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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Marly Gommans



I love it when someone gives a lot of character to a home. And Marly Gommans certainly did that to her home in the Netherlands. The hand painted mural, the little things on the wall and the sublime pantone painted staircase make this week's house visit very interesting ...

Marly Gommans is a fashion and furniture designer, with a special interest in Cats! Yes cats, but she doesn't like their plastic litterboxes and ugly scratching poles ... so she designed some good-looking ones that are welcome in her home. And while she was at it she decided to design a great cat cushion too. Marly interned at the famous Kiki van Eijk studio and now makes her own name into the world of design with her funky products.

Please join us for an interview with Marly and have a look how she lives... right here... Mar.ly's collection is available at BijzonderMooi ~ in Dutch ~ in English


..all images by Vorstin 
..translation by xPattyCake


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Coffeeklatch a creative chitchat


Not sure where I was ... probably living under a rock :) but glad I found Coffeeklatch from Belgium today ... wow such a beautiful source of inspiration and eye-candy . Of course the site reminds me of the German FvF but we can never get enough of these kind of sites that gives you an intimate insight in the lives of creative people. 

Coffeeklatch is a creative chitchat started by journalist Magali Elali and photographer Bart Kiggen. Coffeeklatch stands for ‘slow journalism using a fast medium’. Just sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee and enjoy.              [MORE IMAGES after the break]







The images in this post are from the homes of designer Michaël Verheyden's home and Multidisciplinary duo Jan and Delphine ... and there is much more to discover at Coffeeklatch ... 



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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Ontwerplabel Vij5

And a little extra today ... this short video made for us by Jonna van Hesteren

Morning, how are you all doing? I am feeling much better and am glad to be back to work this morning.... sometimes I find it hard to really call it 'work' because it often feels more like a 'hobby'. Yes lucky me to be able to do all day what I really enjoy doing... Like preparing a new post for the Designer Visit column in which my two friends, Marjon and Sandra, from the Netherlands visit well-known Dutch designers in their homes.

Jonna van Hesteren often assists Marjon in her photography job and this time she created a fun short video for Bloesem ... giving a bit of extra and real life experience to today's interview


Today I am sharing the visit to ontwerplabel Vij5's home. It's not the first time I am talking about the work of Arjan and Anieke here on Bloesem. Ontwerplabel Vij5 often collaborates with other Dutch designers, who we have met at previous interviews. My favorite is perhaps the collaboration with Ontwerpuo which resulted in the gorgous Lloop lamp ... would you like to see how Arjan and Anieke live and what their ideas and drives in life are ... then head over to the face-to-face page right here


..all images by Marjon
..short video by Jonna van Hesteren

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Jurianne Matter


Today we are introducing our last designer's profile for this year, Jurianne Matter who's also a personal friend of Irene. A creater of beautiful paper designs, she has a lovely home and it's all ready for Christmas! You will see decorations made by Jurianne herself so let's all read her story here.

We thank Marjon and Sandra for their lovely contributions of designer profiles this year. We are absolutely grateful having friends all over the world that keeps us connected. Makes the world into a smaller place don't you think? We are looking forward to 2013 for more interviews and pictures for this column.


..all images by Marjon
..Jurianne Matter at BijzonderMooi


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NEW: Unstationary by ontwerpduo

{image by Jurianne Matter}

Papers, soft colors and simple designs, what's not to love everything about Unstationary by Ontwerpduo. Starting our own stationary line has always been in the works here at Bloesem, and seeing great products like these makes us want to work on our line even more.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see grid paper is math class in high school. Countless doodles and drawings on them when I should be writing down numbers and equations. What about you? A familiar feeling and I love the simplicity of the grid design for note pads and little cards for little messages.

Check out their collection of work on their website. Take a look at the 'Light Forest' which to me is almost dream-like.   [CONTINUE READING]





Would you like to see how the designers from Ontwerpduo live .. yes I mean seeing their HOME then click here for Bloesem's face-to-face interview we had with them. 

..Unstationary by ontwerpduo

ps. below ... Jurianne's special edition paper angel for DUtch magazine Buitenleven... when you buy the december issue you get this cute ange for free!



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Interview with Holly Becker about her new book 'Workshop'


Holly Becker from Decor8 blog did it again with her new book 'Decorate Workshop'. I really enjoy how Holly writes both on her fabulous blog as in her books. If you missed out on our review on her first book 'Decorate', you can read it again here.

What makes 'Decorate Workshop' different from her first title... well ... lot's more interaction with us the readers. Yes, Holly makes it easy via a 'one step at the time' guide througout the book helping you to start decorating or renovating your own space. It's almost like she's there with you, telling you what you should be doing next. 

She stresses this out in the book... "Write in it!". Scribble ideas, doodle designs, anything you think that will help you with your decorating. Holly believes writing it down in the book will make it more helpful to you and we believe she is absolutely right.     [CONTINUE READING]



[click here for Holly's interview with Bloesem about her new book Workshop]

Also while reading Decorate Workshop, we noticed that the book helps you come up with your own ideas instead of Holly telling you what's nice and what's not. That's what we believe the best part.

Sometimes when you get stuck and in need of just that a little push of inspiration this 'workshop' will do just that. Your own ideas will be restructured and easier for you to execute in the desired result.

We asked Holly some questions about her Decorate Workshop ... 

1. What’s the difference between the first book ‘Decorate’ and this one ‘Decorate Workshop’.

One difference is noticeable the moment you read the introduction because I wrote the book in a very personal, warm voice - the voice I write with on my blog. "Decorate Workshop" is the fun best friend to the more professional and design-savvy "Decorate". Decorate lays everything out, all the nuts and bolts of decorating and then Decorate Workshop gets more personal and shows the reader that decorating magic begins once the home owner knows themselves, their aesthetic and their home first - and from there, it breaks the decorating process down into 8 easy steps to accomplish that and to motivate them to get started on their next project. It also shows readers the exact process I follow when I'm approaching a new project. The book is loaded with gorgeous photos, shots of my own home, floor plans, pages for writing along with prompts and a special poster included in the French fold jacket that comes with every book. It's a very special book and I'm so proud of it.



2. How did you come up with the eight-step process?

 I wanted to play with the number "8" in my brand, "decor8", but the best part was that I really do follow 8 steps to decorating so it worked out perfectly!

3. What room should someone pay extra close attention to while decorating and why? 

Every room matters because each space impacts your mood and contributes to the overall energy in your home. It's important to consider your sleep space first though, which is often the last room that people give thought to - but your bedroom is where you escape, rest, and spend most of your time so it should be a haven that restores you - you should want to be there! After that, bathrooms and kitchens and then the rest... 

4. What is your favorite style for a home? 

My favorite style is personal style. Always. Take what you love and mix it all together and see what you come up with that represents your aesthetic the closest. You should be connecting to your home and feel great when you walk in the door, not following the pack or living in a catalog. I have a little of everything in my home so I just call my style Eclectic, that's my style if that's the right label for it - a little from here and there - and lots of personality.


5. What was particularly fun in creating this book?

I loved the actual writing process - there were nights that I wrote text until 4:00 am because I was on such a roll! I also always like traveling and styling the rooms, this book took me to lots of nice cities. I also enjoyed doing mood boards and other inspirational photography and it was also fun to have my home in this book - I love knowing that others are seeing where I live and work because I rarely show my home on my blog. I was also delighted that I could work with my husband, Thorsten Becker, on around thirty photos and we both loved doing it - the cover shot was one that he took and in the US version from Chronicle Books, he also shot the photo on the back of the jacket. He is a great interiors and still life photographer and in this book, he was able to use his talent. The book photographer was Debi Treloar, she shot my first book and this one, but we ran out of time in the end and had to shoot extra photos so Thorsten jumped in to save the day. It's very special to have your partner help you on a project that you'll hold in your hands forever and show your children and grandchildren someday.

6. How you hope people will use this book?

I want readers to really USE it for the intended purpose - not just to flip through and read casually, but to really dive in with pencil in hand and take notes, use the writing prompts, sketch out floor plans, do mood boards and the other creative visual exercises that I outline and have FUN with it as they discover a few things about themselves they'd not considered before. I want this book to be a very personal, exploratory process for them and then their home - I want them to approach decorating from a more creative and personal place while also accomplishing their goals. I don't want this book to just be "inspiring", we have enough inspiration online and in books - I want it to also be one that motivates them to action and helps to build creative courage and confidence so that they're not just being inspired but seeing things through. I had such a good time writing Decorate Workshop and I'm so proud of it - I hope that everyone loves it!


Decor8_bloesem_new{items in the image above: Workshop , Bloesem Wears necklace,   memory stick holder by Keecie, handmade clay christmas stars, hema party decoration and ribbon from carta inc. }

Thanks Holly for sharing your answers with us ... We can only say Congratulations to you and your wonderful photographer Debi Treloar.

You both have done a wonderful job in bringing a helpful new book to all us interior design lovers.

Great read And according to Bloesem a must-have!

..Decorate workshop at chronicle books
..Debi Treloar

All images in this post are by Irene - Bloesem


Oeps... almost forgetting to tell you that tomorrow we will be GIVING away the book Decorate Workshop!

 Two of you can win a copy ... so stay tuned and stop by again tomorrow!

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