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Somethings I like this week

Friday, 4 April 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | NEW IN BLOESEM: Skandinavisk scented candles

The Skandinavisk candles are literally basking in the sun in the Bloesem space! They come in 8 different scents and 8 different beautiful packaging, but we love them all in the same way.

I love cheese as much as the next (cheese-loving) guy but this is seriously beautiful "cheesy" food photography and styling.

.. This enamel kettle.  

Corby T. and the gang are hanging out in the studio.

See how this guy pasts time while his wife shops.

This powerful makeup ad reveals rather than conceals. 

.. This storage spread in Deko magazine.

Another sweet mention in a blog post by a student and customer of Bloesem, it's in Korean but still means so much to us!

Watched Divergent last week and now i'm hooked! I know I'm going backwards but now it's time to get through the book. 

 We'll put posting more updates about new Bloesem classes soon, so stay tuned! The amazing teacher line up is going to be cray. Yes I used the word cray. It seemed fitting. Okay well, go off and have a cray weekend won't you! Xo, Irene + Zara

Bloesem Living | NEW IN BLOESEM: Skandinavisk scented candles

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