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‘A home at the end of the world’


Founded by Erik Wong in the Northern part of the Netherlands is Wongema ...  a multiple workstation for artists and designers and other creatives who would like to seek shelter for a couple of days to retreat, meet and greet or just to relax and find inspiration. 

But it is also a super location for spending a weekend with friends and have your own private pub and restaurant ... 

I found this magical place via Wij zijn Kees ... you remmebr I worte about them last week. You might recognise studio IJM's signature here  too ... :)







Tammingastraat 58
9978 PD Hornhuizen
The Netherlands


.. Wongema

All images by Jitske Hagens from ‘wij zijn kees’

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Some things I liked this week ...


Image above via A+B Kasha  ... 

Rik, the boys and I are currently in Amsterdam in our own Apartment. We used to rent it out but seriously considering keeping it as a pied-a-terre ... when you are away from your home country for such a long time it is such a comfortable and nice feel to know there is a small place waiting for you when you come home ... aba is probably the best sites to give an impression of how gorgeous pied-à-terre can be ... 

I hope you are enjoying your summer time too? Some links for the weekend! I will be back on Monday! ~ irene xoxo 

Marvellous idee this flexible Frame set ... 

Beautiful wrapping paper with birds ...

This DIY dresser drawer hanger ...

Mokkasin in France ...

Pink sofa Love! 

And even more Pink sofa Love !

And a gradient table lamp ... 

She turned her cant's into ....

a Floral guestroom ...


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on Pinterest: 'Ceramics' by Jurianne Matter


{1. Lucie Rie cup 2. Yumiko Iihoshi ceramics 3. Julian Stair teapot 4. Lucie Rie cup 5. Japanese ceramics 6. fringe and fettle}

What is there not too like ... my friend and I share a lot of love for ceramics and pottery ... I'm sure one day we can expect a Jurianne Matter porcelain line too. 


.. Bloesem's pinterest boards 

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Sponsor Spotlight: Relique

Relique_green{1. porcelain hook 2. Fish ceramics 3. frigidaire vase 4. retail display case }

When I visit Relique it feels like walking into a thriftstore ... and when I do I love mixing and matching items that come from the same color family and while I was working on a red palette I found some great green items too ... so not one but two collages with lovely vintage items for you today ... 




{1. parking sign 2. red wing pitcher 3. gold glasses 4. enamel dish 5. painters ladder }  


.. Relique 

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Wij zijn Kees = We are Kees


I discovered the work by Wij Zijn Kees last week and enjoyed their work ... Concept Photograhy Design ... you name it and they can do it.








.. Wij Zijn Kees

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IJM Colour


Instead of preparing some posts for you I went to De Kleine Fabriek yesterday ... a big trade fair for everything kids ... and it was such a pleasure meeting Frank Visser from IJM studio... not only was his booth or should I say pop / prop up shop a magical little place showcasing his beautiful colors and paints it was also very nice to be able to chat with him for a little while.

I believe it was a very smart move from the Kleine Fabriek to invite him ... he makes the creative difference at a fair like this. 

Did you know that IJM has it's own Paint Collection available for you to order via this website. The site gives you a perfect guidance what color to choose by looking at the inspiration boards. My favorite is JUHU, what about you?






Frank also told me about his second book published at my favorite Belgian publisher called Luster his first 'Dutch architects and their houses' together with Morjam Bleeker was already gorgeous I am sure his second will be a spectacular feast of colors and inspiration. 

Enjoy some color inspiration... 


.. IJM studio

.. more IJM at Bloesem


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