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Monday's quick start: Color Collision

Color Collision from Rogier Arents on Vimeo.

I just love starting a week on Bloesem with some spectecular ceramics ...

Who would have thought that the pigment of a red cabbage could have such a strong color impact!

Read more here about what dutch designers Kristie van Noort and Rogier Arents discovered when mixing ceramics and red cabage 'soup' perhaps easiest to watch the short movie first ... you will love it!





Completely different but just as stunning is the Cornewll collection from Kristie van Noort. The shape and pastel color make this the perfect tableware for me. 



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Color your walls


The perfect colors for walls according to me by le dans la ... and captured beautifully by Aurélie Lécuyer

Do you have colors on your walls any tips for me for inspiration? I am moving to a new home and thinking of giving color to some of the walls.  [MORE IMAGES]





 All images by Aurélie Lécuyer.


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Pantone 5015 U Staircase


A color palette in pink tones inspired by the stairs in Marly Gommans her home ... in case you missed the face-to-face we had with this Dutch designer head over here to see her inspiring home...

1. journal 2. pillow 3. piggy 4. tallow 5. keecie wallet 6. map poster

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Object Rotterdam


{Raw Color will be showing their work at OBJECT Rotterdam}

Already any plans for this weekend? My Asian friends probably celebrate Chinese New Year, I will be having a quite weekend, but if I would be in the Netherlands right now I would go to Rotterdam and visit OBJECT Rotterdam.

Thé fair for contemporary design showing the latest limited editions and one-offs from well-known and upcoming designers working in different design disciplines and various materials.

Stylist and art director Tatjana Quax will be giving a presentation on Sunday afternoon about upcoming art projects in the Netherlands and she will talking about her own work for studio aandacht and studio attenzione.                    [MORE IMAGES]




photo credit: Raw Color

..OBJECT Rotterdam


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Monday's quick start: Cryptographer & Encoded Textiles by Raw Color


Secret codes bleached into your cotton with hidden messages...it does sound a bit Science Fiction but it is real!

This project: Cryptographer & Encoded Textiles was designed by Dutch collective Raw Color. Daniera ter Haar & Christoph Brach are Raw Color and they work on self initiated and commissioned projects in their Eindhoven based studio.

Cryptographer & Encoded Textiles made it's debut last April at Salone del Mobile 2012. Together with Remon van den EijndenPeter BustBart van der Linden, and Studio Watt, they created a project that was inspired by cryptography or in other words 'code language' which was often used in World War I and II to secure communication and information when in the presence of a third party.

What they developed was a new way to make use of a Cryptographer that generates patterns by translating words into a code, controlled by text messaging making each letter or character transform into a specified icon....                    MORE

I mean how cool is that now you can have your own personal message encoded into a cloth making it extra special to have or to give..

If you want to learn more about this technique I would suggest you take a look hereRawtextiles9



more from Raw Colors is this project above Raw Textiles...

..Raw Color  found via Fam. Summerbelle's blog

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Permanent Blue


{Credits image: 1.Caroline Briel, 2. Magnus Anesund 3. Claesson Koivisto Rune, 4. Jonas Ingerstedt, 5.Jaccqueline Morabito, 6. Vorstin}

I really enjoyed this invitation from Dutch website Kleurinspiratie (=ColorInspiration) to create a color board for them... I choose the color Blue, my favorite at the moment.

a couple of words what colors and especially the color blue mean to me.. "Hier bij de Zee"... just a DUtch song that pops up in my head when looking at the collage above. And that's what colors do to you... they bring a feeling, an association with a memory or an emotion.

Spring is here and summer is approaching, a perfect moment to bring one of the many types of beautiful blues in your house.

Blue stands for fresh and cool, but also warm and funky. If you don't want to over-do it then  just add a small detail. Blue is probably the most universal color and you don't get easily bored with blue.

According to Pantone indigo (the deep dark blue) is the trend for 2012 for interior design. The experts say indigo stands for peace and inner rest. What more could you want? Where black prevailed in recent years it is now time for his lighter brother Indigo. I can't think of a color that doesn't go well with it."

Kleurinspiratie also asked me a couple of questions and my answers are right here in Dutch or the translated version




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