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Wondrous World of Styling


{all images via de Styling Academy in Amsterdam - Artemis}

Since Bloesem.co went live last week, we have been getting so much feedback about our classes and we are so thankful for that. One of the questions that kept coming up though, was about styling. We realized not many people know what styling is, which might be perfect since we are bringing Jurianne Matter to teach us exactly that!

Having taught students during projects at the Artemis Academy in the Netherlands, Jurianne is totally up to the task of shedding some light on the questions around the word styling, and we will be using works from the academy artemis to illustrate the wondrous world of styling.

The word styling means so many different things to many different people. So what actually is STYLING? Let's go ahead and dissect this word.

Maybe you don't have a concrete idea what this word actually means.. but you can pick out images you think may involve styling....

Unknown-3 Unknown-4

Styling can really help you sell something, literally and metaphorically. If you style a house's interior really well, with great furniture and beautiful accessories, that can make you the sale. You actually SELL  the house. but styling can also help you sell something, in the sense of convincing people of something. Like in films, when wardrobe stylists pick out clothes to fit a characters personality or fit the time period the character is in, it sells us the story and makes us believe the actors really fit into that setting. Already we have mentioned two examples of styling, fashion and interior styling. There's also food styling, you know those irresistible shots of maple syrup dripping off pancakes or the juicy burger on the burger king ad. The food doesn't just look that way, it's all thanks to the food stylist, that our tummies are rumbling and our mouth over-generating saliva.



When you are shopping and walk past shop windows, the people who style the mannequins and the shop windows are visual merchandisers, they help sell the clothes, because when people see a nice outfit on the mannequin, they are inclined to walk in and have a look around, or more specifically, hunt down that outfit they are now lusting over.

Styling is everywhere in that magazine you were just reading. The fashion, the interiors, the products... a great deal of effort was put into how everything looks the way it looks.

So do you see now? Coming up with a great product or space or item isn't good enough anymore. Good styling bridges the gap between that and the item actually been sold. It's the step in the process that makes the buyer go :" ooh, i want that", it makes things look good enough to buy.


Though styling is a professional career for many, having the knack for styling can come in handy for anyone. Let's say for a mom who wants to makeover her kitchen, or her child's room, or even her entire home! Having the skill, though not at a professional level could still come in handy in many situations. 

Now that we have established some idea of what styling really is, (before this, whenever i mentioned styling, everyone would think I worked in the fashion industry, biggg misconception), and how important it can be, we now have to answer that big looming question: Can you learn styling, or does it come naturally? It's like the nature vs nuture debate: styling edition.


In styling, it's the small details that really make the world of a difference. You have to have an eye for it and look out for what little things can make a space look better. We believe that it's something you can learn to do, like anything else.. Watch the professionals, see how they do it and just practise practise practise. Trying out styling things on your own and slowly but surely, you too will get it!

Spreading the word and the fun of Styling has become one of our latest adventures here at Bloesem. With the launch of Bloesem.co last week, we are also excited for our latest class in March!

Also, thank you for the great response on Bloesem.co! So many have already signed up for the upcoming classes, we're thrilled! - Zara S. 


 ALL IMAGES via .. Artemis Acedamy Amsterdam

.. Portfolio Graduates from Artemis



Now you can sign up for a 'Styling workshop' by Jurianne Matter at Bloesem studio in Singapore. 

8 or 11 March from 9.30 am till 2.00 pm 

More info here at bloesem.co


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Marika Giacinti Paris

Bloesem Living | House of Marika Giacinti Paris 

French designer Marika Giacinti is treating us to some real creative flair! Amazing cushions, pretty notebooks and this season she will also add porcelain accessories to her collection. Lovely colors, perky prints and a personal touch by adding cute handmade pompoms (made by the designer herself!). Check out Marika's third collection here.. from Paris with love! x Christine - House of C

Bloesem Living | House of Marika Giacinti Paris

Bloesem Living | House of Marika Giacinti Paris

Bloesem Living | House of Marika Giacinti Paris

Bloesem Living | House of Marika Giacinti Paris

Bloesem Living | House of Marika Giacinti Paris

Bloesem Living | House of Marika Giacinti Paris

Guest post by Christine from House of C

 All images from the new collection 2014 by Marika Giacinti.

.. Marika Giacinti Paris 
.. shop online

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Presenting Bloesem.Co!


And we are LIVE! Ready for Class?

If you have been trying to contact us to no avail in this past week, we deeply apologize. We have been in confinement, like how you are after delivering a baby, but instead we were developing one! Bloesem.co is this baby. We had so many plans and so many ideas for shopping and classes and they could not all be contained in the blogs, so Bloesem.co is the solution for that.

Bloesem Co. | Workshops Classes 

On the site, you will be able to find so much, but let us just break it down right now:

1) Bloesem Class

Our passion for handicrafts has been channeled into developing the Bloesem class, a way to share the joy and skills of crafts with everyone and anyone who would like to join in. More than just listening to the experts, you get to try your hands are creating. And we make sure every students is well taken care of, leaving with a hand full of goodies and a belly full of good food and drink.

We kick off the classes with 2 very talented ladies both flying in from across the world to come teach in the Bloesem Creative Space! We are so excited and still in shock that this is all happening so quickly. Teachers, Maybelle Imasa- Stukuls, sharing her skills in calligraphy and Jurianne Matter from the Netherlands, will talk about styling and creating moodboards in two classes, one for beginners and another for advanced students.

Booking has begun for both classes! Limited vacancies so don't miss your chance!


Bloesem Co. | Workshops Classes


2) Bloesem Online Shop  

Over the years, Irene has written about many a shop and looked through many a catalogue to scour the interwebs for the best products, now she finally has a space where she collects all her favorite designers and their beautiful works. Shipping internationally, the online store is our way of sharing the goodies we have in the brick and mortar store in Singapore, with everyone in the world! Over the course of the next weeks more producst from different desigerns and artstis will be added to the current collections. 

Go Shopping!

P.S. If you are thinking "oh man, I dont live in Singapore", we want to remind you that Maison & Objet 2014 will also be happening right here in Singapore during the week we begin classes! So if you do in fact find yourself here for the fair, then don't you think that is perfect timing? The ultimate creative getaway!

.. Bloesem.co

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April Flores

Bloesem Living | #Binstagood | Aprilflores

One of the instagram feeds I have been wanting to talk about for awhile now, belongs to April Flores. She describes herself as prop stylist and Yoga Instructor based in Brooklyn. I can always count on her for lovely pictures on my instagram feed. Everytime I see that she posted a picture, I'll go to her profile and see if I've missed out on any other goodies.

April also has a beautiful blog you can follow here


.. Follow April on instagram
.. Bloesem and Zara S.  on instagram



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Giveaway: Remodelista Book

Bloesem Living | Remodilista Book Giveaway

Last year in September, Remodelista announced their first book by Julie Carlson and we couldn't be more excited to take a look inside. We have been long time followers of the site and knew that they wouldn't disappoint, and they didnt! Even though the book  has abit of a dated design for the front cover, it is FULL of interior inspiration, design ideas and even simple DIYs to improve your home. The book features all different styles of interiors so it would cover all kinds of homes and spaces. We already have our eyes set on some DIY projects to possibly conquer over the weekend.

Remodelista will be kindly giving away the book to one of our lucky readers! One of you will be very glad to receive this eyecandy of a book. 

Bloesem Living | Remodilista Book Giveaway


All you have to do to win is :

1) Pin one of the pictures above to one of your pinterest boards  then leave the link in the comments below so we can have a look at your board!


Giveaway ends 12th February 2014 and we will contact the lucky winner via email!

WINNER IS:  Angela

Bloesem Living | Remodilista Book Giveaway

.. Remodelista


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Leather Love

Bloesem Living | Leather Love DIY

Leather, what a classic material. And like how we expressed in the title of this post, this is all about why we love leather. This amazing material isn't just beautiful, it's sturdy and wears well, so basically there's just alot of potential for it. 

Recently, the Bloesem Creative Space had a little dose of leather love with the addition of these leather handles through out the store, which are great for hanging everything from plants to accessories and other beautiful products we want to display.

But we didn't want to stop there so we did a quick google search and were just shocked at how many wonderful leather DIYs there were already floating around on the interwebs! So we had to include some of our favorite after the cut.

Plus, bonus links for some products we love using this cow hide natural leather that you can get your hands on!

Bloesem Living | Leather Love DIY

Bloesem Living | Leather Love DIY
Bloesem Living | Leather Love DIY

 OR if your not the handy man treat yourselves to one of these items and be part of the leather trend

{1. Strap Tote Bag By AMt  2. Caroline Gomez  3. Deckle&Hide  4. Bottles and Decamters from Simon Hassan

Bloesem Living | Leather Love DIY

2. DIY Tutorial 

We found this lovely leather handle DIY over at The Brick House. Simple enough to do and totally makes over your white cupboard! What a few pieces of leather can do..

and just in time for Valentine ... 

Bloesem Living | Leather Love DIY

These Leather Conversation Hearts are so creative! Much better than just a simple card. Gets the lovely message across while still being a usely necklace/keychain. Oh how practical!

Image Credit: Top 3 images by Bloesem

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