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Interior photography by Bieke Claessens


I have seen this image above cirviling around the net for some time now but only until today I discovered the photographer. Her name is Bieke Claessens and she is from Belgium. Her portfolio is true inspiration for us looking for interior tips and ideas ... enjoy and do let me know which picture you like best!









All images by Bieke Claessens

.. Bieke Claessens' other portfolio's Gardenslifestyleportraits and architecture.


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Category: Photography | Styling

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Hayon Studios it is!


A BIG YEAHHH for Hayon Studios and their 3 latest designs ... (you know superstar Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon, who is younger than me!)

Gardenia ... a collection of furniture and pots for the garden

The Catch chair for Danish brand & Tradition ... beautifully organically shaped and inspired by 'curves'

and 'Ro' for another Danish brand Fritz Hansen ... where 'Ro' means tranquillity in Danish. I read on the site that the name 'Ro' was chosen because it captures the point of the chair in just two letters, thus reflecting the Nordic approach and concept of beauty... nice we like that!







.. Hayon Studios

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Category: Art & Design | Furniture

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Free Stationery Guide


I'm sure you don't want to miss this FREE online stationery guide curated by the best mag in town ... Uppercase. And such a great thing to see my friend Jessica Nielsen her work on the cover ... yeahhh for Jessica!


.. UPPERCASE magazine

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Category: Link Love | Papergoods

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Monday's quick start: Vases by David Derksen


The copper lights, the most beautiful mirrors and now the Dewar glassware collection ... YEP we all agree David Derksen is a design Talent!

The Flask lamps and vases are inspired by laboratory glassware and are the outcomes from a continuing investigation into the beauty, form and manufacturing techniques found in scientific glassware by David.







All photography and styling by Camille Cortet
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on Pinterest: Homewares by Lottie Loves


{1. throw pillow 2. volley rocker 3. silver blanket 4. Lauren Spencer 5. woven chairs 6. Karen Barbe }

 All these 'homewares' are very welcome to come and live in my house. Lottie Loves is a pinner that I enjoy following... her boards and picks are always spot on ... 


.. Bloesem's pinterest boards


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DIY: 3D Confetti


Yesterday I posted a fun tutorial on BloesemKids for all paper, graphic and confetti lovers ... Véronique from Pichouline  explains via images and words how you can make 3D Confetti ... 

All 128 BloesemKids' DIY Projects ... start making!

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Category: DIY | Link Love

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