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Quick Start: Ceramics by B. Fiess


I have fallen deeply for these Utilitarian ceramic Vessels by B.Fiess... a little bit more about this American native on his about page ... 

some places online where you can pre-oreder the vessels; Leif ; iko iko ; ship&shape ; .. I still haven't decided which color combination I like best. But just looking at the page gives me so much color inspiration. Would love to hear what you think about them? 



Thanks Nina for the link!


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Sponsor Spotlight: The Clay Studio


I really like this series by Sue Tirrell at The Clay Studio - you can always find such interesting pieces at The Clay Studio, and it feels good to know that you're supporting independent artists. One of the things I like to do when I visit The Clay Studio online, is go to their shop by artist section, and that way I can take an individual look at each designer, and not feel overwhelmed by all the lovely options.


Michelle Miller is the artist behind these sweet little cupcake stands (pictured above) found at The Clay Studio, and I like the idea of displaying your cupcakes...though I'm not sure I've ever been able to keep any in the house long enough to make it to its own stand. - Sponsor Spotlight

..The Clay Studio

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I Like You...


I had to laugh when I saw these Penguin sets. How adorable are they? There's one for olive oil, vinegar, and then two icebergs for salt and pepper. Holaria are the creators of these porcelain cuties, they try to push the limits of artistic expression through their porcelain creations, but without losing sight of its productive viabilty for large scale production.


You can purchase the penguin's, their iceberg companions, and other interesting porcelain items at Holaria online store. - Tiffany King

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Spring in the Kitchen


We've been having such gorgeous weather these past couple of weeks, that it has gotten me in the spring mood. My kitchen needs a major redo, but I can't afford that right now - so instead I like to daydream about what I'd love to put in it. Currently, anything spring like. Wind and Willow Home just opened a shop on etsy called Dipped, and it is love for me. All those gorgeous colors.


I love items being dipped, I am tempted to start dipping items in my own home to see how they would turn out. Such a simple and lovely idea.


Something more on the softer side of spring coloring, but just as inviting - the Pools Collection by Zoe Garred from Fleet. Each item is handmade in a stoneware ceramic.


I like these salt and pepper bowls by Paulova Ceramics. I think they would be a great housewarming gift, because they don't feel too style specific - just cute and fun.


Heath Ceramics even has a dinnerware set called spring, and I do love how light and neutral it is. I feel calm when I look at this set, and imagine it would be lovely sitting on some open kitchen shelving. - Tiffany King

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Inspired :: Kusafune


This whale is a vase and the blowhole is where you put your bitty flowers. So adorable! 

How fabulous are these ceramics? They are from a company in Japan called Kusafune, and I have to admit there are some things lost in translation that not even google translate is making clear, but that's what is fantastic about such gorgeous creativity - you really don't need to know the language to fall in love. You can find out more about Kusafune on their blog here, and check out the retailers that carry their ceramics here


This sweet elephant vase with the little bird on the back would make any shelf look better.


There is just something about sheep that I can not resist. Where I live they are everywhere, and I am always telling my husband that someday I will own sheep, so before that is possible...I think I'll take all of these please. - Tiffany King


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Monday's quick start: Porcelain by Fine Little Day


Elisabeth DUnker and Anna Backlund designed this porcelain collectors' set for RYM... a new brand launching in april 2012. I am absolutely sure it will be a big hit... and with me probably being the biggest tableware lover I am drooling over these :):)



All images by Elisabeth Duner from FineLittleDay for RYM.

Tableware available in APRIL 2012 at House of Rym.

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