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Pining for Perfume

Monday, 17 February 2014 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | Jody Kocken

When designers face a problem, they find a way around it. That's exactly what Jody Kocken did.

Finding out she was allergic to perfume, Jody found away around this with Perfume Tools. Her series of Industrial jewelry pieces are able to attach to the openings of perfumes bottles and the tools then work as a means of holding the scent and diffusing them, all the while acting as a barrier between the sensitive skin and the actual perfume. 

Though the designs were a way to solve a personal problem, they were more than that. They were an expression of herself as a designer.

We love the tough industrial look of the pieces, which contrast to the delicate nature of frangrances and the body parts you wear the pieces on or spray your perfumes on. All in all, a beautiful collection!

Bloesem Living | Jody Kocken

Bloesem Living | Jody Kocken

Bloesem Living | Jody Kocken

Bloesem Living | Jody Kocken

All images by Renee van der Hulst 

.. Jody Kocken

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