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Maartje van den Noort


We just spend our last weekend in the Netherlands after a beautiful summer and extreme nice weather... this week it is time to fly back to our 'normal' life in Asia. Always a bit sad to leave our family and friends again and knowing you will be going back to a life where you always feel a bit like a stranger but that is also the interesting and exciting part... and I am convinced that living in Singapore is best for me and my family at this point in our lives. I have said it so many times before but I do believe that SG has so much to offer and I just love the climate and sunshine ...

But let's start this week with some beautiful work by Maartje van den Noort from the Ntehrlands whom I finally met in person .... very briefly though but nice enough to get an impression of this talented lady ...

A while ago her home was featured here on Bloesem.








.. Maartje van den Noort

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Monday's quick start: NU leather handles


You might have seen them before but I still like them very much and thought these lovely leather handles by NU need to be shown here at Bloesem Living too. NU interieur | ontwerp is a design studio from the Netherlands ...

When these couldn't find the perfect leather handle they were looking for, for one of their interior design projects they thought designing one themselves. Handle is available in different colors and in three sizes: S, M and L. You can order the handles in their shop right here.







All images via NU

.. Handle
.. NU interieur | ontwerp

 - NU previously on Bloesem Living -


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Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam


Often people ask me where to sleep when visiting Amsterdam ... well this might be a good place to stay: the &Klevering apartment. Right in the city centre and a very authentic and typical Dutch ambiance.

Seeing so many design accessories in this B&B is no surprise as the owners are also the founders of &Klevering, a well-known home decoration shop here in Amsterdam. A visit to Amsterdam is not complete for me with a stop-over in one of their outlets.

The kitchen below is spot on, cool with the wood and green accessories.

I love seeing my friend Jurianne Matter her pop-up poster on the wall ... 







.. &Klevering Bed and Breakfast
.. Jurianne Matter pop-up poster
.. &Klevering

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Gispen in Amsterdam


I am in Amsterdam! And working from our Amsterdam apartment is a true fest ... so let's start with something typical Dutch this morning ...

The Gispen chair ... most Dutch people know what I am talking about and perhaps you do too? But did you know Gispen has a whole assortment of beautiful design pieces. In fact big names like Gerrit Rietveld designed furniture for this brand. 

When I saw the images of the 2013 collection over at Studio Aandacht I thought sharing with them today is a good idea. 







Already 3 years in a row  Ben and Tatjana are responsible for the photography and styling and they are doing an amazing job if I may say... 

I totally agree with the 'Homework' section. Nowadays many people enjoy working at home, but forget to treat themselves (like me) with a proper office chair ... I wish I could have one of these too. Must be so much more comfortable when working. 

Gispen's website and online shop is right here ...  

.. Gispen
.. Studio Aandacht 


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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Caroline Ellerbeck


Face to Face a designer's profile with Caroline Ellerbeck . 

I truly hope you will enjoy visiting this home today as much I do. Getting the opportunity to see how artists live, how they decorate their home is I believe really inspiring. I am very grateful first of all to all the designers and today in particular Caroline Ellerbeck for opening their houses and to Sandra and Marjon the interviewer and photographer for making time to prepare and create these amazing home tours for us. 

Caroline is a famous illustrator and graphic designer in the Netherlands. By starting her own publishing company recently a dream came true for Caroline ... but much more about her and her family life right here at our Designer Profile's page ... Let's us know what you think of it, we love to hear from you!


All images by Dutch phtographer Marjon Hoogervorst aka Vorstin 
.. Caroline Ellerbeck 
.. Caroline Ellerbeck's collection is available at BijzonderMooi 

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Monday's quick start: translucency at RAW color


Raw Color  did it again ... Simply perfection and it combines all the things I love .. wool , colors and translucency.

Interior designers Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe were commissioned by a Dutch bank to renew  their office in Eindhoven. With the help from Daphna Laurens, Snodevormgevers and Ecological Textiles a stunning project has happened.

.. Raw Color 

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