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Torafu Architects


You can certainly call them colorful ... book stands from Japanese Archittecs Torafu ... you probably have seen work from them before just didn't know they made so many more amazing things ... I'm talking about the Air Vase.
But I would like to show you these other three products today. The Koloro Stands, their magnets and the beautiful Koloro desk and stool ... I believe the images speak for themselves :) ... great aren't they. I'm not sure if a shop outside the Japan is selling these items, but this Japanese online shop does. 





I started the week on BloesemKids last Monday with some unbelievably beautiful toys from them too ... 

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NewsLoop from Singapore


I am happy to announce to be part of the wonderful NewsLoop app from Singapore's Singtel and I like to say Hello to all the Singaporeans who are already enjoying this app and would like to welcome all of you who like to be in the loop of what is happening in the world. Special thanks to the lovely Samantha who invited me.

..NewsLoop app


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DIY wall hooks


An absolutely wonderful DIY idea from Pien ... just thought you would't want to miss these...


Photo credit: Pien

..Made by Pien 

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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Marly Gommans



I love it when someone gives a lot of character to a home. And Marly Gommans certainly did that to her home in the Netherlands. The hand painted mural, the little things on the wall and the sublime pantone painted staircase make this week's house visit very interesting ...

Marly Gommans is a fashion and furniture designer, with a special interest in Cats! Yes cats, but she doesn't like their plastic litterboxes and ugly scratching poles ... so she designed some good-looking ones that are welcome in her home. And while she was at it she decided to design a great cat cushion too. Marly interned at the famous Kiki van Eijk studio and now makes her own name into the world of design with her funky products.

Please join us for an interview with Marly and have a look how she lives... right here... Mar.ly's collection is available at BijzonderMooi ~ in Dutch ~ in English


..all images by Vorstin 
..translation by xPattyCake


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Monday's quick start: Sence of Space by Asplund


Just when I was about to say... STOP THE TRIANGLES!!! ... Swedish design store Asplund brings their new collection rugs and I LOVE them. Of course it does help when styling and photography is so nicely doen :) 

Talking about photography ...  in a couple of hourse I will be sharing a new designer visit with you and I guarantee you you will be very happy when seeing the new dose of inspiration from the Netherlands... so stay tuned and come back!



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Are you instagramming?


Enjoy your weekend everybody!  Thanks for the Follow and I hope you will enjoy my pics! ~irene xoxo

..Bloesem Blogs at Instagram 



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