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Inspired :: Herriott Grace


I realize that I am not the only one that has a huge crush on Nikole Herriott from Herriott Grace - I know I've mentioned her many times, but there is something truly authentic about Nikole that you don't always feel in this design loving everyone at each others heels world. A good percentage of that is due to her father, Lance. He brings that level of pure and genuine craftsmanship in character, as well as in skill, that pushes it all to the surface and makes you sit back and smile. You know what I mean? It is hard for me to explain, but you'll get it once you've viewed the sneak peek of Nikole's film about Herriott Grace (video clip above).


Nikole also started a series on her blog, called For the Love of Pie, which has become an instant favorite of mine...because who doesn't love a series that celebrates back to the basic pie making? That's just delicious. - Tiffany King

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All You Eat is Art by Ina Arends


Visual artist and painter Ina Boonekamp-Arends has a huge passion for food. For more than a decade Ina has surrounded herself with everything food-related in the widest creative sense possible. And has worked with food designers like Marije Vogelzang from Proef and Katja Gruijters.

A little while ago she launched her website All You Eat is Art where you can find her prints and a link to her blog, Food Inspiration Shower, bringing you wonderful collages of food art from Ina's daily researches into food creativity. 

I really love her prints and believe they are perfect for a kitchen, dining-room or outdoor space. 





And if  you are looking for a Food-  researcher, blogger, project manager and or a very inspiring caterer than Ina is the right person for you! So please just shoot her an email if you have any questions about the culinary scenes in Europe. 


..All You Eat is Art

..All You Eat is Art Etsy Shop

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Let's Talk Cake Toppers


I am sure inside most of us there is a desire to create really gorgeous cakes. Where their taste is as equal to their beauty. That is why I have such a crush on shops like Potter + Butler, they make wonderfully fun cake and cupcake toppers. I love to bake, it is something I do to relax. But I'd like to improve on the presentation of it all, and having lovely cake toppers would surely do that.


Can you believe all of these are edible? Andie's Specialty Sweets are pretty fabulous cake toppers. I can't get over the details of each piece - such lovely pieces of edible art.


I think Herriott Grace is easily one of my most admired places on the internet. Everything Lance and Nikole Herriott create make me sigh with delight, and just a pinch of envy. Even their cake toppers are simplistic gorgeousness

Post by Tiffany

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Photisserie ... Food Photography in the best way possible


Via B:Studio I met Kathrin Koschitzki and ever since we had email contact I am following everything this German lady does. She is so inspiring ... her pictures, her thoughts about food and her styling are just totally up my alley ... wow I 'm jealous wishing i could make things like this.

PHOTISSERIE is the name of Kathrin's blog and here she shows the  culinary adventures and discoveries of the photographer and Patissière 'Kathreinerle' ... i loved this "Peas' series but you must have a look at the Caramel and foret-noire series too...                                  Read More >>>



After her study in Germany in France Kathrin now works as a freelance photographer in Munich and specializes in foodphotography. I am seriously considering ordering some of her Fine Art prints here at Editions. Do you love her work too?


..Kathrin Koschitzki

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kokoro : chocolate in a sweet wrap


Not often do I write about packaging or product design but there was no doubt in my mind that I had to share this super nice packaging for a new chocolate brand!

kokoro, wich means something like 'from the heart', is a new chocolate brand by chocolatier Kaori Pi, she also made the cute illustrations on the back of the bar, but my favorite designer from the Netherlands, Ben Lambers ... studio aandacht ... designed the logo, the total packaging and mold for the chocolate bars... yummie yummie can I have one please! {unfortunately the website from kokoro is still in the making ...}


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