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Some things I liked this week

Friday, 1 November 2013 by Irene Hoofs


I like these pillows!

Soon Bloesem will be here too!!!

Living in Greenland must be soooo different ... 

a stylist from the Netherlands ... 

the beautiful work by Merlijne Marell ... 

Moving in together? some decorating tips ... 

Who would you choose ... Tom, Brad, Steve or Eddie :) 

Would love to get a copy of Beci Orpin's new book

Trying my luck for this 250 gift voucher ... 

These hidden animals!

Go Mighty!  It was Jordan who introduced me to this new way of collaborating and connecting!

... go mighty ... i so believe in these words... doens't mean you need to be famous, but I do believe to aim for everything in life that makes you happy! Only one life to live ... happy weekend all xoxo irene 


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