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A green oasis in the middle of Amsterdam


By now you probably know that we spend the summer in our own Amsterdam apartment, what I haven't told you yet is that last year this apartment was completely redesigned ... we took out some walls and brought in new cabinets all designed by our dear friends Xander and Leon. Or should I say XandL ... the name of their design studio. 

I am not going to show you images of our new apartment ... saving that for a bit later ... no today I am going to show you some images of the XandL work studio and atelier in Amsterdam so you understand why we always chose working with them ... 

My husband and I are very much in love with everything these two creatives make and do ... just an impression of the houses they have turned into true can be found on their website. 
I was smart enough to bring my camera when we visited them for a coffee ... the images you see are from their workplace ... I didn't do any styling or preparations, no need! I just took some pics from different corners in 15 minutes to give you, the Bloesem readers an impression. I know I am lucky to share them with you because X and L normally don't like having too much attention :) 






ps. Monday next week I will share even more images  ... !

All images by me, Irene Hoofs

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Sponsor spotlight: coniLab says it all


Walls with messages are always a good idea ... they give you food for thought or start a conversation ... I like the Hi! Coni, a graphic designer living in Barcelona has thought of some great lines and screen-printed them in perfect matching fonts. 

I love the fact that these posters are not printed by a machine but screen printed by hand. Which one would you choose for your home ... I think I would start with 'Life is Now ' and 'We are a team' ... just missing one toothbrush for my family :)

Do you know that I always have a couple of these kind of posters at home ... just in case I need a present.


.. coniLab
.. coniLab's etsy shop


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Simply SLOW


Happy to say that the first  SLOW movement has arrived in the Netherlands now too ... luanching their website today with a gorgeous look. Founders Eva van Dongen, Marieke Verdenius and Marije Mulder are introducing us to a group of talented and creative 'Makers' and bringing a very inviting 'workshop' programme for the months to come.  

Simply Slow  aims to be a growing community by organising small get-togethers with a strong focus on authentic crafts, pure food and a high quality of life. The first get-together will take place on September 22 ... Come. Let's Taste Honey

I am sure this movement will grow fast in the Netherlands and I hope they keep us here on Bloesem Living posted!



All images via Simply Slow's website

.. Simply Slow

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Hello lovelies!

I hope you have had a great weekend? We adjusted well and are ready for the almost final quarter of this year. Many exciting things to happen for me and for Bloesem. Will keep you posted of course :)

During our vacation in the Netherlands I decided that I have to go back to some of things that I really enjoy doing .. one of them is knitting and while searching for knitted home accessories I ran into these pillows and throws by seven gauge studios.

I love their vibrant colors and of course the styling in a contemporary setting. I learnt on their about page that the items are made with a knitting machine, which I want to learn too ... so if anyone knows where I can buy one PLEASE let me know!







Seven Gauge studios was founded by Joy Bates and several retailers are selling the gorgeous collection online.  


.. Seven Gauge studios

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some things I liked this week ...


We are back home in Singapore ... and it really feels like HOME. I was a little bit worried first and felt a bit sad leaving Amsterdam and my family and friends... but just one step inside our new house here gave me a very comfortable feel and I knew that is the place where I would like to be for a couple of years! Funny coincidence that Singapore is celebrating it's 48th Birthday and I understand why Singaporeans are very proud of what they have accomplished in such a short amount of time and in a turbulent part of the world. 

On another Note ... all her images are welcome in my home!

Such a beautiful vintage desk and chair

A studio in Tokyo by Leif design park ... 

Never know what to wear to a party ... here's an idea?

Talking about parties ... would you like to win this gift voucher?

Even food looks amazing in copper ... 

'How to grow' got me so inspired for my balcony ... going to give it a try too. 

Romantic hallway just the way I like it!


I have loved GRIJS from the beginning and will always do!

Still very nice to be mentioned in a Blog Love post

Lemon cake Please!

Nice to read a little story about one of my handmade necklaces

Download be Happy or make someone happy


And THIS letter is Important!


Unfortunately I won't be able to visit ... but you can if you are in Amsterdam between 12-18 August... The PIN Gallery, a great initiative by studio Sjoe Sjoe

- Hope to see you back on Monday! Irene xoxo - 
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FLOW vacationbook


 When a magazine approaches me for an interview I am always very honored and grateful. It is nice to know they value my opinion and want to share my work and ideas with their readers. The FLOW vacationbook is a seperate issue from FLOW magazine that is eagerly awaited by many readers during the summer. 

This year the magazine book focussed on all things 'photography' ... inspired by everything you see online. They asked me what kind of images I like to share on Bloesem blogs, what to look for in an image and what I keep in mind when making my own pictures. Like the image above when I photograhped a kitchen shelf in our Amsterdam apartment with ceramics found in thrift-shops. 

I'm not a professional photographer but I do believe with current digital camera's, a good eye for composition, color and keeping things simple we can all make nice pictures. 

I also said during the interview that true inspiration for me comes from within myself and not so much from pinterest or instagram. I do love browsing through them and of course they give me good ideas but sometimes there is just too much and I need to go back to my inner voice and think about what I feel is beautitful!





Thank you F for inviting me and being part of this summer book. Great reading the interview with Ing-Things too. 

ps. many free downloads from FLOW, best to use Translate not sure if you know how to read Dutch :)

All images by me, Irene founder of Bloesem blogs.

.. FLOW magazine


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