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on Pinterest: collections by Madison Fraine


{1. cake pans 2. vintage Kushi from Japan 3. chairs by Martien Mulder 4. the selby 5. glasses 6. tea bags vintage}

I am a collector of the worst kind according to my dear husband. Sometimes I feel a fool doing this but when looking at images Madison Fraine 'collected' on her pinterest board I don't feel crazy any longer , but enjoy how other people cherish things and keep neatly organized just like me. 

To give you an idea of the things I like to collect ... here some snapshots that I often share on instagram. I can honestly say that I am addicted to vintage ceramics ... can't stay away from wooden spoons, have piles of fabrics, love old toys and always buy lamps when I see them. 

What about you... you love to collect too? 



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Feeling Flamingo


 - I'm seeing Flamingo's everywhere and I kinda like it


Images from top to bottom: flamingo sculptures by Abigail Brown, available are everything begins

The John James Audubon famous flamingo print in two different ways ... on real bathroom tiles for Farrow&Ball and below in ixxi tiles at the mariapaviljoen photographed by Iris Vank

And a Flamingo sculpture on the cover of EST magazine issue #7

What do you think ... are we starting to feel some love for this pink lady? I certainly do and to be honest it was the amazing talented textile designer Abigail who convinced me of her beauty. More images below the line... 





.. enigheid

.. Farrow & Ball

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Windworks furniture by Merel Karhof


By setting up a small factory at the historic side of the Zaanse Schans, in the province of North Holland, Merel Karhof was able to use only WIND to make this incredible collection furniture. One sawmill for cutting the wood and another mill that ground the minerals for the paint with which she dyed wool upholstery fabric produced through her own wind-powered knitting machine. An amazing story. Last week she gave an online interview at the New York Times. I enjoyed reading it. 

Now I need to know where I can buy one of these stools, the bench or just a tiny stool :) They are all very welcome in my home.

Merel Karhof is a 34-year-old Dutch designer who lives in London and  studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven in  NL and at the Royal College of Art in London. And it was here that she did her firsta big research about wind... the rest is history!








images via designboom 


.. Merel Karhof 

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Jessica Nielsen

JessicaNielsen_facetofaceAll images by Vorstin.

It is especially nice to feature a home  from a designer (... graphic that is) that I have worked with a couple of times here on Bloesem and whom I really like. Her name is Jessica Nielsen and Marjon Hoogervorst en Sandra Jacobs visited her in her 80's apartment a couple of weeks ago ... see here the very inspiring result and read how she  thinks about work her home and her own designs ... 


 Previous Dutch Designer Visits

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Monday's quick start: Mirage by L&G


Not often do I open newsletters ... just too many arrive in my inbox but the glass table above caught my eye and I immediately recognised the Ladies & Gentlemen studio signature. Their new collection called Mirage is again truly beautiful and very now. Mirage is inspired by a kaleidoscope with it's principle of multiple reflection. 

Dylan Davis and Jane Lee are Ladies & Gentleman and meeting Jane last year made me want to foolow what this talented couple is doing.  

A bit of site searching brought me to Sight Unseen and apartment theraphy where Jane and Dylan recently shared their home. I love the living room and it reminds me so much of the living room from design heroes Ray and Charles Eames ... how lucky are they to have found this vintage Florence Knoll sofa.





LG-Studio_Maru_round_handmi LG-Studio_Aura_wind-chimes



.. Ladies & Gentlemen studio

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on Pinterest: 'Food' by Amelie

Food_pinterest{1. lemon cheesecake 2. yoghurt icecream 3. spinach pasta dough 4. pizza pizza 5. eggs on Monday6. stamped cookies }

Already plans for a nice meal this weekend ... no not yet ... perhaps these images from French blogger Amelie's pinterest board and links to good recipies will help you to get something creative going in the kitchen? 

The fun thing for me when making this collage was finding all these amazing food blogs ... WOW such beautiful content these bloggers bring. I definitely am considering sharing more food here on Bloesem Living. What do you think?


.. Amelie's food board on pinterest

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