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Spotlight: A Day with Kate


Spend A Day with Kate and I am sure you will find some perfect things that you have been craving for quite some time ... me personally I have been eyeing one of the lomography cameras for a long time. 

Beatrix NYPop Cutie and Fjällräven were recently added to their collection and the good news is A Day with Kate is able to ship worldwide ... so what are you waiting for!


I think it was in Spain that I first saw people wearing a bag from the Cambridge Satchel company. I like these very affordable but stylish bags. Which color would you prefer a bright and eyecatching color or one of the new softer tones?



.. A Day with Kate

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More green in the house


{image: Belle Fleur de Lis}

The weekend we came back from our summer in the Netherlands I literally went to the first garden shop I could find here in Singapore ... it was in Amsterdam already that I decided I wanted more plants and greens in our home and balconies. I have bought quite a few but no pictures yet to share with you... what I can do i share you the images that inspired me to have more green in our house ... 









Image credit: 2. Bottles via Leslie Williamson 3. Flower via Irene Hoofs 4. Jurianne's bathroom viaMarjon Hoogervorst 5. White flowers via Daily Tonic 6. Copper pot Irene Hoofs 7. hanging plants viaconvoy 8. Balcony pots via pinterest


Any green inspiration yourself? Love to hear if you have green fingers too :) - irene xoxo


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X and L interior artists


Last week I already shared some pics of our friends' studio home in Amsterdam. Just a couple more today to give you an even better impression of how incredibly stylish XandL actually are. Ever since they started designing interiors they stayed true to their inner voices. 

No easy or quick trends have ever affected their work and still their work is very modern and new - but above all genuinely timeless...  This for me makes them so unique and special. You do see very subtle changes in their creations and ideas - but it's always in the details, the craftmanship and the materials they chose...





In true XandL style, they prefer their privacy and shy away from too much publicity...or any publicity at all...! Although you see their work occasionally featured in the well-known magazines they almost always only allow this "under protest"...These pictures were not taken with a hidden camera of course but after I pleaded with Xander for some time to let me shoot some images to practice my skills...:) he eventually kindly agreed as long as I did not shoot any images of him...they are too modest! While I hadn't seen Xander in many years it didn't feel like this at all which is great when you meet old friends again...seeing Xander brought back fond memories of when I started out as a (then still young...) freelance graphic designer in Amsterdam - XandL were an inspiration to me then and I am sure they will continue to be...

All images by me, Irene Hoofs

.. XandL
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minä perhonen new 2014


Some wonderful collaborations in the new autumn / winter collection 2014 by minä perhonen. You know that I am a huge fan of his work. And always enjoy sharing his latest pieces. But this time it's perhaps even more interesting because of the new products with Wasara,  Torafu and diptyque. 

'The Picnic Kit' to celebrate  Wasara's 5th anniversary. Such a smart idea from Torafu architects to invite minä perhonen and pattern the gorgeous air vases. Who doesn't love diptyque and diptyque loves minä perhonen just as much as I do!






.. minä perhonen new 2014 collection
.. Air Viase by Torafu
.. Wasara
.. diptyque by minä perhonen

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Some things I liked this week ...


DK3 is very welcome in my house ... 

Just what I need Flower bells wrapping paper to download.

or perhaps no wallpaper on the wall?

20130814 20130812  20130801 ... all very pleasant to read.

Shall we go to Venice?

Painted summers ... 

A simple but perfect headboard ...

this green chair ...

Ever wanted to learn more bird names ... play some BINGO!

Seeing where Zoé de Las Cases lives in Paris

A Do Nothing Kind of Weekend.

just a spinning bottle ...

Can you find your city

A new game in our house. 

 - Enjoy your Weekend! irene xoxo -  


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on Pinterest: 'bedroom' by Marion


{ 1. Azuur wall studio pepe 2. via pinterest 3. Via Marion 4. Nicolas Matheus 5. the Marion House book 6. llamas valley magazine}

What does your bedroom look like ... I know most people tend to keep their bedroom white but when looking at these pics don't you feel you should try a color too? Because we are in a rental home I have to ask permission to paint walls but if I had a free choice I would consider going for a blue color teint too ... 


.. Bedroom on pinterest by Marion
.. Follow Bloesem's pinterest boards  


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