Image left: Color angles necklace from Janelle (Jewiseha) | Right: Laser cut walnut triangle necklace from Miju and You}

**Guest post by Anna Denise

I was never much into math in high school or university, but they made me take it of course and I think I didn’t do too bad in the end. Although I don’t seem to remember a single thing from those classes, I am sure applied math must have been my favorite. Applied to jewelry, that is. Check out these geometric beauties I found for you.

Left: Brass triangle necklace by Nomoikoru | Right: Paired hexagons necklace by Locallibrary

I love these native American inspired necklaces because they’re so colorful and ‘different’. I am pretty sure they will cheer up any boring old outfit and start many a conversation. 

I am SO glad brass seems to be back on the menu for now. I love the industrial look of it and when it’s shaped delicately like these two necklaces above, it instantly turns into the perfect accessory to wear with jeans and a frilly shirt.

Left: Brass and vintage sequins necklace by DinosaurToes | Right: Triangular lace necklace by Spinthread

So, I hate to be the one to draw conclusions hastily, or make generalizations of any kind, but I think these sweet, girly geometric necklaces show girls can totally be good at math and still be cute. I am sure I could have been good at math. If I wanted to. (I think my old-school feminist mom might hang me for this remark, she studied math but was never able to teach me. She does like pretty necklaces, though).

That’s it! Have you come across any great geometrical necklaces lately, now that they seem to be in style? 


Thank you Anna Denise from the Yellow Umbrella for writing this post for us.



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Tape Christmas tree ideas by pimpelwit styling

Pimpelwit_boomi*Guest post by Marieke van Proosdij aka pimpelwit styling

I just love to experiment, besides the usual christmas tree, with different materials. With tape you get the most great effects on your wall. And Christmas is the time where candlelight is a must. I taught of a lot of little lights in different colors which gives you an extra happy and colorful feeling


The greatest thing for me with christmas is that I can invite a lot of people. For the cooking I will ask someone else but the decoration for the table setting I will be working on the whole day. For example these glasses with a name tag, so everyone find his place at the table..

Thank you and we wish you a Merry Christmas Marieke.

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Guest Post by Justina Blakeney.... glass bottles living installation


Guest Post by Justina Blakeney from Compai blog

"My home is quite green (both literally and figuratively).  I have plants and flowers, and floral and leaf prints covering most surfaces.

I got the idea to create this 'living installation' one morning when I realized how much I loved hanging plants and when I noticed how much suspended plants can add to the atmosphere of a space. So, I began to gather old glass bottles that I had lying around my home-- some used to hold spices, other liquor, or bath oils. 


I cleaned the bottles and used vintage lace and string to suspend them from a frame that had lost it's glass. I filled the bottles with water and flowers and I had my living installation.

Every week I change the flowers, and get a whole new look for the wall, and it's bright and fun, and a great way to reuse old bottles and broken frames."


Justina's Jungly Decorated home was featured in Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool, Spaces by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan 


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Guest Post by Maike Keuben....Liat Yaniv


Origamislove  Liat_newspaper-pile Colored-paper-doll-0251 Book

Guest Post by Maike Keuben from Orangefarmhouse

A little while ago I received a beautiful catalogue in the mail from paper worker Liat Yaniv (33). It made me so happy to see all those colorful creations. I was truly surprised that all of it was just made out of paper and glue. Can you believe that? It made me immediately crave to see and know more about this freelance artist and illustrator


From her home studio in her neighborhood Ramat-Gan, Israel, Liat gave me the answers I was looking for. It all started back in 1991 during the gulf war, Liat was 13 years old and very much afraid.

She found that the only thing that made her happy and calm was a pack of 30 colorful markers and an pile of A4 paper.


She found that drawing came naturally to her and took her mind to another world. She fell in love with that feeling and whenever she creates anything today she hopes to get to this other world again. Liat uses only color that was cut from the daily newspaper and a bit of glue. Unbelievable? We throw away art every day!


What I really like about Liat’s work is that it is colorful with a fresh and rough look. Her little secret made me smile again: Liat is so passionate about her work that her first paper doll Poombeta, a self-portrait, traveled with her all the way to Japan! You can see Liat Yaniv’s work online on her website or blog. And when you live in Israel you’re more than welcome to visit her home studio.


Thank You Maike Keuben from Orangefarmhouse, a fantatstic Dutch design blog you don't want to miss!

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