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Let's Talk with Tessa Pearson from just a little joy


Let's Talk with Tessa Pearson from just a little joy

Welcome Tessa, can you please tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hmm this is a difficult one to start with. Well, I live in South London, I work for a magazine, Elle decoration UK and I write a blog about lifestyle and design-related things. I’m a country girl at heart, and despite the fact that I love my day job, I do harbour a secret desire to stay at home and do domestic stuff like preparing meals for the freezer and reorganizing my cupboards. But don’t tell anyone. 

How did you end up in the world of design and interiors?

I’ve think I’ve always been quite a visual person, but it took me a while to realise it as I was more focused on writing. I started keeping scrapbooks when I was little, and they’re filled with interiors images and other photographs that I cut out of magazines and newspapers. I’m definitely a homemaker, and I think that got me interested in design. My space has always held a lot of importance - from my childhood bedroom to the little attic flat that I’m currently living in.

{Scholten & Baijings for 1616 Arita Japan}

The name of your blog 'just a little joy' sounds sweet and humble. Why did you choose it?
I’m not one of those people who finds it easy to be still and content. I’m always looking for the next big challenge or project, or trying improve on something I’ve already done. I wanted to start a blog that would help me to notice all the beautiful, enjoyable things that I come across every day and remind me to take pleasure in them, in order to slow myself down a bit and live in the present. It has actually helped a bit!                                                                                       ....MORE


Can you name some places you love to travel to?
I’m a bit of a sun worshipper, so anywhere near a beach is fine by me. I lived in South Africa and Australia, and I really want to go back to visit friends I haven’t seen in a long time … and I love California. Also, Florida – I went to Miami a few years back and it was such a fun place, I’d like to live at the Standard spa!  That said, I’ve never been to Denmark or Sweden, two of the most stylish countries I can think of, so I really need to get over that way soon!

Any interior design books on your shelves?

My two favourite design books are both by the brilliant Ilse Crawford: ‘Home is Where the Heart I’s, and ‘The Sensual Home’. Her approach to interiors is exactly what made me want to work in the industry…  it’s not really about the stuff you have, or keeping up with the Joneses – it’s how your space makes you feel and what your things mean to you that matters.

What kind of shops do you like to go to for finding interesting things for your home?
Well, I’m normally on a budget so it’s thrift stores, second hand shops and eBay all the way! I’ve found some great mid-century furniture on eBay, and I’m always scouring charity shops in my area for unusual ceramics, artwork and other bits and bobs. Even if my finances permitted it, I like to think I would never be a design snob; you can’t beat IKEA for simple, affordable contemporary furniture. One day, I hope to have a house filled with heirlooms to pass down to my kids, but until then, I’m trying to cobble together a look that feels warm and personal. 

{Scholten & Baijings for 1616 Arita Japan}

Any home accessories you're particular obsessed with right now?
I saw a few things at Milan design week this year that I loved. In particular, the Colour Porcelain collection by Scholten & Baijings for 1616 Arita Japan. I also want everything from the the Nendo/Bisazza collection for the bathroom in my imaginary dream home, and I thought new French brand La Chance had some really cool stuff, as did New Zealand designers Resident

You clearly have a big love for dogs, what kind of role do they play in your life?
I grew up surrounded by animals: horses, dogs, cats and chickens…  life would feel so empty to me without them… they go hand in hand with my concept of home and of family. We’ve just got a miniature dachshund puppy called Lola. She’s totally hilarious – you just cannot help but feel happy when she’s around.

I love the category Health-Happiness on your blog why did you choose to add this?
Living well has become increasingly important to me over the last few years – perhaps because I haven’t looked after my body so well in the past! But I’ve realised that eating good food, taking care of myself and trying to manage stress makes such a difference to how I feel day to day. It’s so basic really, but it’s not always easy when life is busy.

~Thank You Tessa for sharing a little bit of your world with us!

{image above from an interview Tessa had with NY rooftop farmer Annie Novak}

..just a little joy

{Top image in the collage: 1. + 4. The Standard Hotel in Miami – the most relaxing spa hotel I've ever been to, I would live there if I could 2. California Palm Trees – I just love them 3. Tessa herself 5. Kowie River in South Africa 6. + 8. Lola, the mini dachshund 7. My mid-century dining table and chairs designed by Kofod Larsen for G-Plan – found on eBay at a bargain price! }

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I Like You...


Esme Winter (yes, that is a real name - gorgeous!) is the London based designer behind these lovelies above. Though I find her style to be more contemporary than I usually go for - the bright, and then often muted colors she uses agrees with me! You can learn more about her notebooks here, and wrapping paper here. And these are the shops that stock her products.


Another shop that is using a textile background, and bringing a more contemporary twist to paper, but this time in origami form, is Birdtoldme. Britta Manger is the bird, who is behind all the designs and creations at her shop. I've never been crazy about origami, but this way, I really like it.  - Tiffany King

..Esme Winter


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Photography and Styling by Mirella Sahetapy


I have waited a long time before I could find this women's work online ... always did I notice Mirella Sahetapy in Dutch magazines and thought her work was spectacular. You can really call her talented, because not only is she superb in styling she also is a very good photographer...       ....MORE


04-hay Mirellasah MIRELLA    


We all have seen the images for the HAY collection ... well Mirella was responsible for the beautiful styling and Dutch photographer Inga Powileit made the pics. Mirella and Inga often work together and there isn't a single production that I don't like.  Always different, high quality and art-like series for them. 


I wish Mirella would sell some of her work as prints... I would love to have either one of these two images above hanging in our living room ... perhaps I should email her! Or how about this gorgeous portrait below  ... guess I have to contact her soon :)

Please enjoy these beautiful images by MirellaSahetapy and Inga Powileit, that I consider Art!


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112 DIY Projects: a little round-up with Bookhou


{1. alphabet poster  2. shadow box 3. drawing bug 4. fabric collage 5. extended landscape 6. paint textures }

Last week I did a little round-up of all the DIY projects I share almost weekly over at BloesemKids... and there I was assuming that every visitor of Bloesem knows about my other blog B:Kids I noticed via comments, tweets and emails that not all of you know,  so I am going to do another round up today of previous DIY projects posted on BKids ... The special thing about today is that all the DIY projects come from one single women ... Arounna Khounnoraj from Bookhou ... she and I met each other when I was living in Toronto and a couple of years ago she had a little bit more time to create DIY projects for BKids. 

I am super happy for Arounna and her family that their label, Bookhou, is going so extremely well and I hope one day I can stop by their brick and morter shop in Toronto.

And please don't miss today's DIY project: a secret message with decoder

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Sponsor Spotlight: Puka Puka


{1. Polka Dot Mobile 2. Marine Mobile 3. Marine Mobile Coral 4. Polka Dot Large Mobile 5. Sprout Mobile 6. Sea Sponge Mobile}

Puka Puka is a unique shop dedicated to selling handmade mobiles for your home, or babies room. Puka Puka uses a lovely range of colors - some soft, others with vibrant pops, or you can have one that is simply natural wood. This range allows their mobiles to accommodate any space, or style. 

Nina Still is the founder of Puka Puka and she loves playing with different types of materials, and colors to make her peaceful mobiles. Her mobiles are ethically, and quality made, and she designs them for people who appreciate handcrafted objects. Nina also takes custom orders, so if you are not sure about a design, or had another idea in mind - you can see about having her create it. - Sponsor Spotlight

..Puka Puka

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Monday's quick start: FEM Home


If I was to launch a product line myself one day I would sincerely consider hiring Paul Barbera for the photography ... his style of making products come to life in the best way possible is just beautiful ...

FEM Home is a Dutch company selling blankes, pillows and all made of 100% bamboo. You can find their Laid Back collection right here. Thanks Jantine for the link. 




..FEM Home

All images by Paul Barbera



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