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Black Kitchens


While working on a styling job I was doing some research on kitchens ... should you go for white, colored or black ... today I show you my favorite black ones ... but just choosing the color is just a first step ... if you were to decide on black would you go for matte, gloss, wood, veneer or else ... 




[NUMBERS 4 5 6 7 8 9 CLICK HERE]





1234. 5. 6. 7. 8. ... now you have to let me know which kitchen in Black is your favorite??
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Kellie Smits


I am a huge fan of my Kellie Smits, founder and owner of funky online shop Buisjes En Beugels +++.

She is not only a webshop owner, she is also super talented and a very creative person, a lady with style!

First she started her own fashion line for kids and about a year ago she launched her first furniture piece. The insekt desk in green is simply beautiful. I am proud she is a sponsor of Bloesem.

Below a glimpse of The Growing Table and pillow by Ana Ventura and 'I feel green'. 


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Category: Dutch design | Furniture

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A new fleet wish-boats


My dear friend Jurianne Matter re-invented her first and very succesfull product, the paper wish-boats by giving them a gorgeous new pattern and color palette. 

The little paper boats are designed to sail out to celebrate weddings, newborn babies, birthdays, anniversaries or sometimes even as treasure ships (with money or candies). With a bit of inventiveness you can also make a unique paper chain or a mobile for a child’s room! 

Before you start folding, you can write a personal wish or message along the railing. The folding takes only a few minutes per boat.   [MORE IMAGES]







(photo credit: Jurianne Matter )


..Fleet wish-boats at BijzonderMOOI*



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Category: Dutch design | Papergoods

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Monday's quick start: Utopia & Utility


wowowoWOW ... not only are all the materials used for these vessels great ... the way they are combined together is just divine! I can only imagine how beautiful these vessels would look in a clean and modern home.

I think it is the first time here on Bloesem that I am telling you about a 'brother - sister' team, but Pia and Moritz Wustenberg from Utopia & Utility are siblings . They say they like to combine the functional and the fantastical and believe that everything that deserves to be made, deserves to be made well. From the process to the finished objects, our intend is to enrich life through beauty.... agree?

The brother- sister team started theor company only recently in 2012. Their aim is to grow a business with integrity and good intend, wishing to highlight the beauty of craft and the value in tacit skills.                     [MORE IMAGES]

Paper_hanging_lights India_vessels_pia_germany


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Category: Art & Design

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Win a ticket for Blogging Your Way E-course with decor8


Do you wanna be a BLOG BOSS too? Or learn how to become one just Like Stefanie, Holly and me? Then sign up for the next Blogging Your Wayan awesome e-course founded by best-selling author, freelance journalist and stylist, Holly Becker from decor8.

Blog Boss is for those who know the basics of how blogging works (how to write a post, how to publish a post, how to add images to your posts, how to comment, etc.) but want to dig deeper into how to really think about blogging in a whole new way in order to enjoy it more, reach a broader audience and for personal growth and business success. 

Some of the topics 'Blog Boss' will be covering: 

* HOW TO deal with copycats, content theft, and other naughty people

* PINTEREST tips and tricks

* HOSTING 101: Meet ups, events, workshops and more!

* Overcoming BLOG ENVY

* Work Life Balance as a mom, wife, etc.

* BLOG Etiquette online and how to deal with people who have none!

My role will be more specifically about combining my life as a mother of two, living in different countries in the world and be a professional blogger. 

If you think this is just what you were waiting for then SIGN UP here! The three of us will be very happy to welcome you. 

Or WIN a FREE SEAT ($129.-) by leaving a comment below telling us what you would liketo learn during this         e-course. One person will be chosen randomly and announced next week on Wednesday 20 February.

WINNER IS: Sonia Barrigas

Your online teachers: Holly from decor8, Stefanie from ohhhmhhh and Irene from Bloesem 

..Blogging Your Way


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Pantone 5015 U Staircase


A color palette in pink tones inspired by the stairs in Marly Gommans her home ... in case you missed the face-to-face we had with this Dutch designer head over here to see her inspiring home...

1. journal 2. pillow 3. piggy 4. tallow 5. keecie wallet 6. map poster

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Category: Colors | Face to Face

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