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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with BuroJet

{photo credit: Marjon Hoogervorst }

It's going to be a good day today! My mom and stepdad are arriving today to see how we now live in Singapore and here on Bloesem I can share images of a super inspiring home with you. Two well-known Dutch designers, Jorine Oosterhoff and Egbert-Jan Lam live here with their little girl Fiep and their three cats.

Sandra had a lovely chat with them about design, what they like about their home, how they work and life in general. Marjon knew exactly how to capture this home in the best way possible and focusing of the charming characteristics of this home.

BuroJet, the label of Jorine and Egbert-Jan, are probably best known for their awesome snout cups and the beautiful laser lights. I would love to have one of those in my house. But the couple designed much more and from what I understand lot's more can be expected!

Face to face: a designer's profile with BuroJet


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Monday's quick start: Bernaer design from Belgium


My dear Dutch friend who live in Brussels and writes this wonderful travel tips blog, GoMarjo, send me a link about Bernaer design from Belgium ... assuming I would lke it .... and yes she knows me very well I love it!

And this is just the start for this week... later today an awesome house tour when we visit BuroJet in the Netherlands. Hope to se you back!




.. Bernaer design

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on Pinterest: Pastel by chiccham


I believe you already know that pastel is the new color trend ... here is a nice collage giving you an idea of what we are talking about ... I used images from ChicCham's pinterest board .

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Sending flowers


I need to order flowers for a close family member in the Netherlands today ... you would expect the Netherlands to have some crazy cool online shops where you can order beautiful arranged bouquets but I couldn't find them. Only some old-fashioned sites ... anyone any recommendations, please let me know!

I was hoping to find a bouquet like the one in the picture above but Boston were the flower shop Wild Folk Studio is based is a bit too far for me to order from :) ... 



Flowers and plants are currently on my mind becasue we had to leave all of our plants behind in KL. And I'm trying to find good places here in Singapore to find new greens for our balcony ... normally I am not so much a person for inside plants but looking at these pictures from a Japanese site I might change my mind ... 

And how cool is this: Coloni ... 

a swedish based gardening house that developed an approach to a new kind of indoor gardening, based on seed mixtures. The mixtures consist of seeds from desert and arid Mediterranean climates and include both annual and perennial species. Four boxes to choose from ... with Awakening being my favorite


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Category: Flowers and plants

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Tuesday's quick start: Caroline Coehorst and Lenneke Wispelwey


I hope you had a better weekend then I did... well Sunday was perfectly fine but Saturday I spend the day in bed with a terrible migraine ... meaning I couldn't go to my letterpress workshop arghhhhh ... hope soon I can try again. 

Sunday we spend almost the entire day at home trying to finnish decorating our new place. Her on my instagram feed you can see some snapshots of our new place

Yesterday my boy got sick home ... meaning another day gone for blogging and I am starting the Bloesem week today ... believe it is quite a good start. 

Dutch photographer Caroline Coehorst made some beautiful pictures in the studio of Lenneke Wispelwey ... you know my favorite Dutch ceramist

Enjoy the pictures while I am working on more posts for this week! ~irene xoxo




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Candy ♥


Just one smashing image by Imke Klee to finnish the week with. What are your plans for the weekend? I'm super excited to have my very first letterpress workshop tomorrow at The Gentleman's Press right here in Singapore. Hopefully I can share with you some results next week. Will definitely update you via my instagram.

If you haven't had time to stop by here are some quick links to my favorite posts from last week:

Happy Weekend! ~Irene
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