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words I found at SPRMRKT's facebook page ... I believe we all agree :)

Would like to wish you a lovely weekend ... I will be going to Punk & Princess Party in one of the most beautiful restaurants of KL ... any suggestions of what I should wear as a Punk ??? Am trying to be Blondie :) ... but very happy with ideas! Will tell you how it was next week on Monday when I start the week with a small report from the alt summit i went to in NY. Hope to see you back ~ Irene xoxo ps. please tell me you didn't miss the beautiful home Anne from last Monday? 

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Sponsor spotlight: Relique




{1. Mid-century Ericofon telephone 2. Folk art wire basket3. SEE4.Three vintage radios5. Wicker-Look tin picnic basket 6. Green glass three-cell automotive battery jar}

Are you an antique and/or vintage lover and can you spend hours in thrift stores just like me? Well no need to go outside any longer just visit Relique online and you will discover a whole world of nice things from the past. Showcasing items like these above in a modern setting adds so much to a room. I always mix vintage and new pieces in our home - Sponsor Spotlight


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Giveaway: 2 necklaces from the Bloesem Wears collection


{Giveaway will run until October 3}

What can 2 of you win this week :: a handmade necklace, Liv in silver, braided with 9.25 sterling sliver beads and closing. 

What you have to do :: Pin the image above to your pinterest board, and then leave a comment below with the url to your pin and/or Tweet this giveaway and copy your tweet in the comment section below... 2 options to win! 

About Bloesem Wears :: This new jewelry collection combines my passion for crafts, embroidery and braiding. All jewelry comes with a beautiful gift box. 

..Bloesem Wears shop

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED :: Congrats to Veronique and Sam.
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Openhouse Project in Barcelona


Not sure how I found this project but loving it very much ... The Openhouse Project in Barcelona started with the idea of Mari luz Vidal and Andrew Trotter to open their home to show and share their photographic and gastronomic projects in a way which is more personal and intimate.

Every 3 months Mari and Andrew will together with Ana Schulz creating a program of different activities with the theme of photography ... during this exhibition called the Gallery you are all invited to come, see and share with them. All you need to do is write to them and come along, and have a coffee with us.

Or once a month in their kitchen Mari and Andres will organise  a true Japanese dinner together with Nobu Kawagoe. They will post and mail the dates and times. Booking is essential.

I admire people like Mari and Andrew to be brave anough to open their homes ... but I do believe once you are out your comfort zone festivities like this will only bring you more ... in every sense of the word.     [MORE IMAGES]


Openhouse-project-gallery-barcelona Openhouse-project-gallery-barcelona-andrew-trotter-mari-luz-vidal-photography-space-3 Openhouse-project-gallery-barcelona-andrew-trotter-mari-luz-vidal-photography-space-2   





..The Openhouse Project

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my collections


I was experimenting with my camera (nikon D7000) last week ... i am the person who loves and cherishes small things that were either given to me or bought my self ... every little item has special value to me ...

image above: my new threads from Angela Liguori ... I have so many ribbons from her already and couldn't resist buying some spools of this gorgeous wrapped cotton thread too , the spoon I bought in china town and the felt brooch was a present from Arounna from Bookhou a long time ago ... she should be selling these too don't you think?

image below: new ribbon from fog linen work, the brooch again :) , paper stars given to me by Jurianne Matter the first time we met, a little candle holder that i bought in a thrift shop and the copper key is from an old clock my parents had at home and a glimpse of one of my new fog linen trays

Hope you like my little gems too ... 




All images by me, Irene. 
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Face-to-face a new designer's profile with Anne from La Farme


Marjon Hoogervorst and Sandra Jacobs visited another Dutch designer for us ...  Anne Olde Kalter from LaFarme, who lives with her partner Dirk Gelijsteen in one of those old charming little farms very near to Amsterdam. Their home is just amazing ... beautiful one of a kind furniture pieces combined with little treasures and lost-and-found gems ... 

I am sure this home will bring you lot's of inspiration and some creative ideas ... starting with this great poster 'Ma'am step away from the computer'

Thanks again Sandra and Marjon for a gorgous Home Visit.... click here to visit the home ... 


..Face-to-face : a designer's profile

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