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Give a homemade gift ... here is lovely idea

Hi everyone. We had some great feedback with this DIY project and would like to share some other ideas with you. Party brooch, party pack gift, party theme brooch? What's your pick? It would definitely make a thoughtful homemade gift. Explore different shapes other than balloons. Maybe a heart for your love ones this holiday season. Go to Bkids here for the tutorial.


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Make your own Christmas Streamers


Wouldn't it be much nicer to make your own Christmas streamers? You can choose your own colors and you know what it is very easy ... just  click through for the tutorial Christmas Streamers on BKids

Thanks to our craft contributor  Véronique from Pichouline 
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DIY Winter Forrest Diarama


Hi Bloesem readers, do you remember a guest post about Knot Magazine? We absolutely love that post and it's pictures. This craft project by Mereta from One More Mushroom reminds me of it with its similar colors. Dont you just love these shades of blue and green? A wonderful holiday decoration inspiration for you to try out.

Click here to check out the tutorial for this craft project on BKids.

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Download Free Holiday Season Wrapping Paper


It's that time of the year again here at Bloesem ... we are offcially starting the Holiday Season ... meaning lot's and lot's of gift ideas will be coming your way. Perhaps you remember last years Gift Guide with the beautiful banner designed especially for Bloesem by Jessica Nielsen well this year we are doing it a bit differently ...

Jessica created two wrapping papers for you to download for free ... 
Snowmans and Presents .... which one do you like best or are you going to use them both too? Perhaps a nice idea: download the templates to your desktop and your local copy shop to print it in A3 size. 

Tomorrow we will also start sharing with you a 'Gift of the Day' every weekday... this can be something for your home, an accessory, a gadget or else ... all the way up to Christmas. So many nice gift ideas choosen by us will be popping up on the Bloesem blogs. 


Free download Trees and Packagesbloesem-wrap
Free download SnowmanBKids-wrap

Thank you Jessica Nielsen
ps. riboons are from Carta inc.

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Monday's quick start: Love Mae wrapping paper ideas by Marsh Golemac


I love collaborations and I am hoping to do more collaborations myself next year with creative people from around the globe.... and this project definitely gets me inspired. 

Marsha Golemac from 'Three Nations', who is a paper artist and crafter received a package from Love Mae, you know the label from Australia making awesome wall murals and other paper designs. The parcel was filled with beautiful wrapping paper from Love Mae and they told Marsha 'do what you love' ... that's what she did and see here the result .... paper wall hangings [one using a paper weaving technique], diamond shaped stackable totems, and a little cabin with some snow capped mountains. 




If you woud like to be creative with wrapping paper too ... use one of these great tutiroals on the Love Mae blog. Every month to share with you a project. I particularely liked the large flower blossoms ... 




..Marsha Golemac

..Love Mae 


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DIY: Belt + Board by Anamu

DIY Ikea cork board

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Ana Maria yesterday. Ana Maria is a fellow blogger and she recently moved to Kuala Lumpur. Wonderful news of course I can use some creative minds here in KL :)

Ana Maria is a photographer and she used to make these beautiful handmade clutches. And she also is a regular contributor for Poppytalk bringing very nice DIY projects like the one in the images above and below. 

For this project Ana Maria bought some circle cork pads at IKEA ans used one of her own thin belts. All you need now is some trusty glue... more instructions here at poppytalk.



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