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World Map by Julie Marabelle for ISSEY MIYAKE


While writing this post this morning about Famille Summerbelle's new collection the Performers ... I discovered that founder and paper cut artist Julie Marabelle collaborated with fashion icon and designer Issey Miyake from Japan for their Pleats Please range.

The items of the WORLD MAP series from Famille Summerbelle are used as printes for a whole range of clothes and home accessoiries. Isn't that very impressive! according to Issey Miyake the world map series vividly express that all aspects of the world, such as people, animals, plants, nature, and buildings, live together on this earth. 




And in the image above is the original and beautiful paper cut World Map framed ... available here

..Issey Miyake

..Famille Summerbelle 

..the Performers 


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World Skin Colors by Reineke Otten


Today I start with Reineke Otten and her amazing World Skin Colors carves. The silk scarves are printed digatilly with not just a nice looking patteren. Reineke has studied and interperated data for the last couple of years and litterly spend 4 months working with excel sheets resulting in these patterns.

For a designer working in the field of visual sociology Reineke's goal is to to reveal society’s patterns and orders — and occasionally, to generate beauty by recording and assembling images and information. Each scarve shows a graphic for a particular country ... 200 in total. 

"imagine people as color pixels. Flying over the world, you would look down and see . . . what? Our planet is an unstable composition of complexions: through migration, intermarriage, cosmetics, war, trains, planes, and automobiles, the ‘view from above’ of the earth’s skin tones is in a continuous state of evolution."

One day this beautiful looking one-of-a-kind lady came to Reineke to the tuttobene booths at NYIGF and expressed her awe and love for Reinke's scarves ... you can probably imagine who much fun we all had and of course were intrigued by this colorful person. 

Turn demographic data into a visual language and then into fashion... World Skin Colors




..World Skin Colors

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New collection 2013 minä perhonen

New collection 2013 minä perhonen

I can never get enough writing about Japanese label minä perhonen ... and have done it quite a bit over the past couple of years, but seeing the new winter collection 2013 this morning was again drooling over all the things I saw ...

Where shall I begin .. one of the choucho's, the notebooks or the coasters, the moon letters or a kimono dress... what would you choose?

I will just let you enjoy the images and many more you can find at the minä perhonen website. 


Linentowels Moonletter  Minaperhonen Notebooks  






..minä perhonen 

A list of overseas stockists.

All images are from the minä perhonen website and I believe were taken by Koji Honda.

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Dutch design at New York International Gift Fair


{WorldSkinColor scarves by Reineke Otten}

This coming weekend I will be joining my friend Jurianne Matter and Tuttobene across the Atlantic to New York. From 19. - 22. August Jurianne will be showing her products at the NY Gift Fair (Booth 3762 ) together with 15 other very talented Dutch designers and three design labels from NL. (ps. if you are looking for me you can probably find me too at the booth number 3762)

Tuttobene is a platform for Design based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They organize design exhibitions around the world and their aim is to connect young creative talents with the industry, marketing organisations and/or retail partners. All the links to the participating Dutch designers can be found here


{image above: Handmade jewelry by the boyscouts}

I will use this week to try and meet people I have met via Bloesem throughout the years but also to meet new people, see what is happening in the world of design in NY and hopefully get new ideas and inspiration for my own future with Bloesem ~irene

{image below: Guidelines and dish of desire by Frederik Roije}


.. Come and visit us at the NYIGF  Accent on Design, Booth 3762 ..


..Jurianne Matter 

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DaWanda Designmarkt Amsterdam


{above: journal by froschkind and necklace by gudbling}

This weekend I am trying to visit the first Dutch handmade market in Amsterdam organised by DaWanda to celebrate the opening of their Dutch website. The market is at Meininger hotel and more then 100 designers will exhibit their work in the different rooms of the hotel.  

What are your plans for the weekend? Perhaps we can meet each other on Sunday otherwise I hope to see you back next week ~ irene xoxo



In the images above t-shirt and teatowel by detailF, paper products by froschkind and a chrochet lamp by Made by Mo


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Sponsor Spotlight: La Casita de Wendy




{1. pillow cover swans 2. MISAKO 3. cisnes big 4. apron dress 5. pillow cover ana 6. llama }

Meet Inés Aguilar and Iván Martínez the 2 amazing designers behind for "la casita de wendy". Their brand made an epic grow just in a short amount of time and is now one of the most popular brands in Europe and I can imagine why. Their designs do not scream haut couture but just the opposite... it available for everyone or as the designer duo would say it is designed for 'real people beyond all fashion trends' and that is in my opinion why they are the newest fashion icons in Europe!

They not only design clothes but they carry some amazing accessories in their collection check out this pillow cover named Ana its a drawing of a girl on a bicycle but what makes this black and white drawing so special is the mystical feeling you get while looking at it.

I also really  like is the crafter projects that ‘’la casita de wendy’’ has as a category in their shop. You will find the most fun but beautiful thing like the handmade dolls designed by MIMOKO for "la casita de wendy". The dolls are little ‘’cuteness-monsters’’ with a splash of sassiness. The vintage dresses they are wearing are made out of taffeta fabrics and their faces are embroidered on. There are 5 dolls with all same dresses but different pants ;)

So who needs Paris, Milan or New York when you can also shop until you drop at la casita de wendy

..la casita de wendy

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