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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Jannita van den Haak


Totally inspired by Jantine her image collage for knot knot I decided to start making more graphic image collages for Bloesem too ... starting today with a new Dutch designer profile or shall I say a nice face-to-face with a very talented lady, Jannita van den Haak, who designs luxe backpacks, eco-leather trolleys and expressive jewellery for her own label Jannissima

Marjon and Sandra  ... Bloesem's dream team ... went of to visit Jannita's home in Eindhoven and spoke with her about her own designs, the things that inspires her and why she likes to live in this beautiful home ... curious already ... click here and land on Bloesem's designer profiles page and enjoy the story!


..all images by Vorstin 
..Jannissima at Bijzondermooi


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Colorful living with Hellen van Berkel


Come and see this beautiful home .. again :) ... here on Bloesem. Hellen van Berkel who lives here already shared her amazing place with us a couple of years ago, but this time my friend Marjon Hoogervorst made the pictures, not only of her home but also of her new collection gorgeous silk scarves ... I really like what Marjon did to the images scarves ... letting them flow and bringing them to live ...                       [READ and SEE MORE after the break]




Hellen van Berkel is a textile designer living in the Netherlands. The images you see here are part of a whole series featured in the October issue of Dutch magazine VTWonen. Her place is amazing and I totally understand why VTWonen liked to feature her. 

What I really like in Hellen her home are the colors. She has a talent for combining different colors, perfect tones. When I see the floor in the kitchen below I would never have thought about choosing these tcolored tiles, but the look superb! Making this kitchen special and I believe easy to maintain.


Perhaps best to send VTWonen an email if you would like to see the issue.  

 ..Hellen van Berkel

Styling by Tatjana Quax en Susanne Kennedy

All images by Marjon Hoogervorst

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Floris Hovers


Looking at this garden makes me jealous and I totally how Dutch designer Floris Hovers loves living here. The house is located in a small village in the Netherlands called Raamsdonk. Sandra and Marjon visited Floris and spoke with him about his life as a designer, why he enjoys his work so much, what inspires him and how he and his family try to live a life without the daily influence of the online world ... 

Are you ready to step into the house of Floris Hovers then click here and head over to our face-to-face a designers' profile column for antoher interesting read!


..Floris Hovers Designs
All images by Marjon Hoogervorst
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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Anne from La Farme


Marjon Hoogervorst and Sandra Jacobs visited another Dutch designer for us ...  Anne Olde Kalter from LaFarme, who lives with her partner Dirk Gelijsteen in one of those old charming little farms very near to Amsterdam. Their home is just amazing ... beautiful one of a kind furniture pieces combined with little treasures and lost-and-found gems ... 

I am sure this home will bring you lot's of inspiration and some creative ideas ... starting with this great poster 'Ma'am step away from the computer'

Thanks again Sandra and Marjon for a gorgous Home Visit.... click here to visit the home ... 


..Face-to-face : a designer's profile

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We visited the home of Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy


... and would you like to see what her kitchen, bedroom and living room looks like than head over to Bloesem's face-to-face: a designer's profile page right here ....

Marjon's photography is again STUNNING!! I'm LOving this series so much becasue it is one thing to admire the work by designers but another to actually talk to them and see how they themself live. 

Thanks again Sandra and Marjon for a gorgous Home Visit.... MORE MORE MORE


Photography: Marjon Hoogervorst

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Let's Get Personal in Rotterdam with Dinah from Lilesadi


Let's Get Personal in Germany with Dinah Smutny from Lilesadi

G:: German is ... a big good breakfast with egg and mustard, cereal bread, smoked salmon, jam, different cheeses and ham.

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice...a lot of white, a funny mix of individual things from flea markets, vintage shops, Ikea and of course Lilesadi.


R:: room, my favorite room in our home is...the balcony. I love to hang out in the weekends reading magazines or inviting people over for barbecue.

M:: memories I cherish are...my study time in Florence, my fun flatshare in the via della Robbia, wine on the piazza, aperitivo in the evening and laid back festivals during summer here in Rotterdam.


Lilesadi-3  Lilesadi-10 Lilesadi-2  Lilesadi-1  Lilesadi-5


A:: addiction
...mine is... jogging in the park near my house. I need to move every day, it gives me fresh energy and inspiration for the rest of the day.

N:: new, in my home is...the black and white carpet of Urban Outfitters I bought in Berlin and carried it the whole trip back to Rotterdam.


H:: hobby, I always make time for...guitar playing relaxing, Lindy Hop Swing dancing is my new passion. I found out that there is a really big scene in Rotterdam going on?

O:: outfit, my favourite thing to wear is...my poetic bird ring by Twinklebird, colourful nails and my leather jacket from Monki, it just fits to everything.



M:: magazines I love to read are...IDN, the Italian ELLE Décor, 101 Woonideen, Les Mads blog because I always get inspired by new stuff.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...interesting, inspiring people around me.




..Lilesadi online shop
..Lilesadi blog

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