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Monday's quick start: Vases by David Derksen


The copper lights, the most beautiful mirrors and now the Dewar glassware collection ... YEP we all agree David Derksen is a design Talent!

The Flask lamps and vases are inspired by laboratory glassware and are the outcomes from a continuing investigation into the beauty, form and manufacturing techniques found in scientific glassware by David.







All photography and styling by Camille Cortet
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Monday's quick start: Atlas by Amba Molly


A peaceful beginning of this new week  ... Atlas by designer Amba Molly is a visualisation between the world of crafts and industry.

Sewing and piecing together bottles and vases using only natural skin tone colors make the Atlas collection very eye-inspiring and interesting for me and I hope for you too!

Amba Molly is also part of De Intuïtiefabriek, which you might remember from this post earlier on Bloesem .  

Found via Red Magazine



.. Amba Molly

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with BuroJet

{photo credit: Marjon Hoogervorst }

It's going to be a good day today! My mom and stepdad are arriving today to see how we now live in Singapore and here on Bloesem I can share images of a super inspiring home with you. Two well-known Dutch designers, Jorine Oosterhoff and Egbert-Jan Lam live here with their little girl Fiep and their three cats.

Sandra had a lovely chat with them about design, what they like about their home, how they work and life in general. Marjon knew exactly how to capture this home in the best way possible and focusing of the charming characteristics of this home.

BuroJet, the label of Jorine and Egbert-Jan, are probably best known for their awesome snout cups and the beautiful laser lights. I would love to have one of those in my house. But the couple designed much more and from what I understand lot's more can be expected!

Face to face: a designer's profile with BuroJet


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Tuesday's quick start: Caroline Coehorst and Lenneke Wispelwey


I hope you had a better weekend then I did... well Sunday was perfectly fine but Saturday I spend the day in bed with a terrible migraine ... meaning I couldn't go to my letterpress workshop arghhhhh ... hope soon I can try again. 

Sunday we spend almost the entire day at home trying to finnish decorating our new place. Her on my instagram feed you can see some snapshots of our new place

Yesterday my boy got sick home ... meaning another day gone for blogging and I am starting the Bloesem week today ... believe it is quite a good start. 

Dutch photographer Caroline Coehorst made some beautiful pictures in the studio of Lenneke Wispelwey ... you know my favorite Dutch ceramist

Enjoy the pictures while I am working on more posts for this week! ~irene xoxo




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A home in New York


{photo credit: Austin McAllister}

Very very nice to visit this home in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - New York today where two wonderful Dutch designers live. I had the pleasure of meeting this cool couple at NYIGF last year. And I admire what they have done in the past and what they are still doing today ... building a future together and making it in the big apple.

About 7 years after arriving in New York  Jan Habraken now runs his own consulting firm, FormNation and Alissia Melka-Teichroew has her own brand, byAMT. The latter might sound familiar as I have written about her work a couple of times before on Bloesem.

With clients like Adidas, Beth Bath and Beyond and Kikkerland, Jan with his FormNation truly has made a name in the business where he as a consultant for commercial giftware and product companies, as well as design furniture and interiors for brands world wide. 

Alissia not only is a designer of jewelry and accessories, she also creates the most beautiful table top products, some furniture and amazing wallpaper, like the 'Ballpoint wallpaper'. Next week I will share some images of her work at the Salone di Mobile Fair 2013. 

While reading an interview with them over at Brooklyn Magazine I heard the couple say that they are very happy here in this apartment but the thing they miss most is a real outdoor area to have some diner or just enjoy a morning coffee. I really like how they have decorated the place. The kitchen has so much charm and keeping it so clean and simple allow all the items to be in the spotlight. 

 Many more images for you below the break ... enjoy!










All images by Austin McAllister
.. byAMT

.. FormNation 


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Monday's quick start: Color Collision

Color Collision from Rogier Arents on Vimeo.

I just love starting a week on Bloesem with some spectecular ceramics ...

Who would have thought that the pigment of a red cabbage could have such a strong color impact!

Read more here about what dutch designers Kristie van Noort and Rogier Arents discovered when mixing ceramics and red cabage 'soup' perhaps easiest to watch the short movie first ... you will love it!





Completely different but just as stunning is the Cornewll collection from Kristie van Noort. The shape and pastel color make this the perfect tableware for me. 



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