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Monday's quick start: Desinere from Singapore


Rik and I scrolled around town last weekend and visited P5 (more about this gorgeous shop later this week) and supermama ... there I briefly met one of the designers from Desinere ... he was taking pictures of this gorgeous Paperweight called Rok  and I was lucky this morning to find them on their website

He told me he and his partner will be going to Milan next week to present their work and I am sure it is going to be a big hit! I have fallen in love with all their designs and the one I love most ... is a beautiful woven basket made from leather... unfortunately NO pictures yet ... but I hope soon after the Milan fair. 

I wish Desinere success in Milan! It was nice meeting you. ~irene







Links to the designs of Desinere: paperweight Rok, table Monolith, bowls and plates Mappa

and rocking stool Itty Bitty.


All images by Desinere



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TimeCapsules - make history


Just wrote a post about TimeCapsules at BKids ... a new BEST present created by Dutch product desginer Anouk van der El and graphic designers Mae Engelgeer and Marloes Sijm.

More info over at BloesemKids or at TimeCapsules.







.. TimeCapsules.

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Moe chairs by The Bureau from Singapore


{Moe chairs by The Bureau}

Last year when Marjon I worked on a city guide of Singapore for Anthology magazine and while looking for a little shop called Nana & Bird we bumped into the guys from The Bureau. It was their funky office that caught our attention at first but soon when we started chatting we learned more about their collection Moe chairs...


... I'm happy apartment theraphy is helping me out today with some background info on the Moe chair: "That quote, from Kai Yeo of The Bureau, nicely sums up this latest project called the Moe Chair. The Moe Chair is the old-style school chair that used to be found in every Singaporean classroom, a visual touchstone for anyone who has been through the local school system here. The Bureau's 6-piece version on this chair is homage to the old yet has created something entirely new and still very functional."

So very spontaneously we created a mini photo-shoot and see here the result... At the time the chairs were not in full production yet... and I'm not sure if they are available via any shops at the moment... best advice I can give send these wonderful guys an email ... I'm sure you will enjoy meeting them as much as we did!                    

ps. just spoke to Kai from The Bureau and he told me they have stock available!







All images by Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst aka Vorstin  : Series for Sale


..The Bureau is Singapore-based graphic design firm.



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Monday's quick start: Utopia & Utility


wowowoWOW ... not only are all the materials used for these vessels great ... the way they are combined together is just divine! I can only imagine how beautiful these vessels would look in a clean and modern home.

I think it is the first time here on Bloesem that I am telling you about a 'brother - sister' team, but Pia and Moritz Wustenberg from Utopia & Utility are siblings . They say they like to combine the functional and the fantastical and believe that everything that deserves to be made, deserves to be made well. From the process to the finished objects, our intend is to enrich life through beauty.... agree?

The brother- sister team started theor company only recently in 2012. Their aim is to grow a business with integrity and good intend, wishing to highlight the beauty of craft and the value in tacit skills.                     [MORE IMAGES]

Paper_hanging_lights India_vessels_pia_germany


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Torafu Architects


You can certainly call them colorful ... book stands from Japanese Archittecs Torafu ... you probably have seen work from them before just didn't know they made so many more amazing things ... I'm talking about the Air Vase.
But I would like to show you these other three products today. The Koloro Stands, their magnets and the beautiful Koloro desk and stool ... I believe the images speak for themselves :) ... great aren't they. I'm not sure if a shop outside the Japan is selling these items, but this Japanese online shop does. 





I started the week on BloesemKids last Monday with some unbelievably beautiful toys from them too ... 

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Studio Swine


When thinking of decorating a new office I will surely keep this beautiful offices in mind. Studio Swine designed it for EMU Films in London ... wonderful to see how many of my favorite things come together so nicely in this small space ... pegboard, wooden desk and super fun wooden shelves ... perhaps the only thing I would have done differently is the floor ... just not a big fan of these grey tiles :)

Studio Swine is a collaboration between Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves. Azusa graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture and Alexander from the Ruskin School of Fine Art Oxford before both gaining an MA in Design Products at the Royal College of Art.




Operating in the fields of art, design & fashion, Studio Swine has exhibited at the Barbican Art Centre, Victoria & Albert Museum, New York & London Fashion Week and Gwangju Biennale curated by Ai Wei Wei. Studio Swine is currently based in London and São Paulo.




ps. if you are visiting their website don't forget to read about their incredible Hair Glasses ...super cool!

..Studio Swine


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