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alt. summit NY at Martha Stewart

Alt summit NewYork

Yes the image above is from one of the hallways from Martha Stewart's head-office in NY city and I was lucky to spend a morning there... not only in the hallway of course :) 

During my my visit to NY I heard about the alt.summit having a conference on a Thursday the same day as I would head back home again ... with some help from online friends and of course the very friendly Gabrielle from designmom I was able to come and visit on a very short notice. 

Alt. summit is by far the best bloggers conference in the world and is normally held during wintertime in Utah. Unfortunately I had never been to any, too far away from KL, but the stories, the blogposts and the information that comes from these summits have helped the bloggers community grow so enormously over the last couple of years. 

It was the first time for alt.summit to make a stop in NY and there was I together with Jurianne all dressed up in the morning and to be honest a bit tired after a very intense week at the NYIGF... but we wouldn't want to miss this for anything. 



The morning started with a beautiful breakfast and crafting ... I was a bit nervous knowing who else would be there ... it was the first time for me meeting any other international blogger in person. I am going to introduce to you a few ... the poeple who I have been in contact with over the last 4 years and who are truly special to me...................... [READ MORE]

First Gabrielle aka designmom and founder of alt.summit. This remarkable women in the yellow pants runs designmom, has 6 six kids, lives in France, while being from the US and founded kirtsy and alt.summit. She is just as friendly and sincere as you will read on her blog. Everyting she does is so fully comitted and there must be a lot of discipline involved if you can do all this in one life-time. 

Then Tina Roth Eisenbergh aka swiss-miss a real example for me! Wow this lady gave one hack of a speech ... I was begeistert by her straight-forwardness, her energy and the way she believes in cooperating! You should listen to what she has to say in any of this youtube movie. Besides swiss-miss, Tina organizes a monthly breakfast lecture series called CreativeMornings, runs a simple browser-based to-do app called TeuxDeux and is the founder of Tattly, a designy temporary tattoo shop. ps. Tina once gave me this 'award' ... big thing for me!


And then there she was the beautiful Rachel from Handmade Charlotte ...a kids fashion designer and a mom to five kids. We started to know each other a long time ago when she became a sponsor of BKids with her beautiful collection for kids. She designed a collection for Anthropology and nowadays she writes for big names like Disney, Babble and of course for her own wonderful blog.

Standing next to Rachel is Emily Meyer from tea collection. We also met each other via BKids as tea has been a long time sponsor of my blogs .. yeahhh!! Emily is the founder of this very famous brand in the USA and she was speaker during that day talking about the influence of social media. Unfortunately I missed the talk like I  missed the guest appaerance by miss Martha Stewart herself ... Jurianne and I had a plane to catch ... but I am ever so grateful to Gabrielle for letting us visit for a couple of hours. It was exttemely inspiring and I do hope bloggers events like these can take place in Asia too. 


Two more people I need to talk about here are the lovely Lorena Simonovich from petit collage. She is fisrt of all a very talented creative lady but also a good and wise business women. I always enjoy seeing how she has grown her label over the past couple of years. 

And last but not least I shook hands with Sweet Paul ... you know the founder and author of food magazine Sweet Paul ... I have written about him quite often here on Bloesem and was happy that we finally met. Can't wait to see his next issue, becasue I enjoyed the last issue very much... :) thanks Paul x 



... and there was I sitting next to Jurianne ... I hope I can go to another alt. summit in 2013!

about alt. summit: Combining the talents of sisters Sara Urquhart and Gabrielle Blair, joined by Kate Schoening, Alt has grown to be the premier business conference for pioneering bloggers and rookie bloggers alike. Alt is a place to connect. Connecting with peers, meeting new friends, brainstorming collaborative ideas and building relationships with brands are all important parts of Alt. These things can happen sitting across a table at dinner or can happen through an online class.

Here a link to all the images from that day by Justin Hackworth.

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World Skin Colors by Reineke Otten


Today I start with Reineke Otten and her amazing World Skin Colors carves. The silk scarves are printed digatilly with not just a nice looking patteren. Reineke has studied and interperated data for the last couple of years and litterly spend 4 months working with excel sheets resulting in these patterns.

For a designer working in the field of visual sociology Reineke's goal is to to reveal society’s patterns and orders — and occasionally, to generate beauty by recording and assembling images and information. Each scarve shows a graphic for a particular country ... 200 in total. 

"imagine people as color pixels. Flying over the world, you would look down and see . . . what? Our planet is an unstable composition of complexions: through migration, intermarriage, cosmetics, war, trains, planes, and automobiles, the ‘view from above’ of the earth’s skin tones is in a continuous state of evolution."

One day this beautiful looking one-of-a-kind lady came to Reineke to the tuttobene booths at NYIGF and expressed her awe and love for Reinke's scarves ... you can probably imagine who much fun we all had and of course were intrigued by this colorful person. 

Turn demographic data into a visual language and then into fashion... World Skin Colors




..World Skin Colors

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New York


{nope that is not me in the picture but jewlery designer Zelda from the Netherlands}

Let me start with some personal words about my trip to NY last August. The last time I was there was in August 2001 when we were getting ready to move back to Amsterdam.... yes, about a month or so before 9/11...in a way I felt lucky that I had experienced NY at its best...or had I...? Truly incredible how this city has rebounded after going through such a traumatic episode...NY remains one of the most fascinating places that I know...

Living in NY has changed my life ... it gave me confidence and I started believing in myself.

It all started when I got this idea to develop my own stationery line. After 1 year of learning the basic Adobe illutrator skills and with the help of an illustrator my first collection was born and was sold via some great department stores. But even more importantly, I finally knew then what I wanted to do in life...so I have a lot to thank NY for... my business blossomed and organically grew to the launch of Bloesem in 2006.........................................[READ MORE]


{cards from my own greeting cards collection back in 2002}

Back to NY ... and knowing how important this city has been for me ... a little heartbroken my husband and I left the city, always telling each other that one day we will come back ... almost 10 years later I finally dared to go back. In an impulsive response to one of Jurianne's tweets I replied .. 'shall I join you?' I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to go back to the city I've held so dear in my heart all these years.

It was Jurianne’s first time in the Big Apple. Unfortunately, we arrived in one of the not so nice neighborhoods somewhere in Brooklyn. Driving through Brooklyn it all looked so nice but we kept on driving and suddenly the whole atmosphere on the street started to change, when we arrived at the B&B that we booked on-line...I decided not to step out of the car and asked the cab driver what to do ... he only nodded his head ... (recall the movie Coming to America... I am sure Jurianne must have felt this way on her first visit to NY...)... so we headed back to the nicer parts of Brooklyn and found ourselves a room at a wonderful boutique hotel... super friendly personnel...so we decided to spend the night (we could not stay the entire week...) and perhaps look for something closer to the convention center the next day... 

After sending out an "emergency" email to blog friends and old friends, Joanna Goddard from A cup of Jo was the first to respond and offered her home to us while she was away for the weekend. Thank you so much Joanna for being so generous... and we received several other offers...it made me realize once more why I love this city and its people (and blogging...) so much...very welcoming and always ready to help...we ended up staying in an apartment of friends (who I met when they were living in KL...) at the upper east side for the entire week ... Thank you Hickey family, we cannot beging to tell you how grateful we are...you are the best!

After our little adventure in Brooklyn it was time to focus on the New York Gift Fair... after all that was why we came to NY in the first place. But not before Jurinanne and I visited the High Line. In one word: FANTASTIC! Also fun to see how the meatpacking district has changed enormously over the years. I remember only Pastis being there when it had just opened...

Eating genuine raw food in one of the many great restaurants you find in the city was a fantastic experience and changed my perspective on raw food completely...admittedly, I started out as a bit of a raw food sceptic.... but I am a convert now and even downloaded some raw food recipes since I came back to KL and felt how different you feel after eating this fresh and healthy food... 

Back to the NYGF...my plan was to meet people and discover new designs. And I think I managed these objectives reasonably well...:) 

Meeting people was easy given the fact that we came with Tuttobene, meaning 16 Dutch designers sharing one booth together ... too many interesting people to introduce to you in one single post so I will be sharing my new friends and their work in the following two weeks with you...



During the following week I will introduce you to some of the wonderful people and designers I met at the NYIGF. 

..Tuttobene booth designed by Jan Habraken



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What was I doing in New York...


already two weeks ago :) ... but I joined my friend Jurianne Matter on her first adventures in the Big Apple. She was  exhibiting her collection at the New York International Gift Fair (NYIGF). Jurianne is a paper designer from the Netherlands who decided to try her luck in the USA ... and she succeeded, she had so many wonderful responses to her paper designs, from MoMa to small boutiques throughout the country. Jurianne's latest design are these beautiful paper circles ... perfect for any kind of decoration.....                              [READ MORE]




..Jurianne Matter 

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Dutch design at New York International Gift Fair


{WorldSkinColor scarves by Reineke Otten}

This coming weekend I will be joining my friend Jurianne Matter and Tuttobene across the Atlantic to New York. From 19. - 22. August Jurianne will be showing her products at the NY Gift Fair (Booth 3762 ) together with 15 other very talented Dutch designers and three design labels from NL. (ps. if you are looking for me you can probably find me too at the booth number 3762)

Tuttobene is a platform for Design based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They organize design exhibitions around the world and their aim is to connect young creative talents with the industry, marketing organisations and/or retail partners. All the links to the participating Dutch designers can be found here


{image above: Handmade jewelry by the boyscouts}

I will use this week to try and meet people I have met via Bloesem throughout the years but also to meet new people, see what is happening in the world of design in NY and hopefully get new ideas and inspiration for my own future with Bloesem ~irene

{image below: Guidelines and dish of desire by Frederik Roije}


.. Come and visit us at the NYIGF  Accent on Design, Booth 3762 ..


..Jurianne Matter 

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DaWanda Designmarkt Amsterdam


{above: journal by froschkind and necklace by gudbling}

This weekend I am trying to visit the first Dutch handmade market in Amsterdam organised by DaWanda to celebrate the opening of their Dutch website. The market is at Meininger hotel and more then 100 designers will exhibit their work in the different rooms of the hotel.  

What are your plans for the weekend? Perhaps we can meet each other on Sunday otherwise I hope to see you back next week ~ irene xoxo



In the images above t-shirt and teatowel by detailF, paper products by froschkind and a chrochet lamp by Made by Mo


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