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Guest Post: Fiddle Leaf Fig


Hello Bloesem readers, I'm Victoria from sfgirlbybay. I wish I were here under happier circumstances and my thoughts go out to Irene and her family in this most difficult of times. But I'm honored to be here filling in for Irene today, and I thought I'd offer up a guest post about life and beautiful living things, particularly the Fiddle Leaf Fig. I'm somewhat obsessed with these trending trees right now, and I really am not sure exactly why. They've just captured by heart, and I love the way they grow strong and yet quite flexible -- the Fiddle Leaf Fig grows into its environment, shaping its branches around the curve of a room. I like that idea. Here's a few of my favorite views, from small and eager to grow, to voluminous trees living happily indoors.



{ Image 1 Collage , Image 2 , Image 3 }


.. SF Girl by Bay

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Kasja Cramer Ceramics


Kasja Cramer Ceramics are one of those special products made by talented individuals. Mostly made out of porcelain clay ‘the whitest of all clays’ you can definitely see why each piece is special. Because they are all carefully handmade, you will be getting one of a kind pieces because no two are completely alike. That’s the beauty of handmade product don't you think? [READ MORE]



Kasja Cramer Ceramics website displays all her work and check out how unique her photoshoots are. Have some in the kitchen or one as a vase on your dinning table. Find out what is your favorite ceramic piece. ~ Sufiya

.. Kasja Cramer Ceramics




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Category: Ceramics

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Gift of the day: Peachy pink cotton scarf


~ fun cotton scarf, Hand screen printed by me in a technique I have developed in which each scarf turns out a bit different, unique and beautiful. This chic scarf was hand printed in light pink water based ink . The pattern was inspired by photographs of plastic window shutters that I took across the country and became a graphic element.~

..Lee Coren

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Sponsor Spotlight: Oliday

{ 1.Black pencil set  2.Felt Notebook case  3. Paper + Print  4.Canvas Roll Pouch  5.Wooden Stamp Set}

Designers..crafters..everybody! Oliday is a haven for great finds. These are some of my favorite things that would definitely come in handy.

I always organize my things in compartments or nice pouches and bags. No.2 and No. 4 is what I desperately need at the moment. For those of you who carries around your notebook around like I do, this is perfect! Simple yet very sophisticated. Right now I have my pencils and brushes in a mug not very handy at all. I love that Oliday has these canvas pouches in subtle colors too. 

Check out Oliday's etsy store for other great finds and accessories. There's some for your phone as well. Perfect size for stocking stuffers. ~Sufiya


.. Oliday


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Jenna Postma


Jenna Postma is a wonderful young designer that creates from the heart. Working with different materials, Jenna produces simple everyday items with a little bit of her own story.

Do you recognize these? These ceramic necklaces are of the everyday view of Dutch architecture. What is your building of choice? A farmhouse? A church? I would go for the mill!

The jewelry box is the other piece I would like to mention because I was excited it’s a standing jewelry box. Being a girl herself Jenna thought that it would be useful if you could hang your necklaces in the box. Yes that’s perfect! If you don’t want the high legs, there are smaller ones for tables and walls. ~Sufiya

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Category: Ceramics | Dutch design | Jewelry

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Gift of the Day: leather mouse pad


~ Spruce up your studio or office with this unique and gorgeous mouse pad as seen on The Today Show, Real Simple, House Beautiful and Daily Candy.~

..Freshly picked

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