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A feast for the eyes

Bloesem Living | Gather and Feast Gazette Interview

Nestled in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Ashley is a self-taught cook of Gather and Feast where she posts a host of simple, low-fuss recipes on her food blog that any of us can follow for some seriously delicious (and seriously Instagram-worthy) dishes that's sure to be a crowd pleaser. A true lover of fresh produce, she definitely doesn't trade freshness for ease - so you can look forward to using natural and wholesome ingredients when you're whipping up a sumptuous spread. While we can only follow her recipes and can't taste her cooking first hand, her feature on our latest Bloesem Gazette Issue 5 sure is a feast for the eyes! Here's the rest of what went down during our little chat together..

Bloesem Living | Gather and Feast Gazette Interview

Name an ingredient you think is the most versatile and why?

Almonds! I use them to make almond milk, sprinkle roasted almonds over salads and over fruit, in smoothies, as a gluten free flour alternative, sweet, savoury, so many things! 

Wow that sure is a lot of things! What about for someone who is a first time cook, what would you recommend they try making?

A salad, you really can’t go wrong with a salad. Try a simple no-fail recipe that is delicious and will still impress your guests. Place sliced ripe tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil & sea salt onto a serving dish, and serve with fresh crusty bread, SO easy, anyone can do that!

Bloesem Living | Gather and Feast Gazette Interview

What's a must try local dish in Melbourne?

In Melbourne, it’s all about the cafes and coffee culture. Melbourne is world renowned for having the best coffee and also brunch spots. A few of my favourite spots for coffee and brunch would be Top Paddock, Seven Seeds, Proud Mary, Barry, Kettle Black, Smith St. Alimentary, there really are so many places!

What's your go-to drink then? Is it coffee?

It's actually mineral water with lemon and lime. Simple, but delicious and refreshing. 

Bloesem Living | Gather and Feast Gazette Interview

Get together with your best friends: where and what do you eat?

If we are at home, we usually cook, my dear friend Marla makes the most amazing roast chicken and vegetables ever. She serves it with sour cream and mango chutney, it really is so good! We also eat out quite often, we have a few favourite places, like pizza from our favourites D.O.C or 400 Gradi, and then there there will usually be ice-cream involved at some point too. 

And for a stay-in day.. What would be your go-to comfort food?

It would have to be a simple pasta dish, fresh pasta, fresh tomatoes, basil and goat's cheese with a generous glug of olive oil and sprinkling of sea salt, SO good.

How do you like your eggs?

Well done or hard boiled. I actually can't eat runny eggs, for me, the texture is just not ok. 

Bloesem Living | Gather and Feast Gazette Interview

What is your top tip for food styling?

Lighting is key. Less is more.

Totally agree! Any trends do you see in foodie culture right now? 

For me, I have observed quite extreme food trends at the moment, really extreme health culture or the other ‘not so healthy’ extreme of burgers, doughnuts etc. I find it really fascinating.

And lastly.. Tell us your secret indulgences!

Ice-cream. I LOVE artisan ice-cream and authentic gelato. My favourite thing. (Although it’s probably not so secret!)

Does all this talk about food leave you itching to grab a bite too? Before we go off to raid the fridge.. We want to say a big thanks to Ashley again for your contribution!

Photo credits: Gather and Feast

.. Gather and Feast
.. Have you read our latest Bloesem Gazette?

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A chat with Coco Lapine

Bloesem Living | Interview with Coco Lapine  

Belgian designer, interior stylist, and blogger Sarah is the woman behind Coco Lapine, a little space where she features inspiring interiors from all around the world. And boy, does she have impeccable taste! We took some time off scrolling endlessly on her gorgeous blog and caught up with Sarah for a little chat for our latest Bloesem Gazette. Here's more of what went down.. (Spoiler alert: she talks interior trends for 2016!)

Bloesem Living | Interview with Coco Lapine

Which is your favourite corner in your home?

I think this would be our dining area. Our apartment is located in an old building with many weird angles, but the dining area worked out quite nicely in a corner. It makes it cosier and I accentuated this little corner with a wall mounted shelf to showcase some accessories.

Nice! What about your living room? What is your most interesting piece of furniture there?

This would be our coffee table in our living room. It used to be my grandmother's and I got it as a present before she passed. I love having something of hers in our home and I find that this piece makes our home more unique and characteristic. We just gave it a new coat of paint to give it a more modern touch, but otherwise it was good as new.

The value of a good vintage item! Any other tips you would like to share for decorating on a budget?

It’s always wise to buy very timeless and neutral furniture and be more bold with the accessories like pillows, vases, throw blankets etc. These smaller items are cheaper and easier to change around but can make a space look so different without having to replace all the furniture. I also like to change around artwork in my home a lot (and design my own, which I sell at cocolapine.bigcartel.com), which has a great effect on the vibe of the room as well.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Coco Lapine

What is your favourite colour scheme for your home? And why? 

I have been very much into neutral colours and like how different tints of grey look together. Combined with brass, cork, wood tints and some green plants you can create a very interesting space. Lately I have been seeing blue-grey walls in a lot of beautiful interiors as well, which I would love to try out in our place as well.

Then what are some other attributes you would like your dream home to have?

Preferably an old building with high ceilings, with light coming through big windows, lots of clean lines and yet still looks cosy, inviting and comfortable.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Coco Lapine 

What is your favourite decor style?

I’m always very inspired by the Scandinavian style and I think my home looks like this as well, however I try to mix it up with some vintage elements to give it some more personality and character. I like the simplicity of Nordic furniture and it’s ability to make a room look light and playful.

Share with us your top 5 favourite furniture brand. 

Muuto, Ferm Living, Carl Hansen and Søn, Gubi and Artek

And your favourite furniture decade?

Definitely mid-century modern, which is really not surprising! I like the clean lines and no-nonsense style of that era.

Nice! Now fast forward to 2016.. What interior trends do you foresee this year?

I saw a lot of colonial-style influences on modern interiors in 2015 and I think this influence will be even stronger this year. I think natural materials like cork and wood will stay in trend as well.

Time for a visit to the lumber yard.. Thanks again Sarah for your contribution to our latest Gazette yet!

Photo Credits: Coco Lapine

.. Coco Lapine
.. Read our latest Bloesem Gazette

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Think merry thoughts

 Bloesem Living | Interview with The Merrythought

Glad to be joined by the lovely and joyful ladies of The Merrythought all the way from New York in our latest issue of the Bloesem Gazette in our Craft and Design section.. Their blog is a space for DIYs projects, yummy Instagram-worthy recipes, and their own inspirations, but we say they are pretty inspiring people themselves!

Read on for our little chat - where we remembered favourite projects, talked trends, and shared pro tips we could all take home..

Bloesem Living | Interview with The Merrythought

What is you favourite DIY project so far?

One of our favourite projects is our hanging table. We love it because it's simple, natural and still very practical. It also uses wood from a tree that once stood at our family's farm which makes it extra special!

That's really cool! So I guess wood is one of your favourite materials to work with?

Wood and clay. They're raw and simple and the possibilities for projects are endless.

Where's the best place to go to for craft materials then? 

We love to repurpose items when we can, so we often use things we already have or have found at thrift stores or garage sales. We also incorporate nature when we can, so a walk through the woods for scavenged items is a favorite. The stores we visit the most for materials are usually Home Depot, local lumberyards, and Michaels.

Bloesem Living | Interview with The Merrythought

Where are some places you go to find DIY inspiration? 

We love to browse Pinterest - it’s a great place for inspiration as well as to see what trends people are currently into.

Any crafters you guys find really inspiring?

We love Fall For DIY, Monsters Circus, Almost Makes Perfect, Homey Oh My, and the Crafted Life!

Bloesem Living | Interview with The Merrythought

How do you avoid crafter's block?

Take breaks! And if a project doesn't inspire you, just leave it behind. If you're forcing yourself to do crafts that you don't want to do, you'll end up giving up on the crafts you did want to do as well.

What about avoiding a DIY flop? Any tips?

Do your research and make sure you make accurate measurements. We can't tell you the number of times we go to start a project only to realise we don't have the correct supplies or we cut a bunch of wood and was slightly off in the measurements and we have to go back and recut everything. So take your time. There are a lot of projects that we have tried over the years that have failed but it's just part of the process. Occasionally those failed projects turn into or inspire you to make a completely different project than what you originally had in mind too. So just go for it!

Bloesem Living | Interview with The Merrythought 

Share with us a form of craft you admire and would love to try, but have not.

We would love to learn calligraphy but it's very intimidating and we're not sure we have the patience for it!

Coming to the end of the year.. What do you think are the top 5 DIY/craft trends of 2015?

Plywood, marbling, watercolour, weaving and anything minimal.

Thank you ladies, for your wonderful contribution to our latest Gazette yet!

Photo Credits: The Merrythought

.. The Merrythought
.. Read the latest Bloesem Gazette

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A Chat with Caroline Gomez

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview with Caroline Gomez 

We have been long time fans of Caroline Gomez.. even writing about her work since the beginning of Bloesem! Besides being a designer, photographer, and art director, she also has a collection of home accessories and even authors her own books about travel and lifestyle.. Did you see them on our online store and pop ups?

It's so nice to have her contribute to our latest Bloesem Gazette which features some of our favourite creatives from all over the world. Here's more of what went down during our little chat with the lovely Caroline..

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview with Caroline Gomez

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview with Caroline Gomez

What is your favourite piece of furniture?

Rama chair by OXdenmarq. For me it is a perfect creation.. The right balance between aesthetics and evidence of form.

And the most interesting piece of furniture in your living room? Tell us about it.

My Danish couch dating 50 years back I found in a flea market for a few euros. It is beautiful, I love it.

Nice! We all love a good flea find. Do you have any tips for decorating on a budget?

It takes very little to create change. Use a lot of white in your decor, some well-chosen colours along with sleek and functional furniture that still has a healthy dose of personality.

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview with Caroline Gomez

What is the favourite spot in your home?

I love my bedroom.. to lie down on my bed to read a book or a magazine, to talk or play with my daughter. The light and the colours in my bedroom are very soft. It is a very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

What about your dream home? What are some of its attributes?

The use of crude materials, a soft atmosphere, large windows, lots of light, and a great view - especially of nature.

What's a good style, or colour scheme for it to take?

Minimalist, because it gives the home space for you to inject some personality, and definitely white! Always a good base to build the rest of your room around.

Bloesem Living | Gazette Interview with Caroline Gomez

Share with us your top 5 favourite furniture brands and magazines.

My favourite brands will have to be &Tradition, Menu, Muji, Nikari and OX Denmarq. For magazines - Rum, Milk Decoration, ELLE decoration Norge, Inside out, and Freunde von Freunden.

What trends do you expect this coming 2016?

I think 2016 will bring us even closer to the use of raw materials. Items will also be simplified to be more versatile and to allow more mixed sets.

Thanks again Caroline, for your support all these years!

Photo credits: Caroline Gomez

.. Caroline Gomez
.. Read the latest Bloesem Gazette

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Artful Desperado interview

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

Christmas is a time of good cheer, family, friends.. and great feasts! We bring you Artful Desperado today, a gorgeous food blog, all the way from Vancouver. As a free space for him to explore his creativity, Gabriel Cabrera really showcases his impressive styling and photography skills, along with his unique eye for colour, design and also art.. Not to mention his witty humour and laid pack personality that just shines through! We could just read his blog for hours.. There are pages and pages of exciting festive recipe inspirations.. But be warned - expect actual drooling!

Between handling his various projects, Gabriel was very kind to contribute to the Food section of our latest Bloesem Gazette, and even have a little chat with us.. Read on - the ultimate tip for the perfect sandwich is just right round the corner!

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

What do you think is the most versatile ingredient out there?

Chocolate! You can use it on both savoury and sweet dishes and, you eat it by itself. Everyday. If possible.

Oh how we all wish! Then what's your go-to sweet dish... for date night?

I'd say my go-to date night dessert is a chocolate ganache tart.

And your go-to drink?

An Old Fashioned. It's pretty hard to mess that one up!

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

What are some trends do you see in foodie culture?

I see people caring more and more about the overall nutrition in their meals. Before it was all about going big or going home (e.g. loads of butter, loads of cream, heaps of sugar), now people want food that looks beautiful, tastes great, and is healthy. I feel foodies currently stand in the intersection of photography, health, and minimal lifestyle.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

Exactly! One thing that's often featured is eggs. How do you like yours?

Sunny side up.

Any tips to making the perfect sandwich?

Always use something to coat the bread to prevent it from getting soggy. Use something tasty like guacamole, chipotle mayo, or hummus.

What's your fondest comfort food, besides Chocolate?

Tacos. They remind me of home (Mexico) and that gives me the warm fuzzies.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

What about your secret indulgences right now? Spill!

I secretly (not so secretly anymore) love deep fried chicken or pig skin with hot sauce and lime. My friends think it's atrocious. I think they're missing out!

Bloesem Living | Interview with Artful Desperado

What are the 5 places you go to for recipe inspirations? 

Food52, Bon Appetit Magazine, Donna Hay, Gather Journal, and Pinterest.

Any tips for people trying out food styling?

My top one would be lighting. Make sure to have enough light to showcase your dish. My personal favourite is soft defused light by a window. If you are not able to have good lighting, then don't take the photo, trust me, it's better to save the moment for later than to post a horrendous image that looks like roadkill.

Here's hoping our Christmas feast photos will look as great.. Thanks once again, Gabriel! 

Photo credits: Artful Desperado

.. Artful Desperado
.. Read the Bloesem Gazette Volume 5

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Illustrator crush: Bianca Cash

Bloesem Living | Interview with Illustrator Bianca Cash

If you've reached the end of the Bloesem Gazette you'd have seen a cheeky illustration by Bianca Cash filling up the last page.. We just had to include it, it's too relatable! You've probably also come across some of her many other illustrations featuring simple, witty and sometimes even powerful quotes in her beautiful handwriting several times. It's hard to miss when you let out a little chuckle under your breath each time you chance upon them.. We say this illustrator crush is definitely here to stay!

We're sharing with you guys our little chat with Bianca on the blog today.. Hear all about where the typography master herself gets her inspiration from and more! 

Bloesem Living | Interview with Illustrator Bianca Cash

 Bloesem Living | Interview with Illustrator Bianca Cash

How would you describe your creative process?

I tend to just get the ink and brush out and go for it. I often go through pages and pages of paper, repeating similar processes every time. I scan my work and then use Photoshop to clean it up a little. Sometimes if I'm not happy I'll go back to inking. It really depends. I find you need to be mentally in the right place to get it right too. Designing straight on the computer, you have a lot more control with what you're doing. With inking, you don't have as much control over the way the inky tones come through or with how it will overall look as you're using fast movements to create.

I do look at other typographers for inspiration but I have found that my most successful pieces are ones that I have created with little research or inspiration. Pieces that have come from my and what's going on in my own world.

So what are the top 5 design resources you gain inspiration from?

I love Pinterest for the extreme diversity. There's so many different things to discover - anything from art to illustration, design, interior spaces, colour, travel etc. And within those there are so many different styles. I love discovering artists and designers through it.

Instagram is a great source of inspiration for me. I tend to follow a lot of designers and creatives which means a lot of my feed is full of inspiration.

Books - I love books. I love bookshops. I think it's easy in this day and age to forget about them because we have the internet as one giant book. But there's something about flipping pages and being able to touch the colour and the lines (without smudging the computer screen!)

Late nights. I am a night owl. I kinda wish I wasn't but I just get so inspired at night, when the stars are out. I find I write mostly at night and ideas spring at night.

Weekend outings. Maybe it's an odd thing to say but I love spending a Saturday or Sunday with a friend/s brunching and exploring quirky shops, florist and galleries. A lot of my closest friends are creatives such as photographers, designers, illustrators, florists etc. So spending time with them on a beautiful weekend inspires me.

I think downtime can be pretty inspiring too! What about your top 5 favourite designers then?

It's hard to cut it to five but I'll go with: Henri Matisse, Oliver Jeffers, Brett Whiteley, Ellsworth Kelly and Marion Deuchars.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Illustrator Bianca Cash

Name a typography that best describes you and why.

Definitely handwritten. I experiment with a lot of different handwritten styles.

I think the thing I love about it is that it's perfectly imperfect. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist with my work. To the point where I wouldn't share anything I created.
It's been quite journey but I'm at a place where I feel confident enough to share what I create. I still have moments where I don't love everything I create. But it pushes me to be better and constantly evolve.

So what are some of your favourite tools of the trade then?

Black Indian ink and a Pentel water brush plus matte paper stock. It's all I'm using at the moment. The brush is great for a lot of different type styles. Ink - I always use black. I stock up with half litre bottles because it's easy to go through. I use a Canon Pixma scanner to scan all my work and then my iMac + Adobe Photoshop does the rest. 

Bloesem Living | Interview with Illustrator Bianca Cash

What do you say is your favourite design project right now?

One of my passion projects is my online store. It's got a long way to go but I really enjoy creating pieces for it and doing the research with printing processes etc. It's really time consuming and requires a lot of decision making but I'm really excited about all the plans I have coming up for it.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Illustrator Bianca Cash

Any print trends are you excited about at the moment?

I love prints that aren't decorated too much. I see a couple of lines on a piece of paper and I think it's beautiful. I love detail and colour. But I'm really excited about stripping all that back and seeing the lines and shapes. I find myself drawn to this most of the time. It's hard to say what my favourite print is. I really love 28 and a veggies print I did earlier this year. I have the original veggies I inked on paper, taped to my wall above my iMac. I don't often look at my work and love everything but the fruit and veggie illustrations make me smile. Again, the simplicity gets me.

Aw that's nice! What about favourite creative trends, generally?

Ohh umm... that's a hard question. I would say simplicity but then again it's generally always been 'in' in some way. I really love minimal design. It's not easy to pull off, so when it's executed well, it's brilliant and one of my favourite things.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Illustrator Bianca Cash

Designers.. What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about them?

Sometimes I find that people don't think we need to be paid for certain jobs. That exposure or contra is an acceptable form of payment for 'art'. Yes I love what I do, but this is how I earn a living. That's definitely one misconception or ignorance I find a little frustrating. Also sometimes people tend to label designers as 'too cool' and maybe up themselves etc. I have so many incredible friends who are the complete opposite of this.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Illustrator Bianca Cash

Any advice for budding designers out there?

Practise. Practise. Practise and share.

Definitely words to live by.. I mean, her words are on countless illustrations. What an inspiration indeed. Thanks so much for contribution to our latest Bloesem Gazette yet, Bianca!

Image credits: Bianca Cash

.. Bianca Cash
.. Read the latest Bloesem Gazette Volume 5 

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