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Friday, 1 November 2013 by Irene Hoofs


Recently I went to a friend's home and saw that his family had put up a huge wall decal of a flower in their living room. That decal really brought a whole new life to the space considering how little effort it required to be put up. 

Decals fall into that same category of changing up your space on a budget. One online store that can help you do just that is Cherry Walls! They are a wall decor shop that you can find a huge range of decals in. From decals with quotes to decals of nature or even animals, you can find a decal for any personality type or room. Now that i knew how easy it was to actually put up a decal, my only other concern was whether it would cause any damage to the walls, or whether i could take it down if i wanted to replace the decal or paint the wall. No worries though! Cherry Walls uses a matte removable vinyl that comes off easily.


No fuss. No damage.  Just a cool removeable quote on your wall!


.. Cherry Walls

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