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Merry Christmas



Dear readers, a Very Merry Christmas to all of you.. here are just some words to end this year on Bloesem..

It certainly has been a turbulent year for me personally.. having experienced the loss of my dad.. but it also has been a great year to look back to. There are many reasons to be grateful and celebrate Christmas.. my two beautiful sons, who are often unbelievably naughty, too energetic at times and without a doubt the most challenging and rewarding job in the world ... kids really do make life worth living.. nothing compares to their cuddles, smiles and funny words..


And celebrating that my husband and I have been together for almost 20 years..

and having my mom and step-dad over in sunny, but very Christmassy, KL..!

Celebrating my two Bloesem blogs and all my on “the-side-craft-projects”...some of which I am sure are unlikely to be any cause of celebration when they are finished.. and while now and again I feel like giving it all a break.. and do something completely different with my life.. I simply love my work or should I say Bloesem too much that the thought of changing course always quickly fades away..

So it must be you ... my dear readers, the people I work with and the people I meet online and in person through Bloesem that give me so much energy and passion for this work.. and I would like to thank you for that..

I look forward to being back online in the beginning of January and thank you all for supporting Bloesem during the past year and I hope to see you next year! Hap
py Holidays!
  - Irene xoxo  -


  Mix  Diyclay_result_2  Wrappingpaper  Bloesem_2012_collage  BKIDS_CristmasCard2012  


Thank you Tiffany King for being a Bloesem contributor and welcome to Sufiya and our new Facebook Fan Page. We have big plans for 2013 and can't wait to share it with all of you, one of it is that we will be launching a new site in March. Very excited!


A thank you to Marjon and Sandra for contributing in our Designer's Profile column ... just a collage above from all the wonderful homes they visited for us.

Thank you to all our sponsors and our two craft contributors on B:Kids, Veronique and Meta.

BloesemWears ... and thank you to those of you who had put in your orders with us.

Let's do it again next year!

And last but certainly not least for all of you who still have some wrapping to do today and in need of some paper ... why not download our paper designed by Jessica Nielsen for free and stay in the Bloesem's spirit.

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a little bit more inspiration just for the weekend to start


Hope you didn't miss these two posts last week on Bloesem Kids...  Sweets for Christmas ... AND a Chalkboard Christmas ...    


..Bloesem Kids 


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DIY wooden fridge magnets


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas...with a little glitter and sparkle. These shapes might look familiar to you, we used simple Ikea cookie cutters. It was a little tricky cutting the ply wood. But we managed to create these simple magnets. Last minute decision to not paint over the wood, we love it's natural color and a little gold.


A tip or two...
*The type of wood we got is soft and light. Perfect for cutting and making small magnets.
*Not advisable to do with children, but decorating it once its cut is something fun they can enjoy.
*Sand paper the sides if you want a smooth finish.
*That is all... so easy and looks good too.
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Category: DIY | Holiday Decoration

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Pinterest: Stars for the Holidays


{1. Cookie Stars  2. Paper Stars 3. Paper Ornament 4. Magnet Stars 5. White Ceramic  6. Star Ornament}

We love holiday stars! And we are overloading you with Christmas Christmas and Chrismas before the week ends. I hope it will look as good when I try making them myself especially those cookie stars. Did you get to see our food post on Bkids. You must! Most of them are DIY projects so click on their links and see how easy to create beautiful stars like these. We can try them together.


..Bloesem Pinterest

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Etsy Gift Guide for the Office

Bliving_collage_office_new{1. Wanduhr Bunte Zeiten by liebelu; 2. Porcelain milk bottle minis by urbancartel; 3. Desktop Zen Garden by Karolinfelixdream; 4. Mr. Fox notebook by MosseryCo; 5. Ma'am Step Away From the Computer print by LaFarme.}

I once read somewhere that it’s good to have the color green in your workspace — it’s relaxing, but keeps the mind fresh and ready to work. A funny poster to brighten you up on a stressful day is always welcome, too. ~Irene

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Category: Holiday Gifts

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Calendar round-up 2013

2013{tea towel calendar from foglinen, image by Bloesem}

Hello everyone! Every new year I feel brings a fresh start. Why is that? I want to have new stationary, new clothes and a new set of mind to do things better than 2012. Let's start with new calendars. Believe me, you need the perfect one to look at everyday for a year. These are some of our favorites here at Bloesem. A clean simple one for my wall with lots of space for me to doodle on would be my choice. After the year ends, you can look back at all the things you've done for the year.


The many different ways to illustrate a moustache by Blush Face. I find this simple and funny and would definitely make a great gift for the moustache in the family.


Kissanpäivät's simple illustrated 2013 calendar. What I love about this one are the colors. Blue, teal and turquoise have always been my favorites.

On to the next page for more of Bloesem's pick for 2013

Kauniste   Finland   Dozi  Star  Tree_2013


Darling Clementine's 2013 Scandinavian inspired Calendar. Bold colors of floral illustrations and the best part printed on recycled paper too.


What does your horoscope says about you. Keep track with the stars with this Astrology wall calendar by Prismatic Print Shop.


Re-use and wash. What a unique idea for a calendar. Kauniste's 2013 Kitchen Towel calendar. Have them in color or black and white.


Dozi paper wall calendar. Simple designs that would go so well with the theme of our office actually.


For all you typography lovers, here's 365 of them for the year. Typodarium 2013 by Slanted


Another illustrated calendar we love to add to the collection by Bambula. And there's space for you to doodle on too.


Weekly reminders before you're out the door. Definitely handy for the whole family to take part in. Chalkboard Calendar by Mixed Mangos.


Wood Stump Calendar by Anthropologie, use them as paper weights at your workspace. A cute little addition for the table.


This home calendar by Paper Sheep takes you around the world of 6 different apartments. A great story behind the artist's travels. I love the San Francisco one.


We love paper especially when they are letterpressed by Paper Boat Studios. I wouldn't want to write on these because they are too clean and pretty dont you think?


This is something you could plan out for next year as well. Gather all your pictures to make a calendar. We love the polaroid look in this one. Poladarium 2013.

This ends our 2013 round-up, and we hope you found your special calendar for 2013! What's your pick, do share. 


{tea towel calendar from foglinen, image by Bloesem}

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Category: Our home | Papergoods

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