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Thursday, 20 March 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Room39 Home accessories

{1. Lace felt throw }

If you haven't already heard of Room39 then we're glad you've found your way to this post, because Room39 is definitely a brand worth checking out. A lifestyle brand launched in 2010 by textile designer, Petra Green, Room39 embraces both modern and traditional design sense in their products. Unafraid of color and pattern, they truly make an impression with their bright colors and prints.

Bloesem Living | Room39 Home accessories

Bloesem Living | Room39 Home accessories

{2. Small forest POPknit cushion , 3. Knit Knit Pillowcase set , 4. Technicolour #8 cushion }

Bloesem Living | Room39 Home accessories

{5. Knit and loop mug & Knit and loop plate }

Other than eyecatching designs, their products are also very unique like this lace felt throw. Definitely a great statement piece for any bedroom. (I stared at it for a good 3 minutes, I love the simplicity and boldness of the design.)

Doesn't hurt that Room39  products are all wonderfully styled and shot. Looking through their website you can already imagine many of the items in their perfect place in your own home.

Bloesem Living | Room39 Home accessories

{6. Fragment table cloth , 7. Fragment place mat }

.. Room39

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