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Meet Leah Goren

Bloesem Living | Meet Leah Goren

Brooklyn-based illustrator and surface pattern designer Leah Goren is definitely someone to keep an eye out for.. Her style for fun and playful graphics paired with unexpected colours palettes, many would agree, is definitely a treat for the eyes, seeing as she has worked with clients like Anthropologie, Ban.do, and even had her super cool illustrations grace the cover of our favourite Frankie magazine! That's not all, you can also find her on our latest Bloesem Gazette as one of our guest contributors where she talked trends, tips and inspirations. Read the rest of it here..

Bloesem Living | Meet Leah Goren

How would you describe your creative or artistic process?

Every project I do starts with a drawing on paper. I then scan my work and assemble the final piece digitally. Usually, if I'm working for a client, we begin with pencil sketches to nail down the concept and layout before I start on the final piece.

What's do you think is a typography that best describes you?

I most identify with loose, brushy hand lettering. Since I draw with a brush, that's what my lettering always looks like.

I'm guessing brushes are your favourite tools of the trade? 

Yes, my favorite materials are Winsor & Newton gouache, and Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. I love the matte finish of the gouache, and just by adding water it's easy to change the feel of a drawing. And their brushes are the best quality!

Bloesem Living | Meet Leah Goren

What are the top 5 design resources you gain inspirations from?

My studio mates, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Rockaway Beach, Google Images, and Instagram.

Any favourite designers?

I look at the work of artists through history more than designers. So my favorite artists are Niki de Saint Phalle, Matisse, Sonia Delaunay, Richard Diebenkorn, and Celia Birtwell. I'm most inspired by artists who use a lot of color and pattern in their work, often in an abstract way.

Bloesem Living | Meet Leah Goren

Share with us one of your favourite design projects and the process behind it.

I really like the tide and moon charts I did recently for a local beach magazine, Rockaway Summer. It was challenging because I needed to translate accurate charts into my style, which is often organic and free-form. My process was the same as I mentioned earlier: draw on paper, scan into the computer, and assemble the final piece. Even though parts of the illustration had to be precise, I included a border of little surfers, fisherman, and sea life to add interest.

Wow, that's some attention to detail! Do you have any advice for budding designers who are just starting out?

Make a ton of work. Not all of it is going to be good, but as long as you're making things constantly you will get better, and develop a dedicated work ethic. I always look back on things I made and think they were terrible—I just threw away bags of drawings from 2012 and earlier—but I making all that work informed who I am today.

Bloesem Living | Meet Leah Goren

What are your favourite creative trends?

Right now I am really into eyelet and embroidery on clothing. I always have an eye out for vintage pieces from the 60s or 70s.

Neat! What about print trends.. Any you're excited about at the moment? Or a fond favourite you have done before?

I'm not really sure what's on trend right now print-wise! One of my favorite prints I've done recently is a bathers print for Loeffler Randall—women lounging around in swimsuits and sandals. I think it will be released in Spring 2016.

We can't wait to see it.. Thanks again, Leah!

Photo credits: Leah Goren

.. Leah Goren
.. Read the Bloesem Gazette here

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Time with Silke Bonde

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

Finding the world map a little familiar? Yes, it's the amazing artwork 'Blue World' featured in a two-page spread across the latest Bloesem Gazette! Painted in watercolour by the talented visual artist and illustrator Silke Bonde, her attention to detail and colour use are always so impressive. We're definitely long time fans of hers, getting our daily dose of gorgeous pictures of beautiful artwork from her Instagram feed.. Featuring nature and neutral colours, I say we have a winning combination for a soul-soothing feed. You have to check it out to know what I mean! 

Besides her incredible artwork, she also shared with us and our readers a little bit about the life of a designer for the Bloesem Gazette.. Here's the rest of it!

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

How would you describe your creative/artistic process?

I usually find a theme that I find interesting. It has very often something to do with the nature. I explore this theme and transfer the input to my sketchbook. Then shortly after I start working with water and brush to try out different ideas. Most of my creative process happens on watercolor paper, which gives me an idea of the final look and makes sure that I get the expression that I am looking for. I will use tons of watercolor paper before I am satisfied.

Wow, that's interesting! So what's your favourite tools of the trade to use then?

Brush and water are my favourite tools. I like to use the brush to paint with water at first. When I am satisfied with the shapes I drip a little paint into it and the design appears. I like the way I can control and create the design with the water and at the same time combine the stringent and organic shapes.

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

Share with us top 5 design resources you gain inspirations from.

Designspiration.net, pinterest.com, instagram.com, itsnicethat.com, and printed magazines like Frankie magazine and Cereal magazine.

And your top 5 favourite designers?

Nendo, Hans J. Wegner, Hideaki Hamada (photographer), Børge Mogensen and Lotta Nieminen.

Share with us one of your favourite design projects and the process behind it.

I was creating some huge backdrops for a photo shoot for Broste Copenhagen. We wanted to show the feeling of an old atelier where everything was faded by the sun and nothing had changed for years. I was working outside in the sun for days with all my 10-meter long backdrops throwing randomly with watercolour, spreading dead leaves and walked on it just to make it look old and artsy. It was such a great fit for the photo shoot and it added just the feeling that we wanted. Even a year after I still get contacted by people who want something similar on their wall.

Name a typography that best describes you and why.

One that says “Hi, I am tall, minimalistic and made by hand” because that is what I am and what I like.

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

What are your favourite creative trends?

I like the DIY trend that occurred after the financial crises. Instead of buying new stuff the entire time, then try to rethink the stuff you already have and create it yourself. Your home will also be more personal and inspirational.

It's a win-win, isn't it! What about print trends? Any you're excited about at the moment?

I really like all handmade illustrations/designs because it is much more personal and it gets us away from the digital world for a while. I had a really good time working on my latest “Looking closer” print collection, just concentrating on bringing my thoughts to the watercolour paper and staying offline for hours. I selected some elements from nature and I wanted to zoom in on them to show the details that we often miss when passing by. My intention was to show the beauty of nature and the naturally-created art.

Bloesem Living | Silke Bonde interview

What is the biggest misconception people have about designers?

I think people are a bit traditional in their way of characterising a designer. I have a hard time making people understand how much time it takes to design a brand and to create my own visual identity on all digital platforms. They often think everything is about the product and how it is made and for some reason forget all the hard work of creating a coherent brand.

Agreed. Do you have any advice for beginner designers who are just starting out then?

Just try to experiment with as many methods and tools as possible. You do not have to know your own style from the beginning that is just something you will discover over time. Do what makes you happy.

Wise words indeed. A big thank you to you, Silke, for your wonderful contribution!

All photos via Silke Bonde.

.. Silke Bonde
.. Silke Bonde's Instagram
.. Have you seen her watercolour painting on the latest Bloesem Gazette?

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Nora and Laura's food stories

Bloesem Living | Interview with Nora and Laura of Our Food Stories

Combine Nora's food styling skills and Laura's photography skills and you'll get a food heaven of a blog, Our Food Stories. An online gem for everything gluten-free and vegetarian made with the freshest fruits and herbs which they are surrounded by being based in the countryside outside of Berlin.. Does it get any better? I mean just look at these beautiful photos! We had a nice little chat with the two lovely ladies for the Bloesem Gazette, hear the rest of it here..

Bloesem Living | Interview with Nora and Laura of Our Food Stories

Bloesem Living | Interview with Nora and Laura of Our Food Stories

What is your favourite comfort food and why?

Laura: We both just love cake. It always makes everything better and makes you feel so cozy and calm while enjoying it.

And if you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Is it cake?

Nora: Chocolate!
Laura: Nora's gluten-free goat cheesecake. It's just the best!

Aw! We all wish we could eat as much cake as we want! Do you have any recommended diet to help stay in shape?

Laura: Just listen to your body and eat a little bit of everything. And of course, a little bit exercise too.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Nora and Laura of Our Food Stories

What's your go-to drink?

Nora: We love blueberry and peach smoothies! It's such a simple but good combination.

And a go-to date night dessert?

Laura: We both love panna cotta! There are so many different possibilities to prepare it!

Bloesem Living | Interview with Nora and Laura of Our Food Stories

What are some places you go to for recipe inspirations?

Nora: The organic supermarket, the local farmers' market, a great magazine, a book shop or just having a conversation with Laura. We inspire each other mostly.

How do you guys like your eggs?

Nora: That always depends. But I really like fried egg and omelette with onions.
Laura: My favorite is just a boiled egg.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Nora and Laura of Our Food Stories

Getting together with your best friends: where and what do you eat?

Nora: We would invite them to our place in the countryside and host a gathering with lots of different cakes.

Wow, that already sounds like an amazing feast, sure to warrant a couple of great photos! Any tips you guys have for styling and photographing food?

Nora: We use natural elements, like fruits, herbs, linen, old wood. Always focus on the details and work with concentration.

Take it from these ladies. Thanks again, Nora and Laura!

Photo credits: Our Food Stories

.. Our Food Stories
.. Read our latest Bloesem Gazette here!



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Catching up with Adinda De Boer

Bloesem Living | Interview with Adinda De Boer

Coffee Shop in Seoul

Adinda of Wolves Table always gives us major travel envy with the stunning shots she takes capturing the essence of all the beautiful countries she visits! Some of you might have remembered her as our guest blogger from a couple of posts back about her trips to Taiwan and Japan.. And well this time, between her travels, we caught up with her for a chat where she dishes out all her travel tips, favourite cities and all its hidden gems to visit for the latest copy of the Bloesem Gazette.. Hear the rest of it here! 

Bloesem Living | Interview with Adinda De Boer

12 Apostles of the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Bloesem Living | Interview with Adinda De Boer

Nara Park in Japan where deer roam freely

What is your travel style? 

I prefer comfortable, almost baggy type of clothing when I'm traveling. I hate tight jeans or tight shirts when I need to be on a flight for at least 10 hours. That's why I like to wear a loose fit type of pants or stretchy leggings with a long t-shirt and a warm vest because it always gets so cold in the airplane. And comfy shoes with socks, sometimes also a large scarf to use as an extra blanket around my shoulders.

Us too! What are some items that make it to the packing list every time?

For any type of destination: my camera, my iPhone, bikini, warm sweater or vest because i'm always cold.

Tell us, what's in your carry-on for on the plane?

Eyedrops, bottle of water, ear plugs, neck cushion, face and hand cream, lip balm. I need to hydrate when in the plane because my skin and eyes get really dry.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Adinda De Boer

The cosy corner of a coffee shop in Seoul

What are your top 5 favourite cities?

Rotterdam: I studied and lived in Rotterdam for 4 years and most of my friends live there. It's an industrial city that has a constant developing creative scene. You need to know where to go and where not to go in R'dam but that's what makes it so interesting. A growing city that feels like home.

Berlin: the creative vibe, the artist scene, the possibilities for creative entrepreneurs, it's a huge city that is very interesting at the moment, good, non-expensive food and very inspirational. Also not (yet) expensive.

London: you can feel the history of the city while wandering the streets, the architecture, clubs, restaurants and antique markets make me wish I could move there. Christmas season is my favorite time to visit London.

Paris: do I need to explain? It's the most beautiful and romantic city in the world with the best pastry available. I love the passion for food in France.

New York: I studied for 6 months in NYC and loved every moment of it. It's fast paced and it felt like walking on a movie set all day. Central Park and Soho where my favorite places to hang. Today Brooklyn would be my first place to visit because of the Blackbirds pie shop I'm dying to visit.

And the most picturesque spots for you?

All of Japan, Santorini and Mykonos in Greece, French province and South of France (Cote d'azur), Capri and Positano in Italy and Australia.

Any places you haven't visited that's on your bucket list?

I would love to go to South Africa and Mexico one day. Alaska would be amazing too.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Adinda De Boer

Apostles rising up from the Southern Ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline

What sparked your wanderlust?

I went on holidays when I was a child to many destinations close to home but also far away because a part of my family live in the US and in Asia. Traveling was a part of our lives. Today I'm bored quite easily if I don't go somewhere for a short or long trip. I enjoy new and strange environments from time to time. Exploring and experiencing new things is in my DNA.

Tips to preparing for a trip?

I use Pinterest and Instagram to look for interesting destinations. I create boards and pin all sorts of interesting images of the destination on the board. I enter relevant hashtags on Instagram to look for cool places. I also check my favorite blogs to see if that particular blogger went to my future travel destination. But to be honest i'm not much of a planner when I'm on vacation: I like to know some highlights I want to visit and let the rest come to me as I go.

Bloesem Living | Interview with Adinda De Boer

The careful hand of a Japanese Potter

Best tunes for a road trip?

New Radicals's You Get What You Give, Journey's Don't Stop Believin', Tracy Chapman's Fast Car, M83's Oblivion soundtrack, and Blink 182's I Miss You.

Trips can sometimes be quite exhausting, unfortunately. Any tips to relax while travelling?

Sleep in, don't plan too much, book a massage treatment, go for long walks in the forest or on the beach and try to leave your phone alone as much as possible (hard I know, but very relaxing).

Thanks for your contribution to our latest Gazette yet, Adinda!

All images via Adinda De Boer.

.. Adinda De Boer
.. Have you read Issue No. 5 of the Bloesem Gazette?

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Time with Marieke Verdenius

Bloesem living | Interview with Marieke Verdenius

If you've seen Marieke Verdenius' Instagram feed, you'd know exactly how stunning it is. Beautiful, minimal still-life images featuring only the freshest ingredients.. There's something about it that really soothes the soul. The food blogger now works as a food and lifestyle editor for the online magazine, Jamie Magazine (yes, by the one and only Jamie Oliver!) and she killing it! Marieke kindly took some time off to share with Bloesem on the Bloesem Gazette where she gets her inspiration for amazing recipes, and a little secret or two to whipping up a great meal.. Here's the rest of the juicy bits!

Bloesem living | Interview with Marieke Verdenius

Bloesem living | Interview with Marieke Verdenius

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Peanut butter sandwiches, especially with toasted bread.

Ah yes, the classics! Any tips on making the perfect sandwich?

Add some sliced avocado, it always works. Or, if you add some lettuce to your sandwich, make sure it is seasoned with a honey-mustard type of vinaigrette. It tastes so much better!

And how do you like your eggs?

Poached! Or sunny side up.

Bloesem living | Interview with Marieke Verdenius

What is your favourite comfort food and why?

Croque-monsieur. During my studies, I worked as a chef at a cozy lunchroom. I really loved baking these grilled sandwiches with various fillings for our guests. I created my favourite combinations, such as one with organic ham, mozzarella, pesto & pine nuts. Or chèvre with homemade peanut butter and honey.

For a first time cook, what would you recommend they try making?

Cook spaghetti and add some raw ingredients like sliced cherry tomatoes, rocket, feta cheese, seeds, nuts, freshly chopped herbs, olives or anything you like. Season well and add some extra virgin olive oil and a little bit of lemon juice. Easy does it.

And what do you think is the most versatile ingredient to work with?

That’s a difficult question to answer because I could mention more than just one. If I had to make a choice, I’d go for lemon. It is the best secret ingredient to give your vegetables or pasta dish a kick. Lemons combine with everything, from fish to salads and from cake to cordial, it’s an ingredient that uplifts nearly everything.

Bloesem living | Interview with Marieke Verdenius

Name 5 places you go to for recipe inspirations.

At the office, where I am lucky to have access to a small culinary library filled with the latest publications and favourite classics. On Instagram and Pinterest, by browsing through the feeds of many talented Instagrammers & Pinners worldwide. I also visit restaurants or food shops for inspiration, it is really nice to see how their different signature dishes are presented. Sometimes I meet up with fellow foodie Instagrammers to cook and eat together. And lastly, cooking programs on the BBC. I could watch them 24 hours a day.

What's a ‘must try’ local dish?

I would say kroketten by Holtkamp (croquettes with prawns, lobster or veal). They are Yotam Ottolenghi’s favourite too.

Wow, that sounds awesome. And what dish makes you miss home the most?

My mum's ‘kruidkoek’. She created her own recipe, which is still a secret to all of us!

Bloesem living | Interview with Marieke Verdenius

What's a good dessert to get in the mood/ date night dessert and your go-to drink?

Meringue with fresh seasonal fruit & whipped cream. My favorite drink, except water or tea, is a glass of white wine or a GT with cucumber.

And when you're getting together with your friends, where do you eat?

One of my favorite spots in town is ‘De Kas’, a restaurant located in a glass house. They serve the best organic food. If I have less to spend, I love eating at a small, intimate restaurant called Balthasars’ Keuken. It’s located in the heart of the ‘Jordaan’ area on the Elandsgracht.

Do you ever diet/detox?

Sorry, I can’t say I have.

What about dietary advice to help stay in shape?

Stay away from too much sugar or sweet things.

Bloesem living | Interview with Marieke Verdenius

Any tips on food styling?

Keep it simple and make choices, less is more.

What trends do you see in foodie culture?

I think we are slowly changing our food habits by eating more honest food that’s locally produced. People really like to hear how and where their bread, cheese or sausage is made. These days it is quite common to drink beer produced by local brewers rather than the mainstream alternatives. And a positive development is that new local food start-ups are finding support in the community.

Lastly, tell us your secret indulgences!

Organic fries with mayonnaise, it’s part of my monthly menu!

Anyone else's got cravings now? Thanks for the lovely interview Marieke!

Photo credits: Marieke Verdenius

.. Marieke Verdenius
.. Bloesem Gazette Issue No. 5

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Meeting Heju

Bloesem living | Face to face: Interview with the creative duo from Heju Blog

DIY Hooks by Heju

Passionate French architects Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann are the people behind Heju, where they share creative ideas, inspiring product and graphic designs, and also easy to follow DIYs. Their collection of crafts is so pleasing to the eye you would never guessed they were simple crafts that you and I can do too! Read on for the rest of our interview with Heju about where they get their inspirations for such creative craft projects, and also some really helpful tips for those of us less adventurous. Continuing from where we left off on the Bloesem Gazette..

What is you favourite DIY project so far?

The DIY that we are most proud of is the "lampe bijou" which is a lamp made with bracelets. We feel that this DIY represents our desire to modify and enhance the functions of an inexpensive item to create something more. We like to create aesthetically pleasing and ludic objects but above all, useful ones.

Yeah I saw it too, we thought it was really smart! Where are some places you go to online to find inspiration for such cool DIY? 

It’s not really original but we spend a lot of time exploring Pinterest. It’s a great tool to find some DIY ideas, some recipes or just inspiration for decorating your home.

Read on for the full interview..

Bloesem living | Face to face: Interview with the creative duo from Heju Blog

Bloesem living | Face to face: Interview with the creative duo from Heju Blog

Lampe Bijou by Heju

What about other DIY crafters in the community that inspire you guys?

Among our favourite DIY blogs, there is 'The House that Lars Built' created by Brittany Watson Jepsen. Her whole concept is really consistent and she is a role model to us. We are also big fans of Beci Orpin’s work, she is so sweet and very talented. We love her patterns and her style is distinct and easily recognisable. Last but not least, we would recommend the all white and minimalistic blog "love-aesthetics". It is full of simple DIYs made with some unexpected materials.

What do you think are the top 5 crafts or trends of 2015?

It’s really difficult to list my top 5, the craft community is just so creative! But, in any case, we found that there was a large range of materials used in DIYs in the last couple of months. We loved all the DIY ideas using marble or gold brass!

Bloesem living | Face to face: Interview with the creative duo from Heju Blog

DIY Coasters by Heju

Share with us a form of craft you admire and would love to try, but have not.

We would love to attend a pottery class though we haven’t because of a lack of free-time. That’s such a shame! In fact, we have been in love with ceramics since we first discovered Ben Fiess’ work. We are constantly fascinated by the know-how of the ceramists in general and their nimble hands.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

Our favourite material is wood. Even if working with it may seem scary at the beginning, you always feel extra accomplished and satisfied when manage a DIY using wood. It is also a multi-purpose material, you can make small objects as well as large furniture.

Bloesem living | Face to face: Interview with the creative duo from Heju Blog

Heju's first architecture project.

True! And where do you think is the best place to find craft materials like wood and many others?

In Paris, we often go to le BHV Marais. It’s a department store near the city hall where you can find anything you want. Obviously, we spend a lot of time on the hardware and the craft floors. Besides that, we also love to use Farrow & Ball paints in our DIYs. The colours they offer are pastel and soft, just the way we like them!

Share with us some tips to avoiding crafter's block.

When things don't go the way we’d like to or when we can’t find anymore ideas, we usually take a free day to visit an art exhibition, for example the Le palais de Tokyo, a museum in Paris that we love, or go ride a bike through the streets of Paris. It’s a good way to clear the mind for a bit and think of something else.

Bloesem living | Face to face: Interview with the creative duo from Heju Blog

And any advice for people doing DIYs for the first time?

We would say that it’s okay to fail sometimes, it happens all the time. To everyone else, you might even be the one they admire the most! Just keep in mind that tomorrow is a new day and perhaps, you’ll achieve something far beyond your expectations instead.

That's definitely something to take away.. Thank you for such an inspiring chat, Hélène and Julien!

Bloesem living | Face to face: Interview with the creative duo from Heju Blog

All images via Heju.

.. Heju
.. Have you given our latest Bloesem Gazette a read?

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