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Sponsor Spotlight: Oliday

Tuesday, 30 October 2012 by Irene Hoofs

{ 1.Black pencil set  2.Felt Notebook case  3. Paper + Print  4.Canvas Roll Pouch  5.Wooden Stamp Set}

Designers..crafters..everybody! Oliday is a haven for great finds. These are some of my favorite things that would definitely come in handy.

I always organize my things in compartments or nice pouches and bags. No.2 and No. 4 is what I desperately need at the moment. For those of you who carries around your notebook around like I do, this is perfect! Simple yet very sophisticated. Right now I have my pencils and brushes in a mug not very handy at all. I love that Oliday has these canvas pouches in subtle colors too. 

Check out Oliday's etsy store for other great finds and accessories. There's some for your phone as well. Perfect size for stocking stuffers. ~Sufiya


.. Oliday


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