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Monday's quick start: ArtMind and Lila Ruby King


A ceramic artist and illustrator combined forces ... and see the lovely result. Mitsy Sleurs from ArtMind, who is living and working in Hasselt, Belgium and illustrator Lila Ruby King from the UK made these mugs, plates and bowls.  

I wanted to share with you my newest line of work, a collection of tableware made in collaboration with illustrator Lila Ruby King.

They named the collection Sea Level. For the imagery, they went with what they are calling a contemporary taken on Delfts blue. I really like them. 



ps. Mitsy shares many interesting tutorials on her blog about ceramics. My favorite must be 'How to apply a ceramic decal/screenprint to porcelain?



.. Art Mind

.. Lila Ruby King

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Tuesday's quick start: Caroline Coehorst and Lenneke Wispelwey


I hope you had a better weekend then I did... well Sunday was perfectly fine but Saturday I spend the day in bed with a terrible migraine ... meaning I couldn't go to my letterpress workshop arghhhhh ... hope soon I can try again. 

Sunday we spend almost the entire day at home trying to finnish decorating our new place. Her on my instagram feed you can see some snapshots of our new place

Yesterday my boy got sick home ... meaning another day gone for blogging and I am starting the Bloesem week today ... believe it is quite a good start. 

Dutch photographer Caroline Coehorst made some beautiful pictures in the studio of Lenneke Wispelwey ... you know my favorite Dutch ceramist

Enjoy the pictures while I am working on more posts for this week! ~irene xoxo




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Monday's quick start: Color Collision

Color Collision from Rogier Arents on Vimeo.

I just love starting a week on Bloesem with some spectecular ceramics ...

Who would have thought that the pigment of a red cabbage could have such a strong color impact!

Read more here about what dutch designers Kristie van Noort and Rogier Arents discovered when mixing ceramics and red cabage 'soup' perhaps easiest to watch the short movie first ... you will love it!





Completely different but just as stunning is the Cornewll collection from Kristie van Noort. The shape and pastel color make this the perfect tableware for me. 



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Fish plates...


I'm liking Yvonne Ellen her handpainted fish plates, you do too?


..Yvonne Ellen

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Taped coffee cups


Some taped cups for you today in all the colors from the rainbow ... which color would you choose for your home ... normally I am not so much a but this picture above makes me wonder if I should try and ad some color to my kitchen wardrobe ...

The Taped cups are by Studio PS, a design studio based in The Netherlands. They focus on both product design and interior architecture.      [MORE IMAGES BELOW]






..Studio PS

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2013 ... Spread your wings ...


Happy New Year to ALL of you! 

I see many people writing about NY resolutions ... do you make resolutions for yourself?

I never do to be honest… probably because I don't like “rules” too much... neither when they are given to me nor when I impose them on myself... but notwithstanding all of that… every year I commit myself to a slightly loosely worded but in my mind very important “rule of life”… which hopefully will give me guidance when I am not entirely sure where to go or how to get there...

~ Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly ~



{Image credit: Bloesem}

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