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Thursday, 14 November 2013 by Irene Hoofs

Bloesem Living | UncommonGoods{1. What I Love About You By Me Book: here 2. Shower Squids: here 3. Crumpled city maps: here 4. Kinetic Sand: here 5. Driftwood iphone charging dock: here 6. On This Day Perpetual Calendar: here}

UncommonGoods is just the site you need for this time of year. It has come to rescue you from the headache of present shopping! From its name, you know it's going to offer some pretty out there kind of stuff and you are right. We love this site because it's not what you would expect, and has some pretty interesting out of the box products that would make great gifts and get us in the mood for Christmas shopping. We had a great time going through the site just looking at what they have to offer! So many fun gift ideas!

This product isn't something we usually see so we were immediately intrigued. This squid actually makes for a really fun and useful present. It lets you hang all your shower products from the shower head in the bathroom so you don't have to have a shelve to place them on, and you can just squeeze the products right out without removing the bottles from the squid. 

It's even great for travel, like if you were on a road trip and have to move from place to place, it's handy to just hang in the bathroom and just detach when you leave.

I would love to get this as a gift for the annual christmas gift exchange! I know whoever gets it is going to love it and it's definitely a conversation starter.

Hope this is helpful for anyone who is having trouble deciding what to get your friends and loved ones for this holiday season. Happy shopping!  We shared our favorite products, now you guys tell us which products you guys liked :)

 .. UncommonGoods

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