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Sponsor Spotlight: The Clay Studio


{1. Vase  2. Triangle Lunch Plate 3. Tray Set   4. Planeware Platter  5.Triangle Mug }

Now we all know that Irene has a huge appreciation for everything ceramic, here's our previous post on The Clay Studio. As you all already know they are a nonprofit organization that promotes the arts. You can shop by artist, I picked Derek Au's piece because I just love the color of his collection! Here are also some lovely pieces if you love modern geometric shapes like I do.

..The Clay Studio


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Sponsor Spotlight: Starling Brood

{1. Chanterelle Embroidery  2. Platonic Forms Tea Set  3. Rosewood Tray  4. Maitake  5. Lapcat  6. Sphere Cup and Saucer}

Mihaeko is behind these beautiful products, and it was such a pleasure scrolling through her website and blog. Definitely and interesting background behind the start of Starling Brood which also included her inspirations of working with singer Björk. So cool! I would love to see pictures of her work back then too. These are some of my favorite things from her collection. I am very attracted to these colors for a home, with a hint of wood too. Enjoy!


..Starling Brood

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Kasja Cramer Ceramics


Kasja Cramer Ceramics are one of those special products made by talented individuals. Mostly made out of porcelain clay ‘the whitest of all clays’ you can definitely see why each piece is special. Because they are all carefully handmade, you will be getting one of a kind pieces because no two are completely alike. That’s the beauty of handmade product don't you think? [READ MORE]



Kasja Cramer Ceramics website displays all her work and check out how unique her photoshoots are. Have some in the kitchen or one as a vase on your dinning table. Find out what is your favorite ceramic piece. ~ Sufiya

.. Kasja Cramer Ceramics




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Jenna Postma


Jenna Postma is a wonderful young designer that creates from the heart. Working with different materials, Jenna produces simple everyday items with a little bit of her own story.

Do you recognize these? These ceramic necklaces are of the everyday view of Dutch architecture. What is your building of choice? A farmhouse? A church? I would go for the mill!

The jewelry box is the other piece I would like to mention because I was excited it’s a standing jewelry box. Being a girl herself Jenna thought that it would be useful if you could hang your necklaces in the box. Yes that’s perfect! If you don’t want the high legs, there are smaller ones for tables and walls. ~Sufiya

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Foekje Fleur


It's about time that I write about Dutch designer Foekje Fleur once more here on Bloesem. She has so many new wonderful designs since I saw her amazing porcelain plates for the first time. When I saw how young this designer is, born in 1988, i first felt very old :) but more importantly am curious to see what this talent is going to bring in the long future ahead of her...

Above a series of bottles in porcelain using molds from wasted plastic bottle that were found in Dutch river the Maas ... I think the colors are so beautiful. You can buy them online in her shop. 




and these probably are the nicest Christmas ornaments I have seen in a long time... unfortunately sold out, but perhaps we might convince her selling them again this year. 

..Foekje Fleur

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Dutch design: studio Elke van den Berg


Elke van den Berg is a Dutch Designer that is worth to keep an eye on. She recently designed four absolutely beautiful drinking jugs, that you can use for serving tea, coffee, water or lemonade. Now you could ask yourself why these jugs are so special.  Well, these four jugs are not only a piece of art that you can hang in your kitchen for display no, each jug was made with a purpose and that is the drinks that you serve. Elke choose to make the jugs out of different materials based on the characteristics of the drinks as every drink has its own character... 


You can check out more of Elke’s products with brilliant colour combinations at Studio Elke van den Berg. Like these ramekins called Chocolate Circus it does not only sound delicious but it also looks delicious.. 

If it was me I know what I would choose to hang up in my kitchen...lucky for us Elke’s products are for sale at  Restorded (they collect and sell unique products like Elke's) or at Confetti webshop.


..Elke van den Berg 


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