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Spotlight: bunning's warehouse



{1. umbrella 2. pine garden kit 3. Greenhouse 4. timber trapeze 5. mimosa director chair 6. folding table }

Not your usual shop I am writing about today, but I am happy to share this post. ... I am the kind of person who loves going to hardware stores like these and try and find good deals ... mix-and-match... it is all a matter of picking the same style, materials and colors and you will have a great design garden. And one day I hope to have one of those greenhouses like the one above in our own garden...

..bunnings warehouse

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Let's Get Personal in Rotterdam with Dinah from Lilesadi


Let's Get Personal in Germany with Dinah Smutny from Lilesadi

G:: German is ... a big good breakfast with egg and mustard, cereal bread, smoked salmon, jam, different cheeses and ham.

E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice...a lot of white, a funny mix of individual things from flea markets, vintage shops, Ikea and of course Lilesadi.


R:: room, my favorite room in our home is...the balcony. I love to hang out in the weekends reading magazines or inviting people over for barbecue.

M:: memories I cherish are...my study time in Florence, my fun flatshare in the via della Robbia, wine on the piazza, aperitivo in the evening and laid back festivals during summer here in Rotterdam.


Lilesadi-3  Lilesadi-10 Lilesadi-2  Lilesadi-1  Lilesadi-5


A:: addiction
...mine is... jogging in the park near my house. I need to move every day, it gives me fresh energy and inspiration for the rest of the day.

N:: new, in my home is...the black and white carpet of Urban Outfitters I bought in Berlin and carried it the whole trip back to Rotterdam.


H:: hobby, I always make time for...guitar playing relaxing, Lindy Hop Swing dancing is my new passion. I found out that there is a really big scene in Rotterdam going on?

O:: outfit, my favourite thing to wear is...my poetic bird ring by Twinklebird, colourful nails and my leather jacket from Monki, it just fits to everything.



M:: magazines I love to read are...IDN, the Italian ELLE Décor, 101 Woonideen, Les Mads blog because I always get inspired by new stuff.

E:: enjoy, I can't live without...interesting, inspiring people around me.




..Lilesadi online shop
..Lilesadi blog

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Monday's Quick start: a BIG thank you


Not sure whether you noticed but I was away for a summer vacation with my family in Spain and oh boy did we have a wonderful time there. Just before I left I launched a new jewelry collection called bloesem wears. With the help of a good friend in Kuala Lumpur I was able to ship out many orders throughout the world .... but I am absolutely sure that these fantastic bloggers made all the difference in getting attention for my shop and I am very grateful for that. 

Jan from Poppytalk, Fenny from F for Fabulous, Christina from Down And Out Chic and Emma Lamb all wrote some really nice compliments about my handmade collection


Seeing my necklaces over at Oh Joy felt perhaps most special because Joy is so known for her impeccable style for fashion and accessoiries. So getting her approval made me feel I am in the right direction and her words encourages me to explore this new hobby of mine a bit more. If you would like to see a bit more of her great sense of style then just take a look at one of these more personal posts of her: 'hello my name is Joy'...


And if that is not all this lady also wrote a new book: Blog, Inc. - a book about how to have a successful blog to be released by Chronicle Books in Fall 2012 and available for pre-order here.

ps. If you have written about my new bloesem wears collection and I didn't notice yet, please let me know ~ so I can thank you properly too :) ~irene

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DIY project: a jewelry-messagehanger


I posted a new craft project on BloesemKids today made by Véronique from Pichouline. A great idea and not difficult to make. A chalkboard and magnetic message board for your wall in any desired shape. I love the t-shirt idea for a bedroom and the balloons of course fit in every room. 

Would you like to know how to make them and what kind of materials you need than click here and head over to the BKids' craft projects page...



..B:Kids craft projects



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Category: DIY

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My Infinite Home Tool by Jolien Hanemaaijer


When I (=Rachelle, intern at Bloesem) am travelling, I always get this curious vibe over me while looking at all the other travellers around me. The questions that come to mind are where are they going and what do they carry in their suitcase or backpack?

Dutch Designer Jolien Hanemaaijer thought of a solution that will calm down my curiosity. 

She created this wonderful project named My Infinite Home Tool that I absolutely love! This project exists of 2 portable suitcases, one regular suitcase and one you can carry as backpack, you can use these objects as cabinets or you can take them with you to carry around! Her work got nominated for aDMY Award 2012 in Berlin (DMY Berlin is an international design network for contemporary product design.)..... MORE


This project was inspired from her own personal experience while travelling and having to live out of a suitcase. These 2 suitcases will bring you freedom and adventure that you get from travelling into you daily live.

Jolien graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) in the department of Textile Design. After she graduated she started her own design label named Hanemaai.

Read more stories about the infinite Home tool here and here and who knows maybe you too will get inspired to fill up a suitcase and show it to the world! ~Rachelle intern at Bloesem


..Jolien Hanemaaijer 

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Category: Dutch design | Furniture

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Bali with Udder


A couple of weeks ago my family and I went to Bali, one of the main islands of Indonesia. Going there was on my wish-list for a long time, so my expectations were pretty high ... perhaps never a good thing. We didn't go by ourselves nor did we plan the trip ourselves, instead we were invited by the company my husband works for to spend some time with all of his collegues and their families in one of those luxurious resorts. Yep lucky us!

But... and I don't want to complain ... there wasn't much time to travel on the island or dicsover some of those places that were recommended to me by my friends... instead we spend most of our time at the pool from the hotel. 

We did see some things like the famous market in Ubud and the Tanah-lot temple ... but I thought both of them were way too touristic, super crowed, warm and not interesting at all. So if we ever go back I will avoid all the famous and well-known places on Bali. Instead I will look for a hotel outside the mainstream cities and use all the information on Udder's blog. 

The only thing I bought was a cute black teapot and two little 'spa' bottles for oil and parfume. It was in a very tiny village were pottery and ceramics are the main source of income.



All images from Udder

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