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Nala and bloesem styling

Nala moooi

{lamp by Moooi, art on the wall by maditi, pillows by Nala}

You might have seen these images over at Decor8 last week ... Holly was so super kind to introduce Nala design and my first official styling job to her readers.

Just before Christmas a photo shoot took place in my home here in Kuala Lumpur for  Nala Design, a stationery and home decor line from Malaysia founded by my friend Lisette Scheers.

It was a fun day and I have to give a special thanks to Tian Xing and Sammie from Show Up Pictures, they are fantastic to work with and I would definetly hire them for any photography job. 

Hope you don't mind me letting you be with just the images today ....and I do hope you visit Nala's webshop.  




Nala_green Nalabook  Nalajournal  Nala_collection  Nala_pillows_2







..Nala design

All images by Tian Xing from Show Up Pictures and Styling by me, Irene Hoofs

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Think about it...

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Category: Fashion

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It must be 'Marjon-week' this week her on Bloesem .... and I don't mind at all. This beautiful friend of mine has been doing some soul-searching last year and I believe she has found some some hidden talents. Sometimes when life gets tough your inner mind works better ... you listen more carefully what is burning inside of you ... and I believe this truly has happened to my lovely friend.

Marjon is a photographer by profession but a true artist by heart. She has an amazing strong spirit and the titles of her first series of posters say it all... 

Kusje meaning 'little kiss' and You are just PerfeKt ... which one do you like best? I'm lucky  and already have the PerfeKt one at home :)

These prints will surely bring some Nordic touches to your home, so if you are a B&W lover what are you waiting for... treat yourself on one of her letterpress printed poster. 
Pure quality and handmade.

These posters are only just the beginning... let's see what 2013 will bring more for Marjon...  

Below the break many more images for you to get you in te right mood. 



KUS-JE-(BIG)01   LETTERPRESS  KUS-JE(white)notext01   Gordijn02











You might wonder what exactly you see in the last image ... well this is a curtain with one of Marjon's images printed on it .. and you can buy it in her shop too! 


..Marjon's Blog 

..the Print Shop

All images by Marjon


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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Ontwerplabel Vij5

And a little extra today ... this short video made for us by Jonna van Hesteren

Morning, how are you all doing? I am feeling much better and am glad to be back to work this morning.... sometimes I find it hard to really call it 'work' because it often feels more like a 'hobby'. Yes lucky me to be able to do all day what I really enjoy doing... Like preparing a new post for the Designer Visit column in which my two friends, Marjon and Sandra, from the Netherlands visit well-known Dutch designers in their homes.

Jonna van Hesteren often assists Marjon in her photography job and this time she created a fun short video for Bloesem ... giving a bit of extra and real life experience to today's interview


Today I am sharing the visit to ontwerplabel Vij5's home. It's not the first time I am talking about the work of Arjan and Anieke here on Bloesem. Ontwerplabel Vij5 often collaborates with other Dutch designers, who we have met at previous interviews. My favorite is perhaps the collaboration with Ontwerpuo which resulted in the gorgous Lloop lamp ... would you like to see how Arjan and Anieke live and what their ideas and drives in life are ... then head over to the face-to-face page right here


..all images by Marjon
..short video by Jonna van Hesteren

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I start in Singapore...


a new day, a new year, a new beginning ... I am very much looking forward to an exciting New Year at Bloesem. The focus will be more on in-depth original content –  Like I said last week on BKids : ... I like spending more time making nice posts than tweeting, facebooking and pinning ... this social media rat-race has taken me away from the thing I really love to do and that is finding and making nice content for my blogs! I want Bloesem to stay true to her roots: passionate about design!

So starting today I will only share things that have meaning to me and preferably content that I have helped making... like the images you see today.

My dear friend Marjon and I were on an assigment last year in Singapore making a city guide for Anthology magazine. Two shops we really enjoyed visiting were Foundry, one of my absolute favorite furniture shops in town. Why you might ask? Well I really like the brands they carry and the way they have displayed them in their showroom.

Like the green wall below is such an inspiration for me. I would never have thought a color like that would look so beautiful on a wall and I will keep it in mind for any future home. [CONTINUE READING]


Irene  Littledrumstore   Littledrumstore_pins

A completely different but must-visit shop in Singapore is the little dröm store ... the cutest gallery shop carrying items from many designers and artists you probably have seen in blog land from time to time. . 


Some cute little pins caught my attention while snooping around in the little dröm store ... founder Alexandra Wong was kind enough to explain to me where the designs came from ..supposedly Singapore has some hidden treasures throughout the country namely some amazing 'vintage' playgrounds with cool sculptures all made from mosaic tiles... truly pieces of art just like the little pins, great remembrance from their past. I really liked the like graphic details on the card. 


So I hope you like my first post of 2013?

Marjon and I have many more images from shops in beautiful Singapore ... drop me an email if you would like to publish them in your magazine or else. 


..Foundry in Singapore
..the little dröm store in Singapore

All images by Marjon Hoogervorst



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Category: Around the Globe

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2013 ... Spread your wings ...


Happy New Year to ALL of you! 

I see many people writing about NY resolutions ... do you make resolutions for yourself?

I never do to be honest… probably because I don't like “rules” too much... neither when they are given to me nor when I impose them on myself... but notwithstanding all of that… every year I commit myself to a slightly loosely worded but in my mind very important “rule of life”… which hopefully will give me guidance when I am not entirely sure where to go or how to get there...

~ Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly ~



{Image credit: Bloesem}

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