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Sponsor Spotlight: Cherrywalls

Thursday, 12 July 2012 by Irene Hoofs


Cherry Walls is a wall decor shop where you will find great decals to give your home just that little extra. I love how you can instantly change the look and feel of a room just by adding a simple but original decal on your wall creating a new atmosphere.  It is also an inexpensive and innovative way to transform any room into something special!

I really like their tree collection especially the wind blowing flying leaves and the cherry blossom tree wall decal with the adorable flying birds giving you that outdoorsy feeling in the comfort of your own home. They have over 30 colours options for you to choose of so that you can create your own unique and exclusive wall decal.

Cherry Walls uses a matte removable vinyl that will come off easily, and will not damage your walls leaving you behind with a nice and clean surface so that you can to start all over again! 

So go take a look and see if you can put a cherry on top of your wall....

..Cherry Walls 


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