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some things I liked this week...


these cuffs by juhosjanka ...


this post over the Design Files about ceramist Dawn Vachon...


the folk & flora accesoiries by darling clementine... 


this Folk rug by Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz...

Time for another weekend... a bit of an exciting one for me, becasue I will be packing our suitcases ... next week we will fly home to our family to spend a long summer in Europe ... you can't believe how happy I am, I miss my family, my friends and I miss living in Europe! 

But I will be back next week with amazing posts. We start on Monday with a beautiful new face-to-face: a designer's profile with Dutch design duo Made by rENs and the rest of the week will be jam-packed with ... how do I know  this well I prepared all the posts :) 

Wish you a very lovely weekend too and hope to see you back next week ~ irene xoxo



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On Pinterest: 'touch of brown' by Visje bij de Thee


{1. via 2. envelamp 3. minato 4. madame doute 5. via 6. in the little red house }

Iris Rietbergen is the person who created this warm board on  pinterest called 'a touch of brown'.

Dreamy, romanitc and pure is how I would decsribe these images and I totally understand why Iris choose these pics for her board. Iris is an interior and food-stylist known for her excellent colour coordination and eye for details by bringing the oddest items together but making it work.  Want to know more about her go and check out Iris’s Blog

..a touch of brown on Pinterest  

..Visje bij de Thee

..Bloesem's Pinterest Boards. 

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Sponsor Spotlight: Relique


{1. Factory Light 2. Toledo Stool 3. Zinc Caddy 4. Vintage Clock Face 5. Storage Drawers 6. Health Chairs}

Like I've mentioned before, I adore visiting Relique. They have so many delightful vintage items to choose from, that it fills me up! I've always felt very comfortable with vintage items...it's the current stuff that makes me nervous, luckily Relique doesn't have much of that. The items pictured above are all located in Relique's "new" section - always fun to start off there first.

Much of Relique's inspiration comes from the appreciation of Industrial Age design and maintaining that aesthetic for future generations. Relique represents a cross-section of then and now. Salvaged architectural elements, and factory cast-offs as well as designs from artisans who have taken these elements and given them a new purpose.

Use the code "BLOESEM20" when you check out and you will receive 20% discount on your entire order! (minimum $100 purchase. Expires July 31.) - Sponsor Spotlight


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I Need Your Help



... Who would like to visit Amsterdam in August?

That is possible and you can stay in our Amsterdam apartment, BUT

I would like to visit New York, so you would have to let me stay in your New York city, Manhattan or Brooklyn, house for a week ... 

~ Swap Friend, where are you? ~

Amsterdam apt. - New York apt.

August 17 - 25 

{or if you rather swap with a Singapore apartment, that is possible too}

Please email me if you are interested


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Tove Johansson


When a favorite blogger/photographer of mine is working together with a Swedish printmaker something beautiful must come out of it ...  the new collection by Tove Johansson is simply stunning. 

I love the pillows, the lampshades, teatowels and of course the kids' collection too.

And if this is only just the beginning than I am sure we will hear and see much more of this talented lady. 

Tove Johansson is a Swedish designer based in Paris working in the fields of fashion and printmaking for interior, accessories and stationary. Enjoy! 




Tove hasn't given me any information wheter her collection is already availble online to buy but you can send her an email for further enquiries.

..le dans la

..Tove Johansson

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I Like You...Vegetable Set


What the what, Tattly did what? How much do I love this vegetable set by Julia Rothman over at Tattly? Only as much as this vegetarian loves vegetables...which is a lot! They are perfect for anyone that is a fan of vegetables, the gardener in your life, or just if you want to feel like summer all over. There are a lot of farmers where I live, and I am wondering if this will give me field cred if I sport them at my next visit to the seed shop...basically I can't wait to order mine! - Tiffany King


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