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We like: Summer Patios

Bloesem Living | We like: Summer patios

{1. fig tree 2. patio 3. planter 4. fig tree 5. rack of pots 6. beaded planter 7. backyard }

It's summer so summer appropriate activities including stopping and smelling flowers, skipping and pinning beautiful enviable summer time balconies, patios and such. We do a round up of our favorite few that remind us why we love that time of the year when the sun presents itself to us.

Also let's show a little appreciation for olive trees because, woah are they beautiful! The two images in the background are both of olive trees are they are gorgeous.

Continue the pinterest fun over here..

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Guest Pinner: Greens by Wimke

Bloesem Living | flowers and plants

{1.söndagsmorgonen = sundaymorning 2. Janne Peters 3. kawakami 4. Anna Peters 5. Erin 6.plaza interior}

This must be the easiest collage I have ever made for Bloesem ... you just can't go wrong with flowers ... of course it did help that Wimke Tolsma choose the best pictures out there for our Flowers & Plants pinterest board ... no wonder she has a steep following of 34.000 + pinners


.. Wimke Tolsma at pinterest

.. Bloesem at pinterest


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More green in the house


{image: Belle Fleur de Lis}

The weekend we came back from our summer in the Netherlands I literally went to the first garden shop I could find here in Singapore ... it was in Amsterdam already that I decided I wanted more plants and greens in our home and balconies. I have bought quite a few but no pictures yet to share with you... what I can do i share you the images that inspired me to have more green in our house ... 









Image credit: 2. Bottles via Leslie Williamson 3. Flower via Irene Hoofs 4. Jurianne's bathroom viaMarjon Hoogervorst 5. White flowers via Daily Tonic 6. Copper pot Irene Hoofs 7. hanging plants viaconvoy 8. Balcony pots via pinterest


Any green inspiration yourself? Love to hear if you have green fingers too :) - irene xoxo


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Sending flowers


I need to order flowers for a close family member in the Netherlands today ... you would expect the Netherlands to have some crazy cool online shops where you can order beautiful arranged bouquets but I couldn't find them. Only some old-fashioned sites ... anyone any recommendations, please let me know!

I was hoping to find a bouquet like the one in the picture above but Boston were the flower shop Wild Folk Studio is based is a bit too far for me to order from :) ... 



Flowers and plants are currently on my mind becasue we had to leave all of our plants behind in KL. And I'm trying to find good places here in Singapore to find new greens for our balcony ... normally I am not so much a person for inside plants but looking at these pictures from a Japanese site I might change my mind ... 

And how cool is this: Coloni ... 

a swedish based gardening house that developed an approach to a new kind of indoor gardening, based on seed mixtures. The mixtures consist of seeds from desert and arid Mediterranean climates and include both annual and perennial species. Four boxes to choose from ... with Awakening being my favorite


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Flowers are the Trend


We all know 'Flowers' are the trend!

Slowly we are moving away from the geometric patterns and moving forward to more romantic shapes and forms. Although I LOVE everything geometric I do feel the triangles and harlequin patterns may stop ...  So I fully embrace all things flowers ... and especially if it's done so interesting and inspiring as these kaleidoscope idea by stylist Amanda Rodriguez from Australia and photographer Eric Hagman.




I discovered Amanda her work over at Est Magazine (image above by Elin Stromberg) where my eyes where drawn to the 'Hello Yellow' series. 

Flower images by Eric Hagman.


.. Amanda Rodriguez
.. Elin Stromberg
.. Est Magazine

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Taped coffee cups


Some taped cups for you today in all the colors from the rainbow ... which color would you choose for your home ... normally I am not so much a but this picture above makes me wonder if I should try and ad some color to my kitchen wardrobe ...

The Taped cups are by Studio PS, a design studio based in The Netherlands. They focus on both product design and interior architecture.      [MORE IMAGES BELOW]






..Studio PS

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