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In the Picture: Hella Jongerius PS Jonsvase


{image above from Yvestown}

You either love it or hate it when well-known designers start collaborating with giants like IKEA. Well Hella Jongerius was brave enough to accept the invitation and did a marvellous job combining design, craft and commercial manufacturing in a product.

Yes, I am talking about the PS Jonsvase that made its debut in 2005 and still is in production.   

I have some of the vases at home and I like the way the shape of the vase reminds me of classic vase from the Roman empire, but the decorations are I believe more Asian or African inspired.

So if you would like to have a designer piece in your home that is affordable I can stronlgy recommend one of the four Jonvases from your local IKEA.       ......MORE



Hella Jongerius graduated in 1993 for Eindhoven Design Academy soon after graduation she started her own design company called Jongeriuslab. Her work has been shown and displayed all over the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Gallerie KREO in Paris.

More about the amazing Hella Jongerius here at her lab!


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DIY Projects: a final round-up


The responses to the BloesemKids' Craft projects round-ups are really nice so I thought I keep brining them to you ... I have said it before but almost every week you can find a new craft project at BKids. Contributors like Teri from Giddy GiddyVéronique from Pichouline and Jennifer Kirk from Ambrosia Creative always know how to come up with something nice and simple to either create yourself or togther with your child...

The projects in the image above you can find via these links: 1. Spring Wardrobe Update 2. Puppets  3. secret message decoder 4. mini-viewer 5. Hand-drum 6.  The Long-Reach Gizmo


..Bkids Craft Projects

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Sponsor Spotlight: Huset

{1. Brita Sweden Helmi Runner 2. Apartment Cabinet 3. Louise Poulsen PH50 Lamp 4. little plant mugs5. Camping chair }

Huset is a haven for lovers of modern Scandinavian design around the globe and a great place to help you make your ‘huset’ (which means "the house" in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian) into a home. Huset brings you the work and designs of more than 60 Scandinavian designers which not only includes furniture, textiles and other home objects but also kids items, clothes even jewelry. 

A favorite of ours is the Brita Sweden Helmi Runner that gives your home a natural feel with by its contemporary patterns and classic bright colours. We also like the Normann Copenhagen Camping Chair designed by Jesper K. Thomsen that will instantly turn camping into glamping. 

Huset believes that ‘great art and design are incredibly life-enhancing’ and so do we here at Bloesem.




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Let's Get Personal in the Netherlands with Wandschappen...


Let's Get Perosnal with Ivo van den Baar en Nicole Driessens from Wandschappen

D:: Dutch... is speaking a lot of foreign languages

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice ... many shoes of the children

S:: style, means...  being special and show it.



I:: interesting places in my city are... Galerie Hommes, Museum Boymans van Beuningen and the Arboretum.

G:: gardening is something I... admire from a distance

N:: new, in my home is... the quilt on my bed, made of Charloisse Plaid fabric made by myself.


H:: hobby, I always make time for... coocking and playing the trompet

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear... is my plaid pants

M:: magazines I love to read are... Items and Trendbeheer.com

E:: enjoy, I can't live without... my wife and children


The collection of gorgeous feltplants is represented by  Jan Willem de Laive in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


..Jan Willem de Laive

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Dutch design: studio Elke van den Berg


Elke van den Berg is a Dutch Designer that is worth to keep an eye on. She recently designed four absolutely beautiful drinking jugs, that you can use for serving tea, coffee, water or lemonade. Now you could ask yourself why these jugs are so special.  Well, these four jugs are not only a piece of art that you can hang in your kitchen for display no, each jug was made with a purpose and that is the drinks that you serve. Elke choose to make the jugs out of different materials based on the characteristics of the drinks as every drink has its own character... 


You can check out more of Elke’s products with brilliant colour combinations at Studio Elke van den Berg. Like these ramekins called Chocolate Circus it does not only sound delicious but it also looks delicious.. 

If it was me I know what I would choose to hang up in my kitchen...lucky for us Elke’s products are for sale at  Restorded (they collect and sell unique products like Elke's) or at Confetti webshop.


..Elke van den Berg 


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On Pinterest: 'Wood' by the Style Files


{1. lights 2. muji 3. eggs 4. cups 5. table 6. hangers }

Danielle de Lange form the style files has ‘’knocked on wood’’ with this board. Isn’t it amazing to see what you can do with just a piece of wood..I love it!

Danniele not only a blogger but also is proud owner of Le Souk, an online store where you will find great things to make your home extra special. She is well known for mixing modern with traditional and handmade. And that is how I would describe her board Wood as well. 

Go and take a look and maybe you will be knocking on wood too. 

..Wood on pinterest by the style files

Bloesem's Pinterest Boards


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