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DIY notebook madeby Pien



Hello there! I’m Pien Neve from Amsterdam and I am very proud to be the brand new guest blogger on Bloesem Living. Irene invited me to become the new DIY/craft contributor after seeing my DIY wall hooks.

For this first edition, I made a DIY notebook which is very easy to make ... just a few simple steps.

I got this idea when I caught my boyfriend using those horribly boring, cheap-looking and old fashioned school notebooks. Remember those? The kind you didn’t even want to use during college :).

About thime to give these notebooks a fresh look. I have to admit that my boyfriend is now going to work every day with a big pile of loose papers, while I am using his notebooks now. They have become to beautiful to bring to the office!

Read the steps and see the result by clicking here... 



Step 01: Get rid of the staplers!

Be warned! Do not do this with your nails! I tried to do it 3 times because I was too lazy to look for another option. For instance, you can use tweezers to undo the staplers and your fingers won’t be bleeding.

Step 02: Sew the new cover

Fold your new cover (a beautiful color cardboard or a self-designed cover) and sew it with a needle and thread through the tiny holes of the staples. 

Step 03: Stamp

To finish it off, I stamped words on the new cover with alphabet stamps.

If you want to give it as a present, this Is a nice way to wrap it up!  

Thank you for reading my post, hope you enjoyed it! I am looking forward to sharing more with you in a couple of weeks! See you soon!  ~Pien



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Fish plates...


I'm liking Yvonne Ellen her handpainted fish plates, you do too?


..Yvonne Ellen

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Category: Ceramics

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Working 9-5

Orla Kiely Presentation LFW AW/13 from James Hatt on Vimeo.

Sometimes things really come together..like this morning while preparing another lesson for Blogging Your Way - BlogBoss - I was doing some research online and stumbled upon this amazing video from Orla Kiely’s newest collection ...

You might wonder what Orla Kiely , BlogBoss and my lessons have in common, well ... Friday's lesson will be all about "Planning, prioritizing and handling unexpected surprises as a full-time blogger"  and "staying true to your own style"...

Orla Kiely 's presentation of her new aw13 winter collection captures exactly how I picture the ideal home office environment – very, very stylish but also structured and functional. Planning and coping with big or small home-office disasters will be a walk in the park in an environment like this…perhaps I should dress up as well each day….pyjamas sort of look out of place in such a sophisticated workplace…

I just LOVE it! thanks Orla for your world of inspiration.   [MORE IMAGES BELOW]








..Orla Kiely  

..Blogging Your Way

photo credit : Betty magazine and wish wish wish 



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Category: Fashion

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Lucas and Lucas


{photo-credit: Vorstin}

Yes yes yes ... a gorgeous new home for you to visit today via Bloesem! Marjon and Sandra visited Dutch designer couple Sander Lucas and Marijke Lucas-Geurts in their very charateristic home in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Sander, an independent product designer, and Marijke who specialises in graphic design combined their forces and now work together for their own label Lucas and Lucas. Available at BijzonderMooi.

If you look at the pictures of their home you will see some items that made me so jealous ... gorgeous contemporary items and I have gotten a new feel about the color red ... never thought it could be so nice and warm.

Face to face: a designer's profile! Head over here for an interesting interview with Lucas and Lucas and discover how this couple decorated their home!



..Lucas and Lucas


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a tribute to JNielsen


While writing about the new poster range from Jessica Nielsen for psikhouvanjou on BloesemKids I thought why not end this week with a tribute to my favorite graphic designer from the Netherlands Jessica Nielsen. 

Just see above a collage of recent work by this lady!

~ Enjoy your weekend. Monday I will be back with a lot of news! ~irene xoxo

ps. I will be spending the rest of my day teaching about being a 'BlogBoss' for decor8's e-course Blogging Your Way. Exciting! Can't wait to meet you who signed up for this course. 


..Jessica Nielsen

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To be honest I was never a big fan of wired storage solutions but I have come to like them. I am even slowly considering buying some for our new home.  

Perhaps I could start with a colored basket from Lostine for my sons bedroom. I think they will like it for their toys and it probably gives a cool look. 

For my new love off wired baskets I created two collages for you today ...


1. via pinterest | 2. fog linen | 3. kinfolk | 4. neest


5. unknown 6. via my house blog 7. ferm living 8. bella lulu

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Category: Home accessories

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