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I just got an email from Suzanne Shearer she is one of the artists from a collective of contemporary Shetland  textile designers and they call themselves Text-Isles...I immediately fell in love with their work...you probably understand when seeing the images above from Andrea Williamson...and below from Suzanne Shearer her printed textile designs...Phatsheep ...


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You probably have seen the work from the new studio Repeat ... a collaboration between Roisin Fagan from bespoke uprising and Arounna Khounnoraj from Bookhou. Repeat was created out of their shared interest and love for patterns and hand printed textiles.


I ordered a remnant bag from Repeat (it arrived and it's really nice) but please have a look here to see the Repeat collection and here to see the gorgeous badges! I believe these two talented Candadian ladies only just started showing us a small bit of their talents and I can't wait to see more products from them in the future ... please keep surprising us!

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Not only do I love all Sandra Juto's prints and illustration work, but I also LOVE this amazing chrochet blanket by her ... I'm soooo jealous, wish I could make this too! Yesterday evening I started with my first chrochet project ... a cotton pillow cover, I find it not so easy to do as knitting, but very relaxing, hope one day i can show you the result!

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I don't write about fashion accessories very often but today i like to show you this beautiful hand knitted bag made from hemp by Tracy Hachler from OliveBrown, I often visit her stylish blog SimplyOlive  and here i also found these great felt coasters, made from felted thrift store wool sweaters, they are gray with sprout green top stitching on 1 side, and gray top stitching on the reverse and you can buy them right here...

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Just a really nice pillow and some great gocco prints to start this new week with from JuneCraft from Chicago...I'm currently working on some projects which I have to finish but tomorrow I will be back with lot's of nice finds about crafting, handmade, arts and more...{ps. this is Junecrafts blog}

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patchwork pillows

During the weekend I made some pillows...suddenly I felt the urge to finally do something with a pile of fabric and leather waiting in our closet and to be honest...I'm quite happy with the result...my husband was very impressed he said...that was nice to hear...but taking nice images is just so hard...the idea to create a patchwork pillow was definitely inspired by the beautiful patchwork quilts from Arounna...
...and I made these ones,  a little while ago I tried to use my gocco print for the first time ... also on the linen fabric, so it was kind of an experiment, but I think it looks nice enough to place these pillows on our cough...sorry for this post no links to other websites or shops, I just wanted to share the things I made for our home, hope you like them.

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