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Keecie a short movie

This cute little movie only shows again how super creative and talented Klaartje from Keecie really is! Together with photographer Sandy 'birds and dogs' are flying out of the bag!

The dark blue couch potato pad sleeve must be my favorite piece from their latest collecction but I still love using my 'mini me' for my business cards.




ps. would you like to see where Klaartje lives? Click here it will bring you to her gorgeous Amsterdam home


.. Keecie
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X and L interior artists


Last week I already shared some pics of our friends' studio home in Amsterdam. Just a couple more today to give you an even better impression of how incredibly stylish XandL actually are. Ever since they started designing interiors they stayed true to their inner voices. 

No easy or quick trends have ever affected their work and still their work is very modern and new - but above all genuinely timeless...  This for me makes them so unique and special. You do see very subtle changes in their creations and ideas - but it's always in the details, the craftmanship and the materials they chose...





In true XandL style, they prefer their privacy and shy away from too much publicity...or any publicity at all...! Although you see their work occasionally featured in the well-known magazines they almost always only allow this "under protest"...These pictures were not taken with a hidden camera of course but after I pleaded with Xander for some time to let me shoot some images to practice my skills...:) he eventually kindly agreed as long as I did not shoot any images of him...they are too modest! While I hadn't seen Xander in many years it didn't feel like this at all which is great when you meet old friends again...seeing Xander brought back fond memories of when I started out as a (then still young...) freelance graphic designer in Amsterdam - XandL were an inspiration to me then and I am sure they will continue to be...

All images by me, Irene Hoofs

.. XandL
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A green oasis in the middle of Amsterdam


By now you probably know that we spend the summer in our own Amsterdam apartment, what I haven't told you yet is that last year this apartment was completely redesigned ... we took out some walls and brought in new cabinets all designed by our dear friends Xander and Leon. Or should I say XandL ... the name of their design studio. 

I am not going to show you images of our new apartment ... saving that for a bit later ... no today I am going to show you some images of the XandL work studio and atelier in Amsterdam so you understand why we always chose working with them ... 

My husband and I are very much in love with everything these two creatives make and do ... just an impression of the houses they have turned into true can be found on their website. 
I was smart enough to bring my camera when we visited them for a coffee ... the images you see are from their workplace ... I didn't do any styling or preparations, no need! I just took some pics from different corners in 15 minutes to give you, the Bloesem readers an impression. I know I am lucky to share them with you because X and L normally don't like having too much attention :) 






ps. Monday next week I will share even more images  ... !

All images by me, Irene Hoofs

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Caroline Ellerbeck


Face to Face a designer's profile with Caroline Ellerbeck . 

I truly hope you will enjoy visiting this home today as much I do. Getting the opportunity to see how artists live, how they decorate their home is I believe really inspiring. I am very grateful first of all to all the designers and today in particular Caroline Ellerbeck for opening their houses and to Sandra and Marjon the interviewer and photographer for making time to prepare and create these amazing home tours for us. 

Caroline is a famous illustrator and graphic designer in the Netherlands. By starting her own publishing company recently a dream came true for Caroline ... but much more about her and her family life right here at our Designer Profile's page ... Let's us know what you think of it, we love to hear from you!


All images by Dutch phtographer Marjon Hoogervorst aka Vorstin 
.. Caroline Ellerbeck 
.. Caroline Ellerbeck's collection is available at BijzonderMooi 

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Jessica Nielsen

JessicaNielsen_facetofaceAll images by Vorstin.

It is especially nice to feature a home  from a designer (... graphic that is) that I have worked with a couple of times here on Bloesem and whom I really like. Her name is Jessica Nielsen and Marjon Hoogervorst en Sandra Jacobs visited her in her 80's apartment a couple of weeks ago ... see here the very inspiring result and read how she  thinks about work her home and her own designs ... 


 Previous Dutch Designer Visits

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with BuroJet

{photo credit: Marjon Hoogervorst }

It's going to be a good day today! My mom and stepdad are arriving today to see how we now live in Singapore and here on Bloesem I can share images of a super inspiring home with you. Two well-known Dutch designers, Jorine Oosterhoff and Egbert-Jan Lam live here with their little girl Fiep and their three cats.

Sandra had a lovely chat with them about design, what they like about their home, how they work and life in general. Marjon knew exactly how to capture this home in the best way possible and focusing of the charming characteristics of this home.

BuroJet, the label of Jorine and Egbert-Jan, are probably best known for their awesome snout cups and the beautiful laser lights. I would love to have one of those in my house. But the couple designed much more and from what I understand lot's more can be expected!

Face to face: a designer's profile with BuroJet


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