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72 posts categorized "Craft"

Gettting crafty this Valentine's

Bloesem Living | Valentines craft projects DIY

Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day! Whether you are spending it with a boyfriend or your family or even with a bunch of your best girl friends, we hope you eat a lot of chocolates and have a blast! Together with our craft contributors over on BKids, we are bringing you two craft projects to dabble be it on Valentines or whenever you're in the mood for loveee!

Spec-tacular Valentines glasses from Khali of Little Lovely, and a DIY heart-shaped paper holder from Veronique of Pichouline. Thank you ladies for helping us spread the love this Valentines.

.. All BKids Craft Projects

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Some things I liked this week

Bloesem Living | Hannah Waldron

I want to learn how to make this too ... so beautiful!

Candy bar carpets or a cocktail carpet how does that sound?

A super easy Xmas decoration idea ... 

A chipwood cafe in Athens ...

Not to make you jealous but you can find me here this weekend ... 

I always assume I can read someone by looking at their eyes ... this test proofed me I can but definitely not always 28 / ... what i your score? Great find Joanna!

She is showing him around the world ... 

A studio I love to visit ... 

Seeing how Hedda Pier lives ... 

and last but certainly not least .. one of the most inspiring posts I have ever seen in design blog land ... 

Wish you tons of happiness and lot's of love for the weekend! xoxo irene

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Stitch it Christmas Cards


Let's start sending out those Christmas cards ...or better start making your own and then start sending them! Our friends from the Netherlands Eefje and Maike who run the wonderful website MoodKids designed a set of stitch-it-yourself cards for Bloesem. There's 3 designs to choose from and we love them all. Pick any color thread and start stitching for a personalized mail. Gold thread would be our pick too!

Download MoodKids' template for Bloesem -Stitch it Christmas Cards here.

Enjoy! and have a merry Holiday!


..Stitch it Christmas Cards


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Knots collective


It was over at Le Train Fantome's blog that I read about Knots pop up shop in London last weekend ... oh how I wish I could have stopped by .. would have been so easy to do some early Christmas shopping. But a bit more research online brought me to this link ... and voila ... all the products that I like so much are available right here

I am deeply in love with the pouches by Hermine van Dijk, but wouldn't say no to any of the cute ceramics by Mamzelle Titoo and the gorgeous handmade mobiles from Renilde de Peuter from at swim two-birds .......... [READ MORE]






Alessandra from La Casita founded Knots ... a group of 5 artists who all share Alessandra's passion for knitting, sewing, crochet, anything that involves the process of knotting. 

 ..Knots online shop

 Images via Le Train Fantome flickr, Knots and La Casita

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Monday's quick start: embroidered potholders

While I am preparing a new post about my trip to NY last week I thought you probably be happy with seeing these beautiful embroidered potholders by Karen Barbé... I have been away from my desktop for almost 8 weeks and it is good to be back and find my 'top sites' in safari ... Karen's blog definitely is one of them. 
The potholders are hand-embroidered with wool and backed with organic cotton. and I agree with Karen ... your kitchen would be so happy with one of these! 


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DaWanda Designmarkt Amsterdam


{above: journal by froschkind and necklace by gudbling}

This weekend I am trying to visit the first Dutch handmade market in Amsterdam organised by DaWanda to celebrate the opening of their Dutch website. The market is at Meininger hotel and more then 100 designers will exhibit their work in the different rooms of the hotel.  

What are your plans for the weekend? Perhaps we can meet each other on Sunday otherwise I hope to see you back next week ~ irene xoxo



In the images above t-shirt and teatowel by detailF, paper products by froschkind and a chrochet lamp by Made by Mo


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