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Spotlight: Vintage Kitchen accessories from relique


{my favorite vintage items from relique: 1. seltzer bottle 2. rosette irons 3. jade mixing bowl 4. wire basket 5. scale 6. midcentury plate 7. picnic ice box

Do you have any vintage accessories in your kitchen?

I do! And although my kitchen is no way near looking as nice as the kitchen below, I do try to give my vintage accesoiries the same decoration and display feel as in these beautiful images.

Not sure where you can find lovely things from a previous life ... start right here at relique. They carry a huge selection vintage and repurposed interior items. 



Kitchen images by Andrea Turander for SkonaHem


.. Relique

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Little pictures


It has become my absolute favorite social media tool ... instagram. Being a very visual person, these images give me lot's of inspiration, small sneak peeks into other people homes and fresh ideas for products.

I am going to try to at least upload three images per day ... will you join me?

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Monday's quick start: Nämä from Finland


A dreamy, sweet and crispy start of the week with Nämä from Finland. This online shop created their own small online free magazine and the images are just perfect! ... and yes I do like all the products too.

These cuttingboards are very high on my wish-list and although no images here I do love the small vintage range of ceramics at Nämä.

The beautiful Metsä fabric from Kauniste is perfect for teatowels and NAMA photographed them so well!! But I also like how Time of the Aquarius used the same fabric for their new guestroom







All images by Ruth Landesa except for no. 3 which is by Times of the Aquarius.

.. Nämä from Finland

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Unami in Oakland, California


When opening a brick and mortar shop I would use these images for my inspiration board ... 

They are from pop-up shop Umami Mart. Normally a Japanese food blog and webshop importing speciality and luxurious Japanese kitchen  ware. They were part of Popuphood, an initiative in Oakland (outside San Francisco), giving stores six months free rent in dead areas of town to invoke new life and growth and hopefully allow the new shop owners to sign a long term store lease after the test period. 

The shop was designed by Arhoj.







.. Umami Mart

.. Popuphood


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Small things in our new home



Moving to a new home is one thing but decorating the new place is another ... not easy to find a good place for all my little treasures... 

Before this vintage white serving trolley was standing in our bathroom, but here in the new apartment I thought it rather looks nice in our living room. I  decided to place some books, my moms copper vase and our Ericofon. Would be great if we could really use it again, does anyone know if this is possible...? 




All images by my, Irene Hoofs from Bloesem except for the bathroom image, which was made by Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst
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Creative People Projects in Singapore



You know how much I love sites like Coffeeklatch , wheretheycreate and freundevonfreunden so I am delighted to see we have our own Singapore version. 

The Creative People Projects is the eye-candy site from Rebecca Toh, who takes us to studios, ateliers and offices from creative people here in SG and Taiwan.

Rebecca Toh got the idea for this Portrait Project came about when she realized how far away she was from the people she admires. Then she remembered that she has a camera... "and that with a camera one always has the perfect excuse to get closer, to walk into lives, to achieve a form of intimacy that is usually unattainable. I hope this photo project will eventually be a record of some of these moments spent with these wonderful, super-talented people."

Creative People Projects only shows us how much creativity there is on this side of the planet ... and that so much more can be expected in the future...

I'm happy to be so close to these people and can't wait to meet some of them in person too. 

Enjoy some of the images here on Bloesem already, but visit the site for all!






All images by Rebecca Toh

..Creative People Projects

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