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the home of studio boot


Today I will let you wander in the home of Studio Boot ... you remember the post I did last Monday about the new loco motives from ixxi ... well the people who live in this house designed the patterns. 



All images by Jean-Marc Wullschleger at living agency

..studio Boot

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Sponsor Spotlight: Cherrywalls


Cherry Walls is a wall decor shop where you will find great decals to give your home just that little extra. I love how you can instantly change the look and feel of a room just by adding a simple but original decal on your wall creating a new atmosphere.  It is also an inexpensive and innovative way to transform any room into something special!

I really like their tree collection especially the wind blowing flying leaves and the cherry blossom tree wall decal with the adorable flying birds giving you that outdoorsy feeling in the comfort of your own home. They have over 30 colours options for you to choose of so that you can create your own unique and exclusive wall decal.

Cherry Walls uses a matte removable vinyl that will come off easily, and will not damage your walls leaving you behind with a nice and clean surface so that you can to start all over again! 

So go take a look and see if you can put a cherry on top of your wall....

..Cherry Walls 


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113 DIY Projects: a third round-up


Yep a new round up off craft projects we posted on BloesemKids for the past couple of years. They are so much fun to do yourself or with your kids, it doesn't matter. I am currently looking for a new craft contributor for after the summer. If you are interested in sharing a special DIY project once every 3 weeks with us then please drop me an email. The contributors for the projects in the image above are Kristen SutcliffeCourtney RusselTeri and me .. yes that is right I made the dinosaur wall-stickers from fabric. 

If you would like to see how these projects are done then follow these links: 1. fun glasses 2. retro stamps 3. fabric wall stickers 4. Photo magnets;  5. yarn fonts 6. Badminton heart


..Bkids Craft Projects

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Book: Belgian designers and their interiors



{ Book: Belgian designers and their interiors by Diane Hendrikx and Muriel Verbist}

When Hadewijch Ceulemans from Luster Publisher emailed me with a question whether I was interested learning more about thsi book I responded imedeatly.. yes of course the cover already is so inviting ... I am honest with you I haven't seen the actual book myself yet but from the images and pdf I can only say that this must be a must-have for every interior design lover.     ......MORE



"The book comprises fifteen interior reports that were compiled in the designers’ own homes. The photographs show the houses and apartments as they really are, honestly and without any styling, ranging from a Brussels loft to a converted farmhouse in the countryside. Some of the designers maintain a strict separation between work and private life, and see their home as a quiet place where they can retreat with their family. Others live and work in the same place; in that case, the photographs include the designer’s studio and illustrate how they use their work space."




The book is available right here.

All images are by Diane Hendrikx

..Luster Publisher

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Sponsor Spotlight: Hibou Home

HIBOUHOME{1. Enchanted wood 2. Pirate Seas 3. Pirate Seas 4. Gymkhana }

Sail the open waters and explore a deserted island seeking for a hidden treasure just like pirate or get saved like Snow White by prince charming in the enchanted wood...with the wallpapers designed by Hibou home these exciting adventures can come to life!

Hibou Home created a unique collection of children’s wallpapers inspired by themes that never get old or boring which your kids will not quickly outgrow. These dreamy wallpapers have a chalky colour and a perfect matt finish that gives the walls of your kid’s room more depth. From pirates to princesses to cowboys or for the love of horses...create a room filled with adventures for your kids and you will see that it is not only fun for them but the wallpapers will blend in beautifully with the rest of your interior style.... and they ship worldwide!


..Hibou home


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ixxi and studio boot


I just LOve what ixxi has done together with dutch design studio Boot.

Loco motives ... you just order one BOX and your whole house, studio, bedroom or else changes completely into a modern and cool ambiance! I am FAn of ixxi .. you too? ~irene 



Tomorrow I will be sharing some images of the house of  Studio Boot... super interesting so make sure to visit again. 


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