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Keecie a short movie

This cute little movie only shows again how super creative and talented Klaartje from Keecie really is! Together with photographer Sandy 'birds and dogs' are flying out of the bag!

The dark blue couch potato pad sleeve must be my favorite piece from their latest collecction but I still love using my 'mini me' for my business cards.




ps. would you like to see where Klaartje lives? Click here it will bring you to her gorgeous Amsterdam home


.. Keecie
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Styling ideas from Kamer 465


Kamer465 is probably the best styling agency in the Netherlands and today I just thought I share some of my favorite pics ... Enjoy!           [MORE IMAGES]







All images are from different photographers who have worked with Kamer465. If you are interested to wrok with either one of theos great photographers or with one of the talented stylists pelase don't hesitate to email Kamer465.


.. Kamer465

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Category: Photography | Styling

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A Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet


No you are not in the wrong place and yes i normally don't write about 'wedding-things' ... but I don't mind making an exception today for this stunning Paper Flower bouquet handmade by my friend Nora Vrba ... told you she is extremely talented!

You can read her story  about the why and how she made it right here on her blog. Would you consider a paper flower  like this for your wedding or perhaps any other party? I would I thing it is PerFect!





All images by Nora

.. A Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet

.. La Fête 


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Category: DIY | Papergoods

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By MÖlle


I'm sure you understand why I am sharing By Mölle with you today :)

What I especially love about this brand form the Netherlands is that the two founders and sisters, Eveline and Marianne Maat, choose to work with only natural materials that do not harm the environment!

Great styling and photography ... shows again how important these two things are when you want to get your products accross....






ps. not the first time they made it to Bloesem's Quick Start column!

..By Mölle

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Some things I liked last week ...


Normally I would post this on Friday but with the troublesome week I had last week I just wasn't able to prepare it... but I did find so many links that I still want to share them today with you ... will get us off to a good start I promise you - irene xoxo 

 - Happiness

I always enjoy seeing what Katie eats ... 

Igor's report on the DesignTrade in Copenhagen .. 

Paper napkins like these ... 

Sweets in black are kind of cool ... 

The new teapots and and tabelware from Marimekko ... 

Thought Bubbles for in your room ... 

A patchy cushion at Father Rabbit ... 

Watching Lode playing with kapla ... 

Just noticed that another thank you is in place ... 

I just love eddy & edwina ... 



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Category: Ceramics | Some things

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