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Monday's quick start: We Do Wood


We Do Wood ... their name says it all ... or not ... actually all the items from we do wood are made of bamboo and to be honest I am not sure if bamboo is considered wood ... have to do some research, but wood or no wood I am happy it is bamboo, being much more environmental friendly!

I have added the scoreboard or coathanger to my wish-list and a couple of Lilly's for my boys would be nice too ...



The images below are from a modular kitchen We Do Wood designed ... other then finidng these images on the interent I wasn't able to find any other information ... sorry guys!






..We Do Wood

..We Do Wood collection

also available at Buisjes en Beugels +++


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Monday's quick start: 'Walk-in Closet' by Hosun Ching


Hosun Ching is all about practical living while designing his graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands and achieved it with the 'Walk-in Closet'. With great responses during Dutch Design Week, I can definitely see why. I already like the simple wooden finish and teal trimming (I wonder if I can get one in a yellow or navy blue). I love what you get inside even more :). Perfect practical living with a full length mirror, compartment for shoes, and a display case for jewelry. Do you need more? I don't think so. ~Sufiya 



.. Walk in Closet
..Hosun Ching



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Guest Post: A little bit of Sunshine


This is Danielle  from The Style Files and I am guest blogging on Bloesem while Irene is going through a very sad time. Writing about interior related things might seem unimportant at times like this. But I know that Irene, like me, wants to spread beauty and positivity into the world with her blog. Which is why I have chosen to show you interiors with a splash of yellow, which is a happy and positive color. Life can be difficult and with this post I aim to bring a glimpse of sunshine to you all but especially to those who, like Irene, are going through tough times. Irene, I wish you and your family lots of strength dealing with this terrible loss. ~ Danielle 


{ Image 1.  Collage.  Image 3 }

.. The Style Files

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Monday Quick start: 'As Good As New' in SPRMRKT


Brand new second hand furniture... Four years ago, Gummo, i29 and Krimpex joined forces to create a new office for Gummo, furnished entirely with recycled and reclaimed furniture.
Being it a big success i29 now decided to make a range of brand new second hand furniture available for you ... This is as Good as New.

It’s made in exactly the same way as everything in the award-winning office – i29 finds old stuff they like... fix it... cover it with their special blend of solvent-free grey matter and then it’s As Good As New.

The collection can be seen until the end of the year in SPRMRKT in Amsterdam. A shop founded by my former boss lady Nelleke Strijkers who in her own words created a 'high-fashion universe' and the conceptual looking arty vintage furniture mixex perfect in SPRMRKT's style.                [MORE]





..this is as good as new



some of the images via behance 


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Loft Evo Chair in yellow


Let me start this morning with the Loft Evo chair by Zbigniew Strzebonski.

And yes this is a chair that would fit in my interior ... not sure what I like best about it the color or the geometric shape or the way it has been photographed ... 


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My Infinite Home Tool by Jolien Hanemaaijer


When I (=Rachelle, intern at Bloesem) am travelling, I always get this curious vibe over me while looking at all the other travellers around me. The questions that come to mind are where are they going and what do they carry in their suitcase or backpack?

Dutch Designer Jolien Hanemaaijer thought of a solution that will calm down my curiosity. 

She created this wonderful project named My Infinite Home Tool that I absolutely love! This project exists of 2 portable suitcases, one regular suitcase and one you can carry as backpack, you can use these objects as cabinets or you can take them with you to carry around! Her work got nominated for aDMY Award 2012 in Berlin (DMY Berlin is an international design network for contemporary product design.)..... MORE


This project was inspired from her own personal experience while travelling and having to live out of a suitcase. These 2 suitcases will bring you freedom and adventure that you get from travelling into you daily live.

Jolien graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) in the department of Textile Design. After she graduated she started her own design label named Hanemaai.

Read more stories about the infinite Home tool here and here and who knows maybe you too will get inspired to fill up a suitcase and show it to the world! ~Rachelle intern at Bloesem


..Jolien Hanemaaijer 

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