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Coffeeklatch a creative chitchat


Not sure where I was ... probably living under a rock :) but glad I found Coffeeklatch from Belgium today ... wow such a beautiful source of inspiration and eye-candy . Of course the site reminds me of the German FvF but we can never get enough of these kind of sites that gives you an intimate insight in the lives of creative people. 

Coffeeklatch is a creative chitchat started by journalist Magali Elali and photographer Bart Kiggen. Coffeeklatch stands for ‘slow journalism using a fast medium’. Just sit back, relax, have a cup of coffee and enjoy.              [MORE IMAGES after the break]







The images in this post are from the homes of designer Michaël Verheyden's home and Multidisciplinary duo Jan and Delphine ... and there is much more to discover at Coffeeklatch ... 



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Monday's quick start: Valentine lOVE


Let's start the week with some lOVe this week ... I am a fan of everything 'graphic' ... so these new prints by Luzelle from Mengsel are just my kind of taste ... I would choose the Pink one, which one is your favorite?

And a nice little freebie I discovered via pinterest is this printable valentines wrap by minieco 





..Mengsel Love print


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Happy Weekend!

{Mary J. Blige concert in Kuala Lumpur that I went to last year by Bloesem}

It's weekend and I am in the mood for Mary ... !!

Especially for Monique ... celebrating her fantastic year with mrs. Robinson, our friendship, looking back and looking forward! 

Wish you a wonderful weekend to ... Monday I will be announcing some NEWS and I will share some Valentine spirit ... xoxo irene


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Category: Irene

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Studio Stef Bakker


Written about and shown before on Bloesem but always a pleasure sharing the work by Stef Bakker who is NOT an interior designer and Not an art director but Stef Bakker = inspired by all creation ...

and yes he is from the Netherlands ... his style and sense for spaces is totally up my alley ... loving the rooms he touches. The images shown in this post are from differen projects he has done for different private spaces. 

A lot of grey and dark tones throughout his portfolio but that doesn't bother me a bit in fact it even makes me consider painting a wall in my home grey too .... the combination with wood is just perfect and I have a lot of wooden furniture in my home so that could work well. The laether couch in the image below is probabbly a vintage one from the sixties or seventies and you just have to be lucky to score an item like that ... probably more luck in Europe than here in Asia.

Do like his style would love to hear your feedback!              [MORE IMAGES AFTER THE BREAK]



Boekenkast-totaal Studio-bakker-no-place-bett  Bedroom_stef_bakker   





Not sure who made the images but All images shown here are from the online portfolio of Stef Bakker

..Studio Stef Bakker

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Category: Photography | Styling

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a trip to d’une île


{Photo: by Studio Aandacht for Trend Tablet}

Not Sure if you are already planning your summer vacation ... believe most of you are covered in snow right now ... and I can only imagine this being a lot of fun ... but if you are longing for somehting warmer then start taking a vritual trip to France with me today ... I just discovered this amazing place in the middle of nowwhere where two former city slickers have gone back to 'the beginnins' ... 

Amsterdam couple Michel Mulder and Sofie Sleumer invite you to visit  their d ’ u n e   î l e ... only an hour and a half away from Paris. Medieval cottages, each interior uniquely designed, exquisite food and beverages and the soothing simplicity of nature. 

Ben and Tatjana from Studio Aandacht went to visit the couple last summer and luckily for us they took some beautiful pics for us ...         [MORE PICS after the break]



Studio_Aandacht_DUNEILE_15 DUNEILE_france2 DUNEILE  






What are you waiting for ... go visit the website and make some bookings!

..d ’ u n e   î l e
..Studio Aandacht
..More images over at Trend Tablet



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If you would like to know what I was doing today ... well ... I was making pictures today ... :)

Working on a new project which I will be able to tell you in a couple of weeks ... please be patient.

Back tomorrow with a beautiful home slash B&B in France ~ xoxo irene  

Two more images below the break





All images by Irene Hoofs from Bloesem

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